Below is a list of Christian rock/metal merchandise I have for sale (vinyl albums, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, magazines, t-shirts, videotapes, etc, with some of the more recent arrivals at the very top).  All items are used and in excellent condition unless noted otherwise.  Checks take 10 days to clear my bank; PayPal and money orders will be shipped immediately.  For US postage, please add $3 for one item or $4 for two or more items (more for foreign).  If paying by PayPal, add 4% to the total cost of the order.  International: payments by PayPal only, or well-hidden cash (at your own risk).


This list can be searched by hitting "Ctrl-F" and then typing in whatever you're looking for.


To order anything from this webpage, ask any questions, or be added to the mailing list for my bi-monthly catalogs, please email Brent at


Thanks for taking time to read the list, and let me know if you have any questions – I hope you find something you’re looking for!


A few of my recent arrivals

Abated Mass Of Flesh "Descending Upon The Deceased" cassette tape (16) – recorded live in concert, death metal, only 50 copies made  $10  (Nov 2017)

As I Lay Dying "Shadows Are Security" CD (05) – Japanese import w/OBI and bonus DVD, melodic hardcore metal, sealed. Metal Blade  $15  (Nov 2017)

August Burns Red "Rescue & Restore" CD (13) – energetic melodic hardcore metal w/creative guitar riffs and tons of diversity. Solid State  $7  (Nov 2017)

Barnabas "Approaching Light Speed" vinyl album (83) – classic 80s guitar-driven heavy metal and hard rock, sealed. Light  $15  (Nov 2017)

Colossus "Badlands" CD (14) – heavy intense powerful hardcore metal w/technical riffs ala Gideon, Mouth Of The South, etc. Facedown  $7  (Nov 2017)

Demon Hunter "Storm The Gates Of Hell" CD (07) – Deluxe Edition box set w/gate opening, CD, DVD, necklace in bag, etc. Solid State  $30  (Oct 2017)

Divinefire "Glory Thy Name" CD (05) – epic shredding symphonic neo-classical power metal, melodic and extreme, sealed. Mystic Empire  $18  (Nov 2017)

Dynasty "Step By Step" CD (17) – heavy melodic power metal ala Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Accept, etc, sealed. Marquee  $15  (Nov 2017)

Fasedown "Blitz Of Anguish" (05) – ultra heavy chaotic metal ala Pantera, Living Sacrifice, etc, w/hooks and outstanding riffs. Hematocrit  $10  (Nov 2017)

For Today "Wake" CD (15) – w/bonus tracks, strong brutal hardcore metal full of brilliant guitar and incredible songwriting. Nuclear Blast  $8  (Nov 2017)

Gideon "Calloused" CD (14) – thrashy headbanging hardcore metal w/chunky breakdowns, catchy hooks, and crushing vocals. Facedown  $7  (Nov 2017)

Guardian "The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back!" CD (00) – a tribute to Stryper's debut, stays true to the metal spirit of the original. M8  $18  (Nov 2017)

Jerusalem "Volume I" vinyl album (78) – 70s hard rock ala Resurrection Band, Petra, etc, minor signs of wear but plays fine. Lamb & Lion  $15  (Nov 2017)

Jesus Freaks "Socially Unacceptable" CD (93) – relentless blistering thrash metal ala early Metallica w/no compromise lyrics. Narrowpath  $25  (Oct 2017)

Phil Keaggy "220" CD (96) – melodic and energetic, an incredible guitar instrumental mix of hard driving blues, rock, and acoustic. Sparrow  $7  (Nov 2017)

Living Sacrifice "Nonexistent" CD (99) – reissue, technical brutal downtuned death metal w/killer riffs and pummeling drums. Solid State  $15  (Nov 2017)

Mortification "Break The Curse 1990" CD (01) – reissue, exudes a raw charm as early power and thrash meet death metal growling. Rowe  $10  (Nov 2017)

Neizbezhnost "Inevitability" CD (08) – Limited Edition, Numbered, black and death metal from the Ukraine ala Cradle Of Filth, etc. Sullen  $8  (Oct 2017)

Petra "On Fire!" CD (88) – guitar-driven melodic hard rock and ballads, showcasing some of the band's heaviest moments ever. Star Song  $12  (Nov 2017)

Phinehas "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" CD (13) – devastating brutal melodic hardcore death metal ala War Of Ages, etc. Red Cord  $8  (Nov 2017)

Plumb "Exhale" CD (15) – industrial meets epic pop worship w/angelic female vocals, honest powerful soaring melodic anthems. Curb  $5  (Nov 2017)

Sacred Warrior "Master's Command" CD (89) – heavy powerful epic melodic metal ala Queensryche, Judas Priest, etc. Intense  $20  (Nov 2017)

Servant–The Band "Presence" CD (12) – inspiring rock and CCM worship ala David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, etc  $5  (Nov 2017)

Sinners To Saints "The Greatest Of These" CD (12) – heavy melodic hardcore metal w/impressive guitar and anthemic choruses. Red Cord  $7  (Nov 2017)

Six Feet Deep "The Road Less Traveled" CD (05) – reissue, gut-wrenching brutal beautiful hardcore metal, diverse and intense. Retroactive  $5  (Nov 2017)

Soul Embraced "This Is My Blood" CD (02) – a death/thrash/black metal melting pot, some surface scratches but plays fine. Solid State  $10  (Nov 2017)

"Stryper Bible" – official pocket NIV New Testament thrown to audiences by band during 1980s concerts, w/Stryper logo on front cover  $25  (Oct 2017)

Undercover "Anthology Volume 2" CD (97) – 4 disc set w/'3-28-87,' 'Balance Of Power,' 'Devotion,' and 'Forum.' Innocent Media  $20  (Nov 2017)

Underoath "Define The Great Line" CD (06) – 2 disc set w/bonus DVD, incredible accessible screaming melodic hardcore. Solid State  $8  (Nov 2017)

Vardoger "Ghost Notes" CD (15) – tight melodic progressive technical Norwegian death metal, heavy brutal and powerful. Starbreather  $10  (Nov 2017)

Vengeance "Human Sacrifice" CD (88) – the original headbanging thrash metal classic ala Slayer, etc, brutal w/tons of raw passion. Intense  $45  (Oct 2017)

White Heart "Freedom" CD (89) – excellent melodic 80s hard rock, pop, and ballads, some surface scratches but plays fine. Sparrow  $7  (Nov 2017)

Various "True Warriors For Christ" CD (13) – w/Adelaide, Eyes Of The Defiled, Tears Of The Martyrs, Deaf, etc. Vision Of God  $5  (Nov 2017)




And now…the list……



Altar Boys "Gut Level Music" (86) – sealed. Frontline     $15

Altar Boys "Against The Grain" (87) – sealed. Frontline     $15

Barnabas "Approaching Light Speed" (83) – sealed. Light     $15

Barren Cross "Atomic Arena" (88) – sealed. Enigma     $35

Bloodgood "Bloodgood" (86) – sealed. Frontline     $25

Bloodgood "Detonation" (87) – sealed. Frontline     $25

Bloodgood "Rock In A Hard Place" (88) – sealed. Frontline     $25

Covenant "Traps" (85) – w/original lyric and bio inserts, sleeve autographed by band. Morada     $15

Crimson Moonlight "In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious" (10) – Collector's Edition picture disc, only 250 copies pressed, sealed. Endtime     $25

The Crucified "The Crucified" (94) – green vinyl, w/original lyric and photo insert, new. Tooth & Nail     $20

The Crucified "The Pillars Of Humanity" (11) – XXth Anniversary Edition, clear vinyl, w/original lyric insert, new. Mindblender     $20

Daniel Band "Run From The Darkness" (84) – sealed (although minor wear to bottom of front cover underneath the shrink wrap). Refuge     $12

DeGarmo & Key "This Time Thru" (78) – w/original lyric sleeve, some wear to cover but not too bad. Lamb & Lion     $10

The DeGarmo & Key Band "Straight On" (79) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Lamb & Lion     $15

DeGarmo & Key "Mission Of Mercy" (83) – w/original lyric insert. Power Discs     $10

DeGarmo & Key "Communication" (84) – w/original lyric insert. Power Discs     $10

DeGarmo & Key "Commander Sozo & The Charge Of The Light Brigade" (85) – w/original lyric insert. Power Discs     $10

DeGarmo & Key "Street Light" (86) – sealed. Power Discs     $15

DeGarmo & Key "Streetrock" (87) – sealed. Power Discs     $15

Demon Hunter "True Defiance" (12) – in gatefold cover, sealed. Solid State     $20

Joe English "Held Accountable" (82) – Refuge     $5

Joe English "Press On" (83) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve, some signs of wear but plays fine. Myrrh     $5

Head "Save Me From Myself" (08) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Driven     $15

Idle Cure "Idle Cure" (86) – sealed. Frontline     $20

Idle Cure "Tough Love" (88) – sealed. Frontline     $18

Jerusalem "Volume I" (78) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve, minor signs of wear but plays fine. Lamb & Lion     $15

Jerusalem "Vi Kan Inte Stoppas" (83) – w/lyric and photo sleeve, original Swedish version of their 'Can't Stop Us Now' album. Royal Music     $15

Joshua "The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye" (82) – w/original lyric insert, cutout. Olympic     $18

Phil Keaggy Band "Emerging" (77) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve, vinyl is warped but plays fine. New Song     $5

Phil Keaggy "Ph'lip Side" (80) – w/original lyric insert, includes song co-written by Doug Pinnick, someone's initials written on cover. Sparrow     $10

Phil Keaggy "Town To Town" (81) – w/original lyric sleeve, minor signs of wear but plays fine. Sparrow     $8

Phil Keaggy "Play Thru Me" (82) – w/original lyric sleeve. Sparrow     $8

King's X "Gretchen Goes To Nebraska" (89) – cutout, sealed. Megaforce     $12

Kerry Livgren "Seeds Of Change" (80) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve, guests Ronnie James Dio, etc, signs of wear but plays fine. Kirshner     $7

Mad At The World "Mad At The World" (87) – sealed. Frontline     $20

Mass "New Birth" (85) – sealed. RCA     $15

Mass "Take You Home" (88) – cutout, sealed. Medusa     $12

Mass "Voices In The Night" (89) – produced by Michael Sweet. Enigma     $12

Mortification "Break The Curse 1990: 25th Anniversary" (15) – black vinyl, sealed. Roxx     $20

Mortification "Break The Curse 1990: 25th Anniversary" (15) – limited edition silver vinyl, only 100 copies pressed, sealed. Roxx     $30

Michael and Stormie Omartian "The Builder" (80) – w/original lyric sleeve, Phil Keaggy on lead guitar. Myrrh     $7

Oracle "Selah" (16) – Underground Series 3, Limited Edition #130 of 150 pressed, sealed. Roxx     $25

Petra "Never Say Die" (81) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Star Song     $15

Petra "More Power To Ya" (82) – w/original lyric sleeve. Star Song     $12

Petra "Not Of This World" (83) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Star Song     $12

Petra "Beat The System" (84) – w/original lyric sleeve, some signs of wear but not bad. Star Song     $10

Petra "Back To The Street" (86) – sealed. Star Song     $18

Resurrection Band "DMZ" (82) – sealed. Light     $18

Rez "Between Heaven N Hell" (85) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Sparrow     $12

Rob Rock "Rage Of Creation" (13) – sealed. Ulterium     $25

Rosanna's Raiders "Calling Down Fire" (88) – sealed. Pure Metal     $25

Scarlet Red "Don't Dance With Danger" (89) – sealed (shrink wrap is partially torn). Pure Metal     $30

Servant "World Of Sand" (82) – w/original foldout lyric insert, tour poster, and 7-inch bonus single, some signs of wear but plays fine. Roof Top     $10

Servant "Caught In The Act Of Loving Him" (83) – sealed. Rooftop     $15

Shout "It Won't Be Long" (88) – w/original lyric insert. Frontline     $15

Randy Stonehill "Celebrate This Heartbeat" (84) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve, and his Compassion International insert. Myrrh     $5

Stryper "The Yellow And Black Attack" (84) – original 6-song version, sealed. Enigma     $30

Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" (85) – in original shrink wrap w/promo sticker on front, plus lyric and merchandise inserts. Enigma     $15

Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" (85) – import from Holland, w/lyric insert. Enigma     $15

Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" (85) – white vinyl, w/original plastic sleeve, lyric insert, and merchandise order form. Enigma     $25

Stryper "The Yellow And Black Attack!" (86) – rare Limited Edition, blue vinyl in shaped jacket, w/original lyric sleeve. Enigma     $25

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – in original gatefold cover w/angels artwork and cover 'explanation' sticker, 2 merch order forms. Enigma     $40

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – European import, in original gatefold cover w/angels artwork. Music For Nations     $25

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – gatefold, w/black cover, sealed. Enigma     $25

Stryper "In God We Trust" (88) – w/original sleeve and $100 bill lyric and photo insert, promo sticker on front of original shrink wrap. Enigma     $20

Sweet Comfort Band "Cutting Edge" (82) – Light Records     $5

Sweet Comfort Band "Perfect Timing" (84) – sealed. Light Records     $8

Steve Taylor "On The Fritz" (85) – w/original lyric and merchandise insert. Sparrow     $7

Theocracy "Ghost Ship" (16) – 2 LP set, in gatefold cover, sealed. Ulterium     $25

Ultimatum "Heart Of Metal–Twenty Years Of" (14) – black vinyl, sealed. Roxx     $20

Ultimatum "Heart Of Metal–Twenty Years Of" (14) – limited edition green vinyl, only 130 copies pressed, sealed. Roxx     $30

Vision "Vision" (85) – sealed. Heartland     $20

Greg X Volz "Come Out Fighting" (88) – w/original lyric sleeve. Myrrh     $12

Whitecross "Whitecross" (87) – sealed. Pure Metal     $30

White Heart "White Heart" (82) – w/original lyric sleeve. Myrrh     $10

White Heart "Vital Signs" (84) – w/original lyric and photo sleeve. Myrrh     $7

White Heart "Hotline" (85) – w/original yellow lyric sleeve. Home Sweet Home     $15

Wonrowe Vision "2 Headed Monster" (15) – Underground Series 1, Limited Edition #85 of 150 pressed, sealed. Roxx     $20



Stryper “Honestly” (86) – plus ‘Sing-Along Song,’ in picture sleeve. Enigma     $10

Stryper “Always There For You” (88) – plus ‘In God We Trust,’ in picture sleeve. Enigma     $8

Various "The Candy Cane EP–Christmas Party 2011" (11) – colored vinyl, punk rock and metal w/Greg Minier, Mike Phillips, etc, sealed. Roxx     $8



Stryper "Reason For The Season" (84) – 2 versions, plus 'Winter Wonderland,' cutout. Enigma     $12

Stryper "Reach Out" (85) – plus 'Together As One' and Robert and Michael Sweet interview, w/original merchandise insert. Enigma     $12

Stryper "Together As One" (85) – plus 'Soldiers Under Command,' w/original promo sticker on front, cutout, sealed. Enigma     $12

Stryper "Honestly" (87) – plus 'Sing-Along Song' and live version of 'Loving You,' w/original Enigma sleeve. Enigma     $10



Blackball "Hope" (97) – 11 x 11, two sided, album cover art     $2

Guardian “Miracle Mile” (93) – 11 x 11 album cover art     $4

Holy Soldier "Holy Soldier" (90) – 12 x 12 album cover art     $5

Rez "Innocent Blood" (89) – 10 x 12, two sided, album cover art     $5

Stryper "Against The Law" (90) – 12½ x 12½, two sided, album cover art     $3

Michael Sweet "Michael Sweet" (94) – 9 x 9 album cover art     $3



Stryper “In God We Trust” (88) – triangle-shaped silver-colored pass from World Tour 88-89 w/yellow and black logo across middle     $5



“The Heart Of Rock And Roll” (86) – w/chapters on Stryper, Petra, Rez Band, etc, tons of color photos, 112 pages     $12

“Metal Bible” (05) – Swedish language, plus testimony/pix from secular/Christian bands (Rob Rock, Saint, Maiden, etc)     $10

"Stryper Bible" – official pocket NIV New Testament thrown to audiences by band during 1980s concerts, w/Stryper logo on front cover     $25



Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – 11½ x 3, yellow and black logo w/album title in red and yellow lettering     $8

Stryper "In God We Trust" (88) – 8½ x 3½ , yellow and black logo on $100 bill background     $8



Precious Death (91) – red, w/band logo and contact information on front, phone number handwritten on back, very cool     $2



Abated Mass Of Flesh "Descending Upon The Deceased" (16) – recorded live in concert, death metal ala Broken Flesh, etc, only 50 copies made     $10

Adam Again “Homeboys” (90) – Brainstorm     $2

Altar Boys “The Collection” (91) – Alarma     $2

Angelica “Walkin In Faith” (90) – sealed. Intense     $2

Angelica "Rock, Stock & Barrel" (91) – sealed. Intense     $2

Angelica “Greatest Hits” (93) – sealed. Intense     $2

Applehead “Meaning” (92) – Ocean     $2

Asight Unseen "Circus Of Shame" (91) – New Breed     $2

Barren Cross "Rattle Your Cage" (94) – sealed. Rugged     $2

Bash N The Code “More Than Enough” (89) – Star Song     $2

Bash “Holiday (91) – Star Song     $2

The Blamed “21” (94) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Blenderhead “Prime Candidate For Burnout” (94) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Bride "Snakes In The Playground" (92) – Star Song     $2

Rex Carroll “The Sessions” (95) – Star Song     $2

Chagall Guevara “Chagall Guevara” (91) – MCA     $2

Clash Of Symbols "Begging At The Temple Gate Called Beautiful" (95) – Brainstorm     $2

Kevin Clay "Watch Me Fall" (97) – Alarma     $2

Ashley Cleveland “Bus Named Desire” (93) – promo, special advance release w/different cover. Reunion     $2

Code Of Ethics “Visual Paradox” (91) – REX     $2

Code Of Ethics “Mix” (92) – REX     $2

Common Bond “Anger Into Passion” (87) – Frontline     $2

Crashdog “The Pursuit Of Happiness!” (92) – Ocean     $2

Crashdog “Mud Angels” (94) – REX     $2

Crashdog "Cashists, Facists, And Other Fungus" (95) – REX     $2

Crumbacher “Tame The Volcano” (88) – Frontline     $2

Crumbacher Duke “Worlds Away” (90) – Frontline     $2

DA “Darn Floor Big Bite” (87) – Frontline     $4

DA "Live Bootleg 82" (90) – Stunt     $2

Danny Daniels “Another Shade Of Blue” (95) – Vineyard     $2

David’s Secret “Too Good For Words” (91) – sealed. Image     $4

Dead Artist Syndrome "Happy Hour" (95) – Alarma     $2

DeGarmo & Key “The Pledge” (89) – Forefront     $2

Deitiphobia "Clean" (94) – Myx     $2

The Dell Griffiths "I...I Like Me!" (95) – sealed. Swirle     $2

Edin-Adahl "Revival" (91) – sealed. Alarma     $2

Electrik “Shine Candy Shine” (89) – rare demo. Bubble Gum Records     $15

Everdown “Sicken” (95) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Every Day Life “Disgruntled” (96) – Alarma     $2

Mark Farner “Just Another Injustice” (88) – Frontline     $2

Mark Farner “Wake Up” (89) – Frontline     $2

Fighter “Bang The Drum” (92) – sealed. Wonderland     $2

Focused “The Hope That Lies Within” (95) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Fold Zandura “Return” (97) – Sublime     $2

Fold Zandura “Ultraforever” (97) – BEC     $2

4-4-1 “Sacrifice” (88) – Brainstorm     $2

Generation “Brutal Reality” (93) – Wonderland     $2

Halo “Heaven Calling” (91) – sealed. Pakaderm     $2

Haven “Age Of Darkness” (91) – REX     $3

Hearken "Arise" (99) – rare 2 song demo, w/original lyric and merchandise insert, powerful death metal from Texas, brutal and intense     $15

Holy Soldier “Encore” (97) – Spaceport     $2

Idle Cure “Inside Out” (91) – Frontline     $2

Idle Cure “Breakaways” (92) – Frontline     $2

Jet Circus “Step On It” (90) – Wonderland     $2

Jonathan “Push” (96) – sealed. KingSing     $3

Killed By Cain “Killed By Cain” (93) – REX     $2

Michael Knott “Screaming Brittle Siren” (92) – sealed. Blonde Vinyl     $5

Jan Krist “Decapitated Society” (92) – REX     $2

Last Adam “Tools For The Harvest” (90) – Regency     $2

Leaderdogs For The Blind "Lemonade" (95) – REX     $2

Lost Dogs "Little Red Riding Hood" (93) – sealed. WAL     $2

Loudflower “Happy Now?” (97) – aggressive rock paired w/horns, Led Zeppelin and The Clash meet Earth Wind And Fire. Gray Dot     $2

LSU “This Is The Healing” (91) – sealed. Blonde Vinyl     $4

LSU "Wakin Up The Dead" (92) – Blonde Vinyl     $2

LS Underground “The Grape Prophet” (92) – sealed. Blonde Vinyl     $3

LSU “Cash In Chaos World Tour” (93) – sealed. Siren     $2

LSU “Grace Shaker” (94) – Alarma     $2

Mad At The World “Mad At The World” (87) – sealed. Frontline     $2

Mad At The World “Flowers In The Rain” (88) – Frontline     $2

Mad At The World “Through The Forest (92) – Frontline     $2

Mad At The World “The Ferris Wheel” (93) – Frontline     $2

Magdalen “Revolution Mind” (93) – sealed. Essential     $2

Julie Miller "Invisible Girl" (94) – Street Level     $2

Miss Angie "Triumphantine" (99) –  Myrrh     $2

PK Mitchell “All Hail The Power” (94) – sealed. Rugged     $2

Morella’s Forest “Super Deluxe” (95) – very rare prerelease w/special insert, etc. Tooth & Nail    $2

Jeremy Morris “Vintage Jam” (90) – JAM     $2

Mortal “Lusis” (92) – Intense     $2

Mortal “Fathom” (93) – Intense     $2

Mortal “Intense Live Series Volume 5” (93) – Intense     $2

Native Son & The Foundation "Life In The Grave" (92) – sealed. Ocean     $2

New Jerusalem "New Jerusalem" (97) – Bulletproof     $2

Newsboys “Not Ashamed” (92) – Star Song     $2

No Laughing Matter “Monstor” (90) – REX     $2

Nouveaux “Beginnings” (94) – sealed. Benson     $2

Novella "A Liquid Earth" (92) – Star Song     $2

Ojo “Relative” (88) – Brainstorm     $2

Ordained Fate “Ordained Fate” (92) – Wonderland     $2

Painted Orange "Painted Orange" (91) – hard industrial rock and techno ala Mortal, Depeche Mode, etc. Star Song     $2

Passafist "Passafist" (94) – sealed. REX     $2

The Peters Brothers “Stryper–Whose Side Are They On?” (87) – an ‘expose’ on the ‘controversial’ band. Truth About Rock     $10

Plank Eye “The Spark” (95) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Poor Old Lu "A Picture Of The Eighth Wonder" (96) – Alarma     $2

The Prayer Chain "Antarctica" (96) – Brainstorm     $2

Pspazz "Missile Toe" (95) – energetic rock ala Cheap Trick and The Presidents Of The USA. Brainstorm     $2

Quiet Assurance “N Side Out” (91) – worship music from Calvary Chapel in California, very cool. Blonde Vinyl     $2

Ransom “Ransom” (91) – Intense     $2

Rev Seven “The Unveiling” (91) – 10 song demo, w/band’s phone number handwritten in j-card insert     $10

Rocketboy "No Sign Of Intelligent Life" (96) – rock influenced by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, REM, etc. REX     $2

Randy Rose “Sacrificium” (91) – Intense     $2

Rose “Healing” (93) – Intense     $2

Rose “Intense Live Series Volume 3” (93) – Intense     $2

Rose “Crazy Little World” (94) – sealed. Intense     $2

2   $ sealed hine"e", sealed     $s"   $Rose “Into The Unknown” (95) – REX     $2

Royal Anguish “Shocking The Priest” (93) – rare 4 song demo, pure old school death metal, sealed. ART     $10

Sardonyx “Majestic Serenity” (92) – sealed. Lightshine     $10

Jeff Scheetz “Woodpecker Stomp” (90) – Pure Metal     $2

John Schlitt “Unfit For Swine” (96) – Word     $2

The Seventy Sevens “The Seventy Sevens” (92) – sealed. Brainstorm     $2

Sign Of The Times "Disengage" (95) – sealed. Salt     $2

Slick Shoes "Rusty" (97) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Sometime Sunday “Stone” (94) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Sometime Sunday “Drain” (95) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Greg Strange “24 Hours To Live” (91) – Ocean     $2

Greg Strange “I’ve Got A Message For You” (92) – Ocean     $2

Swirling Eddies "Outdoor Elvis" (89) – w/Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, etc. Alarma     $2

Tamplin And Friends “An Axe To Grind” (90) – Intense     $2

Ken Tamplin “Soul Survivor” (91) – sealed. Intense     $2

Tamplin “Tamplin” (93) – Benson     $2

Tamplin “In The Witness Box” (95) – glossy hard rock and pop, sealed. Benson     $2

Tonio K "Notes From The Lost Civilization" (88) – smart snappy pop w/great songwriting. A&M     $2

Tourniquet "Intense Live Series Volume 2" (93) – Intense     $2

Undercover “Volume I” (88) – Brainstorm     $2

Undercover “3-28-87” (88) – sealed. Brainstorm     $2

Undercover “Devotion” (92) – sealed. Brainstorm     $2

Under Midnight “Under Midnight” (92) – Wonderland     $2

Uthanda “Groove” (91) – Broken Records     $2

Uthanda “Believe” (92) – ERG     $2

Veil Of Ashes “Pain” (89) – Graceland     $2

The Violet Burning “Chosen (89) – sealed. New Breed     $2

Rob Walker “Strobe” (96) – Tooth & Nail     $2

Whitecross “Unveiled” (94) – sealed. REX     $2

Whitecross “Flytrap” (96) – REX     $2

White Heart “Don’t Wait For The Movie” (86) – Sparrow     $2

White Heart "Power House" (90) – Star Song     $2

White Heart “Inside” (95) – small notch cut in insert. Curb     $2

White Heart “The Early Years” (96) – Star Song     $2

Wish For Eden "Pet The Fish" (93) – Tooth & Nail     $2

David Zaffiro “Surrender Absolute” (92) – Frontline     $2

Various “Christmas Rock” (92) – lots of classics, including ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over),’ cool. Silver Bells     $2

Various “Come Together” (95) – secular Beatles tribute, w/Phil Keaggy and PFR, etc, sealed. Liberty     $2

Various "Heaven's Metal Collection Vol 1" (92) – w/Stryper, Barren Cross, Saint, Messiah Prophet, Bloodgood, Whitecross, Shout, etc. Pure Metal     $2

Various "Heaven's Metal Collection Vol 2" (92) – w/Sacred Warrior, Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, Tourniquet, Mortification, etc. Pure Metal     $2

Various “Helpless Amongst Friends” (94) – w/Focused, The Blamed, Unashamed, Bloodshed, POD, Bloodshed, etc. Tooth & Nail     $2

Various “Helpless Amongst Friends Volume 2” (95) – w/Bloodshed, Overcome, Engage, NIV, Mindset, etc. Tooth & Nail     $2

Various “Hot Metal Summer III” (90) – w/Tourniquet, Deliverance, Vengeance, Bloodgood, Recon, etc. Intense     $2

Various “Hot Metal V” (93) – songs and interviews from Deliverance, Mortification, Tourniquet, Die Happy, Rose, etc. Intense     $2

Various "Sanctuary Praise" (91) – w/Robin Kyle, Jim LaVerde, Joshua Perahia, Glen Mancaruso, Bob Beeman, etc. Intense     $2

Various "Sanctuary Praise–Hiding Place" (92) – w/Robin Kyle, Chris Howell, Jim LaVerde, Glen Mancaruso, Darrell Mansfield, etc. Frontline     $2

Various “Ultimate Rock 2” (90) – w/Petra, One Bad Pig, Allies, Altar Boys, White Heart, etc. Star Song     $2



Blackball “Super Heavy Dreamscape” (96) – promo, plus ‘Doesn't Matter.’ Metro One     $2

The Heard “We Need Jesus” (92) – karaoke style, from ‘Portrait Of A Spirit,’ w/lyrics and lead sheet included. Word     $2

Liaison “Go And Sin No More” (89) – plus demo version, performance track, and message from the band. Frontline     $2

Monsterus “Oddible” (96) – plus ‘A Gift’ and ‘Omens Of The Age.’ Spooky Mood     $2

Stryper “Free” (87) – plus ‘Calling On You’ and ‘The Rock That Makes Me Roll.’ Enigma     $2

Stryper "Limited Edition Words And Music" (91) – promo, 'Can't Stop The Rock' and 'Believe,' plus interview w/Michael and Robert. Hollywood     $5

Michael Sweet “JESUS” (94) – plus exclusive interview and album preview, sealed. Benson     $2



"Big Rage! Vol 2" (90) – vintage Christian heavy metal mail order catalog, full of CDs, shirts, photos, band info, etc     $7

"Frontline" (Fall 90) – fake marketing 'CD' and booklet used to promote new releases by Sacred Warrior, Ken Tamplin, Liaison, Mark Farner, etc     $7

"Frontline" (Summer 91) – big spiral marketing notebook w/promo info on Mortification, Bloodgood, Angelica, Sacred Warrior, Ken Tamplin, etc     $12

"Frontline" (Fall 91) – color marketing pamphlet for Christian bookstores, w/pages on Ransom, Mortal, Randy Rose, Lanny Cordola, etc     $7



Abandon "Abandon" (09) – inventive and impressive rock w/great hooks ala U2, The Killers, The Fray, Coldplay, Muse, etc, sealed. Forefront     $5

Abated Mass Of Flesh "Deathcrusher" (14) – a pure devastatingly crushing hardcore death and grind metal assault, heavy and brutal, sealed. Rottweiler     $10

Absolon “Darkness Rising” (12) – a heavy progressive melodic power metal concept album ala Priest, Maiden, Sacred Warrior, etc, sealed     $12

AD "Compact Favorites" (88) – great progressive rock w/Kerry Livgren on guitar, intricate melodies and top notch musicianship, sealed. Sparrow     $15

Adelaide "Adelaide" (08) – a mix of hardcore and old school death metal from Tennessee, heavy and catchy w/some power metal influences     $8

Adelaide "Pergamum" (09) – solid groove-filled hardcore American death metal w/powerful vocals, catchy guitar riffs and intricate drumming     $8

Adiastasia “Life War” (06) – double bass driven power metal ala Seventh Avenue, Divinefire, Dynasty, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Adiastasia “Life War” (10) – Collector’s Edition reissue, power metal from Brazil ala Helloween, Gamma Ray, etc. Bombworks     $8

Admonish “Insnarjd” (06) – furious black metal storms and chilling melodic whispers ala Frosthardr, Antestor, etc. Momentum Scandinavia     $15

Adrian Gale “Under The Hood” (01) – mix of acoustic, live songs, and a hard rocking new song, booklet autographed by Jamie Rowe. Kivel      $12

Adrian Gale “Live Program” (04) – melodic hard rock w/big vocals by Jamie Rowe from Guardian and great dual lead guitar, sealed. Kivel     $12

Adrian Gale “Sucker Punch!” (13) – a powerhouse of infectiously catchy hook-filled melodic hard rock w/big arena anthems, sealed. Kivel     $15

Advertencia "Al Escuchar Tu Voz" (07) – excellent melodic thrash and heavy metal from Argentina, sealed. Lament     $12

Aeturnus "From Blackest Darkness" (95) – intense barbaric death and thrash metal ala Slayer, etc, fast and heavy w/dark lyrics. Cranial Captivity     $18

Todd Agnew "Grace Like Rain" (03) – powerful rock and worship w/driving melodies, some surface scratches but plays fine. Ardent     $5

Todd Agnew "Reflection Of Something" (05) – edgy grassroots bluesy rock and worship w/gritty passionate vocals and incredible lyrics. Ardent     $5

Aletheian “Dying Vine” (05) – brutal technical progressive death metal w/a strong sense of melody ala Opeth, etc, sealed. Hope Prevails     $12

All Too Human “Forever And A Day” (98) – fat crunchy progressive and melodic power metal w/shredding guitars, sealed     $12

All Too Human “Entropy” (00) – crunchy progressive and power metal ala Dream Theater, Queensryche, etc, sealed     $15

Almagor "Aborto Comun" (12) – fast and furious death metal and grind from Venezuela, brutal and extreme, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $12

The Almost “Southern Weather” (07) – stunning edgy hard rock and catchy pop rock, heavy on hooks, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

The Almost “Monster Monster” (09) – hard rock, southern rock, and 80s alternative rock w/Aaron Gillespie from Underoath, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

The Almost "Monster Monster EP" (10) – catchy infectious rock and power pop, aggressive and guitar-driven w/a punk edge, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $5

Alove For Enemies “Resistance” (06) – heavy crunchy moshing metal-influenced hardcore w/spectacular production, sealed. Facedown     $7

Altar Boys “Against The Grain” (87) – 80s hard rock w/punk attitude and tons of energy and drive, disc autographed by entire band. Frontline     $18

Altars “Conclusions” (12) – ruthlessly heavy hardcore moshing metal balanced w/intricate melody, sealed. Facedown     $12

Amaziah “Straight Talker” (11) – reissue, 70s hard rock ala BTO, Ted Nugent, Daniel Band, etc, sealed. Born Twice     $12

Amos “A Matter Of Time” (05) – heavy Brazilian melodic hard rock and progressive power metal w/gothic leanings, sealed. Bombworks     $10

Anberlin “Blueprints For The Black Market” (03) – energetic modern alternative hard rock, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Anberlin “Never Take Friendship Personal” (05) – catchy alternative rock w/great vocals, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Anberlin Cities (07) – immensely catchy moody hard rock, high on adrenaline, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Anberlin “New Surrender” (08) – heavy rock w/the catchy hooks of pop-punk, strong vocals and songwriting, sealed     $10

Anberlin “Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place (10) – anthemic alternative rock and arena sized ballads, sealed     $10

Ancient Prophecy "Days Of Doom" (99) – doomy death and power metal from Germany w/male and female vocals, stunning and heavy, sealed     $15

Scott Anderson “Somethin Diffrent” (92) – folk and roots music ala Dan Fogelberg, Randy Stonehill, James Taylor, etc, sealed. Mercy     $5

Angelica “Angelica” (89) – smooth melodic heavy metal w/guitar shredding and Rob Rock on vocals. Intense     $25

Angelica "Walkin In Faith" (90) – commercial hard rock and melodic heavy metal w/outstanding guitar, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $25

Angelica “Rock, Stock & Barrel” (91) – less commercial metal of the past, more of a Mr. Big hard rock sound, sealed. Intense     $18

Angelica “KMG Classic Archives Volume 1” (98) – 'Angelica' and 'Rock, Stock & Barrel' on 1 CD, melodic hard rock and metal. KMG     $12

Angel 7 “Black And White” (06) – a mix of speed, death, and power metal from the Ukraine, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Angel 7 "Last Revolution" (15) – w/bonus tracks, heavy melodic thrash and power metal from the Ukraine, epic guitar solos, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Angel 7 "Hail To The King" (16) – w/bonus track, a brutal powerhouse of thrashing death metal, folk, and symphonic, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Angel 7 "The Fall Of The Golden Calf" (17) – w/bonus track, ferociously heavy Ukrainian melodic death metal, fast and scorching, sealed. CMU     $15

Anguish Unsaid "The Chronicles Of The Restoration Of The Church" (00) – a roller coaster ride of hardcore and punk sonic brutality. Bettie Rocket     $7

Animae Capronii "Lonely Steps Of A Blind Guardian Angel Echo Here" (10) – raw black metal ala Immortal, Behemoth, etc, homemade by band     $7

Animae Capronii "In Eternal Heaven Of Silent Whispers" (10) – melodic atmospheric Italian black metal ala Darkthrone, etc, homemade by band     $7

Animae Capronii "Winter Psalms" (11) – quality black metal from Italy w/excellent guitar tone and tempo changes ala Silencer, etc, homemade by band     $7

Anima Mortuum "The Return" (13) – raw old school black metal and bold lyrics from Chile, w/Zvi from Diamoth, sealed. Shattered Chain     $15

Ansgar “Hosten Odim” (09) – Norwegian symphonic extreme metal ala Vaakevandring, Renascent, Dimmu Borgir, etc, sealed. Metalage     $15

Antestor “Det Tapte Liv” (04) – insane heavy extreme metal meets gorgeous mellow atmospheric instrumentation, sealed. Endtime     $18

Antestor “Omen” (12) – quality creative devastating epic Norwegian black and doom metal w/skull crushing riffs, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Antidemon "Demonicide" (17) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, death metal and grindcore from Brazil, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Anti-Hell Society “Anti-Hell Society” (09) – reissue, punk rock ala The Misfits, etc, w/members of Morbid Sacrifice. Despised Youth     $7

Antithesis “Dying For Life” (01) – w/bonus track, energetic power and progressive metal, immaculate production. Nightmare     $8

Antithesis “Dying For Life” (01) – German import, w/US and European bonus tracks, progressive power thrash metal, sealed. Massacre     $12

Apologetix “Ticked” (97) – parodies of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Collective Soul, etc, sealed     $12

Apologetix “Jesus Christ Morningstar” (98) – parodies of The Who, KISS, Survivor, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Free, etc     $7

Apologetix “Biblical Graffiti” (99) – parodies of Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles, BTO, The Police, ZZ Top, etc     $7

Apologetix “Spoofernatural” (00) – parodies of Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, Poison, Joan Jett, Def Leppard, Great White, Kid Rock, etc     $7

Apologetix “Keep The Change” (01) – parodies of AC/DC, Queen, The Knack, Elton John, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, The Bee Gees, etc     $7

Apologetix “Grace Period” (02) – parodies of Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, David Bowie, Rush, The Who, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, etc     $7

Apologetix “Adam Up” (03) – parodies of Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Grand Funk Railroad, The Clash, Foo Fighters, The B-52s, etc     $7

Apologetix “New And Used Hits” (04) – 2 CD set, parodies of KISS, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Van Halen, Queen, Metallica, Aerosmith, etc     $8

Apologetix "Recovery" (09) – parodies of KISS, Kansas, Queen, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Journey, Bad Company, Toto, ELO, etc     $7

Apologetix “Soundproof” (10) – parodies of Jethro Tull, KISS, Pink Floyd, Tesla, The Guess Who, Tesla, Shinedown, T Rex, etc, sealed     $12

Apologetix "Easter Standard Time" (15) – parodies of Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Styx, The Eagles, Survivor, Paul McCartney & Wings, etc, sealed     $12

Apostisy “Blood That Covers All Sin” (05) – pure Finnish-influenced blackened melodic death metal from America     $8

Apostisy “Famine Of A Thousand Frozen Years” (07) – pure melodic death metal w/excellent groove, sealed. Black Winter     $15

Applehead “Meaning” (92) – doomy heavy metal meets grunge, every song has a killer hook that drags you in. Ocean     $12

AP2 “Suspension Of Disbelief” (00) – melodic industrial metal w/guests Klay Scott, Klank, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $8

Arcanjo “Torment Alive” (01) – brutal death metal from Brazil, recorded live, w/cover of Living Sacrifice’s ‘Reject’     $10

Archetype “Dawning” (02) – unbelievable progressive power metal w/fantastic riffs, vocals, harmonies, and solos, sealed. CDM     $15

Armageddon “The Money Mask” (89) – classic heavy metal w/occasional thrash ala Judas Priest, Saint, Barren Cross, etc. REX     $20

Armageddon “The Money Mask” (07) – reissue, 2 CD set w/demos, rehearsals, etc, classic metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Armageddon USA "Up In Flames" (15) – pure aggressive classic heavy metal from band formerly known as Armageddon, raw and in your face, sealed     $15

Armath Sargon "Veripolku" (12) – reissue of the 2007 debut album, black metal, no inserts, disc only, looks rough but plays fine. Sanctus Gladius     $5

Armath Sargon “Winter Of Tears And Path Of Blood” (12) – reissue, blistering atmospheric black metal from Finland, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Armath Sargon “4th Dimension” (12) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, solid crushing dark stormy black metal from Finland, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Armath Sargon "When Love Is Dead" (14) – reissue, phenomenal old school black metal ala Frost Like Ashes, etc, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Armath Sargon "Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn And Winter" (16) – 2 CD set, #42 of 150, black metal, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $18

Arnion “Fall Like Rain” (09) – 80s thrash metal ala Ultimatum, Tourniquet, etc, w/7 bonus tracks, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Ascendant “The Alteration” (12) – melodic death and black metal from Denmark ala Sympathy, Immortal Souls, Sacrificium, Dagon, etc, sealed     $15

Ascension Theory “Answers” (05) – heavy melodic progressive metal ala Dream Theater, Theocracy, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $15

As Cities Burn “Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest” (05) – melodic and catchy hardcore metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

As Hell Retreats “Volition” (11) – concept album that rides the line between hardcore and death metal, sealed. Ain’t No Grave     $12

Ashen Mortality "Your Caress" (98) – haunting melodic doom and death metal w/exquisite riffs and some acoustic passages, sealed. Forsaken     $18

Ashen Mortality “Your Caress/Sleepless Remorse” (05) – 2 CD set, reissue, gothic female vocals and harsh death metal doom. Cold Fusion     $12

As I Lay Dying “Frail Words Collapse” (03) – fast heavy hardcore metal w/insane guitar and drumming, surface scratches but plays fine. Metal Blade     $7

As I Lay Dying "Shadows Are Security" (05) – hardcore riffs, brutal vocals, and passionate lyrics, sealed. Metal Blade     $12

As I Lay Dying "Shadows Are Security" (05) – Japanese import w/OBI and bonus DVD, heavy furious melodic hardcore metal, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

As I Lay Dying "An Ocean Between Us" (07) – tight proficient thrashy hardcore metal, even heavier and faster than before. Metal Blade     $7

As I Lay Dying "An Ocean Between Us" (07) – Japanese import w/OBI and bonus tracks, heavy hardcore thrash and death metal, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

As I Lay Dying "The Powerless Rise" (10) – Japanese import w/OBI, a heavy melodic blasting metal blitz of speed and aggression, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

As I Lay Dying "Decas" (11) – Japanese import w/OBI, aggressive melodic metal, new songs, covers of Judas Priest and Slayer, etc, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

As I Lay Dying "Awakened" (12) – Japanese import w/OBI and bonus tracks, brutal thrashy aggression and incredible drumming, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

As They Sleep “Dynasty” (10) – a technical death metal concept album that blows the doors off, sealed. Solid State     $12

Atomic Opera “For Madmen Only” (94) – promo, progressive metal w/grooves and riffs ala King’s X, Galactic Cowboys, etc. Giant     $8

Atomic Opera “Penguin Dust” (97) – an epic tightly produced album of heavy rock w/a deep spiritual center, sealed     $12

Atomic Opera “Alpha & Oranges” (99) – consistent metal w/dark thick grooves that are melodic and accessible, sealed     $15

Atomic Opera “Gospel Cola” (00) – hard rock w/thick distorted guitars and heavy low end grooves. Metal Blade     $8

Att Livitunn "Kinto" (17) – heavy energetic blackened thrash metal from Guatemala w/groove and death ala Pantera, Sepultura, etc, sealed. Lament     $12

Audio Adrenaline “Live Bootleg” (95) – powerful high energy rock recorded live in concert. Forefront     $5

Audio Adrenaline “Bloom” (96) – raw honest 90s melodic rock, irresistibly catchy and heavier than before. Forefront     $5

Audio Adrenaline “Hit Parade” (01) – best of, highlights the band’s 90s energetic melodic hard pop rock glory days, sealed. Forefront     $8

Audiovision “The Calling” (05) – straightforward hard rock and melodic power metal from Sweden, sealed. Rivel     $15

Audiovision “Focus” (10) – Swedish melodic power metal and bluesy hard rock w/shredding lead guitar. Ulterium     $10

August Burns Red “Messengers” (07) – a sledgehammer of unrelentingly crushing heavy hardcore metal w/great lead guitar, sealed. Solid State     $12

August Burns Red "Rescue & Restore" (13) – impressive energetic dark melodic hardcore metal w/creative guitar riffs and tons of diversity. Solid State     $7

Avian “From The Depths Of Time” (06) – melodic power metal mixed w/prog and old school heavy metal, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Avian “Ashes And Madness” (08) – brilliant epic melodic metal, heavy but still very accessible, sealed. Nightmare     $15

AWAS “Hope” (06) – serious German death metal w/lots of black metal influences, brutal and unrelenting, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Kevin Ayers "Step Of Faith" (00) – debut solo album from Haven vocalist, classic mid to late 70s British rock w/excellent production. KMA     $8

Azmaveth “Strong As Death” (08) – from Puerto Rico, black/death/thrash are deftly intertwined, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Azorrague "Die With Us" (11) – brutal extreme death metal from Brazil ala 'Scrolls'-era Mortification, Broken Flesh, etc, w/epic guitar riffs, sealed     $12

Azorrague "Bringer Of Terror" (15) – w/bonus track, brutal death metal and furious thrash ala Mortification, Kreator, etc, sealed. Metal Survivor     $12

Babylon Mystery Orchestra "Divine Right Of Kings" (02) – gothic and doom meets hard rock and metal, autographed by Sidney Allen Johnson     $12

Babylon Mystery Orchestra “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” (04) – hard rock concept album w/gothic metal influences, sealed     $12

Babylon Mystery Orchestra “The Great Apostasy” (06) – conceptual blend of classic and gothic hard rock and metal, sealed     $12

Babylon Mystery Orchestra “Axis Of Evil” (08) – a dark and moody goth and doom metal concept album, sealed     $12

Balance Of Power "Perfect Balance" (01) – catchy melodic double bass driven British progressive power metal w/excellent production. Massacre     $10

Baphomet Evisceration "Baphomet Evisceration" (08) – fast riff-driven grindcore w/Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery, Rehumanize, etc. Sewersound     $8

Barren Cross “State Of Control” (89) – melodic hard rock and heavy progressive power metal ala Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, etc. Enigma     $20

Barren Cross "Rock For The King" (90) – reissue, w/live bonus tracks, front cover autographed by Mike Lee, small hole punch in booklet. Medusa     $35

Barren Cross “Hotter Than Hell! Live” (90) – recorded live on the Atomic Arena tour, sealed. Medusa     $12

Barren Cross "Rattle Your Cage" (94) – the band's powerful and heavy reunion album w/their classic melodic metal and hard rock sound. Rugged     $20

Barren Cross “Hotter Than Hell! Live” (03) – reissue, from the Atomic Arena tour, hole punch thru bar code on back insert, sealed. Restless     $12

Barren Cross “Rock For The King” (14) – reissue, classic American consistently heavy power metal w/killer riffs and hooks, sealed     $15

Barren Cross “Birth Pangs” (14) – 2 disc incredible live album, 93 minutes of music (including new songs!), sealed     $18

Bealiah “Anthology Of The Undead” (08) – from Indonesia, amazing harsh extreme black metal, sealed. Bombworks     $10

Beanbag "Well Adjusted" (01) – interesting and accessible melodic structured hardcore from Australia. Inpop     $5

Becoming The Archetype “Terminate Damnation” (05) – an epic metal tour de force, technical and thunderous, sealed. Solid State     $12

Becoming The Archetype “The Physics Of Fire” (07) – progressive death metal to pulverize the senses. Solid State     $8

Becoming The Archetype “Dichotomy” (09) – heavy as always, w/metal ‘How Great Thou Art,’ surface scratches but plays fine. Solid State     $7

Becoming The Archetype “Celestial Completion” (11) – expertly melds beauty w/metal brutality, sealed. Solid State     $12

Becoming The Archetype “I Am” (12) – quality skull-crushing progressive technical death metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

Behold The Kingdom “The Eyes Of The Wicked Will Fail” (11) – brutal American death metal at its absolute finest, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Belica "For All" (02) – gritty straightforward guitar-driven hard rock w/groove from Brazil, the band formerly known as Vollig Heilig. Megahard     $18

Believer “Dimensions” (93) – a hybrid of thrash and progressive metal, w/technical riffing and innovative use of symphonic elements, sealed. REX     $25

Believer "Dimensions" (07) – reissue, gold disc, a scorching technical progressive symphonic thrash metal masterpiece, sealed. Metal Mind     $20

Believer “Gabriel” (09) – orchestrated thrash metal, an outstanding followup to ‘Dimensions,’ sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Beloved(us) “Failure On” (03) – fuses emo and melodic indie rock w/hardcore guitar roar, sealed. Solid State     $12

David Benson “Purpose Of The Cross” (97) – hard rock and doom metal w/vocals similar to Ozzy Osbourne. ATG     $18

David Benson “Purpose Of The Cross” (11) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, classic doomy hard rock ala early 70s Black Sabbath, etc. Intense Millennium     $8

David Benson “Premonition Of Doom” (12) – reissue, inspired heavy classic doom metal ala Black Sabbath, Ozzy, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Berith “Symphony Of The Suffering” (06) – black/death metal from Brazil, w/English lyrics, sealed. Extreme Records     $15

Bestiary “The Murder Wheel” (03) – a creative mix of death and black metal for an extremely intense sound, sealed     $12

Big Dismal “Believe” (03) – catchy solid alternative rock ala Creed, w/guest vocals by Amy Lee of Evanescence. Wind-Up     $5

Big Tent Revival "Live" (01) – energetic straight up rock and roll w/some blues mixed in, recorded live in concert on the 'Choose Life' tour. Ardent     $5

BioGenesis “The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth” (12) – w/bonus tracks, solid heavy crushing metal, groove, thrash, etc, sealed. Soundmass     $12

BioGenesis "A Decadence Divine" (17) – straightforward heavy metal meets thrash, death, power, and progressive, w/guitar pick, sealed. Roxx     $15

Black And White World “Life Explodes” (92) – slightly funky alternative rock. Blonde Vinyl     $12

Blackball "Super Heavy Dreamscape" (96) – heavy guitar-driven hard rock w/some unique funk and groove ala Precious Death, etc. Metro One     $7

Blackball "Hope" (97) – powerful groovy hard rock and catchy melodic metal w/Precious Death's Christopher Scott on vocals. Metro One     $7

Black Carnation “It Remains The Same” (92) – innovative alternative rock ala The Talking Heads, etc. Blonde Vinyl     $12

Black Fate "Deliverance Of Soul" (16) – reissue, melodic prog power metal from Greece w/shredding guitars and incredible vocals, sealed. Ulterium     $15

The Blamed "Forever" (99) – a perfect fusion of classic East Coast hardcore, 80s Metallica thrash metal riffing, and Sepultura monster drumming. Grrr     $8

The Blamed "Isolated Incident" (01) – innovative hardcore that mixes in punk, classic rock, and metal ala Fugazi, Black Flag, etc, sealed. Grrr     $10

Bleach "Space" (96) – solid raw edgy catchy rock and pop w/powerful guitar and drums, initials written on disc but otherwise great shape. Forefront     $5

Bleach “Static” (98) – fun guitar-driven mainstream rock and pop, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Forefront     $5

Bleach “Astronomy” (03) – stripped down powerful cathartic melodic alternative rock and pop punk, creative and engaging, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $5

Bleach “Farewell Old Friends” (05) – melodic rock and pop brilliance ala Weezer, w/great guitar riffs and worshipful lyrics. Tooth & Nail     $5

Blenderhead “Muchacho Vivo” (95) – aggressive melodic post punk, rough edgy and full of energy. Tooth & Nail     $5

Blindside “RIP” (99) – hardcore w/a metal influence ala xDisciplex, Overcome, Strongarm, etc. Hope Against Hope     $7

Blindside “About A Burning Fire” (04) – catchy melodic energetic hard rock from Sweden, minor wear to booklet but not bad. Elektra     $5

Blindside "The Great Depression" (05) – raw organic dark emotional rock w/furious driving guitar riffs and amazing vocals. DRT     $5

Blindside “With Shivering Hearts We Wait” (11) – seriously good rock, amazing and epic, full of standout tracks, sealed. INO     $12

Blissed “Waking Up The Dead” (03) – hard-driving rock w/Robert Sweet on drums, killer melodies and choruses. KR Records     $8

Bloodgood “Bloodgood” (86) – the band’s influential debut, solid classic 80s melodic heavy power metal and speed. Frontline     $25

Bloodgood “Detonation” (87) – aggressive straightforward theatrical heavy metal and ballads w/some of the best songs of their career. Alarma     $25

Bloodgood “Rock In A Hard Place(88) – mainstream metal and hard rock w/strong melodies and lyrics. Frontline     $25

Bloodgood “Out Of The Darkness” (89) – much heavier than before but retains much of the melodic nature. Intense     $20

Bloodgood “Alive In America (90) – heavy melodic power metal, recorded live in concert, excellent sound quality. Intense     $12

Bloodgood “Shakin The World” (90) – powerful theatrical real metal w/great songwriting, an exceptionally tight set recorded live. Intense     $12

Bloodgood "The Collection" (91) – the best of this pioneering and influential classic hard rock band and heavy metal missionaries! Intense     $15

Bloodgood "KMG Classic Archives Volume 1" (98) – 'Bloodgood' and 'Detonation' on 1 CD, powerful heavy metal w/quality songwriting. KMG     $15

Bloodgood "KMG Classic Archives Volume 2" (98) – 'Rock In A Hard Place' and 'Out Of The Darkness' on 1 CD, heavy melodic hard rock. KMG     $15

Bloodgood “To Germany, With Love!” (00) – reissue, heavy guitars and melodic choruses, recorded live in March 1993, sealed. Magdalene     $15

Bloodgood "Rock Theater: Shakin The World" (07) – reissue, melodic hard rock and heavy power metal, recorded live, sealed. B Goode     $15

Bloodgood "Dangerously Close" (13) – metal comeback album ala the band’s classic 1980s heyday, heavier than ever, w/Oz Fox on guitar, sealed     $15

Bloodgood "Rock In A Hard Place" (15) – reissue, a thunderous melodic hard rock masterpiece, tasty and addictive, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Bloodgood "Out Of The Darkness" (15) – reissue, one melodic metal anthem after another, a headbanging masterpiece, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Bloodlined Calligraphy “They Want You Silent” (05) – female fronted hardcore metal, sealed. Facedown     $7

Bloodlined Calligraphy “Ypsilanti(06) – fierce metallic hardcore ready to break down the walls, sealed. Facedown     $8

Bloodline Severed “Visions Revealed” (09) – progressive melodic death and thrash metal w/crushing guitar, monstrously heavy, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Bloodshed “The Soft Spoken Words Of Fallbrook” (96) – amazing emo/hardcore, in cardboard sleeve. Tooth & Nail     $7

Bloody Sunday “They Attack At Dawn” (03) – straightahead East Coast hardcore at its finest. Strike First     $5

Bloody Sunday “To Sentence The Dead” (05) – hardcore ala Alove For Enemies, Bloodlined Calligraphy. Facedown     $5

Boanerges “Senales Antes del Fin” (98) – melodic progressive power metal ala Narnia, Impellitteri, etc, sealed. Alcance Subterraneo     $15

Boarders “The World Hates Me” (07) – original German version, 80s thrash ala Deliverance, Tourniquet, etc, w/a Megadeth cover. Quam Libet     $10

Boarders “The World Hates Me” (09) – aggressive melodic 80s thrash metal ala Metallica, Megadeth, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Boarders “R-Existence” (13) – from Italy, a perfect mix of melody, classic metal, speed, and thrash, w/bonus demos, sealed. Roxx     $12

Bone Prophet "The Circus" (17) – awesome hard rock and heavy metal from Tennessee, fist pumping and in your face, sealed     $15

Brainchild “Mindwarp” (92) – industrial metal classic ala Circle Of Dust, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, etc. REX     $10

Brainchild “Mindwarp” (05) – reissue, industrial influenced metal, brutal aggressive and addicting, sealed. Retroactive     $12

The Brave “Battle Cries” (92) – slick big-hair 80s commercial pop metal, loads of catchy choruses and big background vocals. Pakaderm     $25

The Brave "Trust" (94) – melodic blues-based hard rock and metal w/killer heavy riffs ala early Guardian, Badlands, etc. Pakaderm     $12

The Brave "Rise" (14) – amazing catchy classic rock comeback album w/powerful female vocals and great guitar ala Ransom, etc, sealed     $15

Breviarium “An Overwhelming Sense, One Day” (10) – blackened death metal, w/Thomas Eversole from Grim and Hguols, sealed     $10

Bride “Live To Die” (88) – great hard-driving screaming heavy metal, no ballads, just full-throttle blazing guitars. Pure Metal     $20

Bride “Silence Is Madness” (89) – one of their classics, hard rock and heavy metal w/a little blues. Pure Metal     $30

Bride "End Of The Age" (90) – best of the band's early heavy metal work, plus 2 brand new heavy bluesy commercial metal songs. Pure Metal     $8

Bride “Kinetic Faith” (91) – commercial heavy metal in a bluesy Aerosmith vein, lots of hooks and grooves, sealed. Pure Metal     $15

Bride "Snakes In The Playground" (92) – hard rock and heavy metal w/a Guns N Roses vibe, front cover autographed by entire band. Star Song     $15

Bride “Scarecrow Messiah” (94) – aggressive melodic hard-hitting rock w/thick groovy guitar riffs, some surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $7

Bride “Across The Border” (94) – recorded live in Europe, captures the band during its heyday, impressive set list, sealed     $30

Bride “Show No Mercy/Silence Is Madness” (95) – rare early reissue of these 2 heavy metal classics on 1 disc     $25

Bride "Shotgun Wedding...11 #1 Hits & Mrs" (95) – greatest hits from 'Kinetic Faith' thru 'Scarecrow Messiah,' including 3 remixes. Star Song     $5

Bride “Drop” (95) – experiments w/different styles including blues, acoustic, funk, and straight up rock and roll. Rugged     $7

Bride "The Jesus Experience" (97) – catchy hard rock and metal w/an alternative grungy flair and plenty of hooks and great guitar riffs. Organic     $7

Bride “Live! Volume I” (99) – live versions of songs from ‘Oddities’ and ‘The Jesus Experience,’ sealed. Old School     $12

Bride "Silence Is Madness" (00) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, energetic hard rock and heavy metal w/a little blues, sealed. M8     $18

Bride “Live Volume II–Acoustic” (00) – Dale and Troy unplugged, doing songs from throughout their career, sealed. M8     $15

Bride “The Best Of” (00) – a compilation of greatest hits from the late 90s era, sealed. Organic     $10

Bride “Live At Cornerstone 2001” (01) – live in concert, recorded during 80s Metal Retro Night, sealed. M8     $12

Bride "Fist Full Of Bees" (01) – groove-oriented hard rock and metal ala Korn, POD, Kid Rock, etc, booklet autographed by entire band. Absolute     $12

Bride “Snakes Alive: Live At Cornerstone 92” (05) – a 1992 live romp through 12 songs of classic hard rock and metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “This Is It (Expanded)” (06) – reissue, w/4 bonus demo tracks, a guitar-driven classic blues-based hard rock sound, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “Skin For Skin” (06) – some of the most memorable and groove-oriented hard rock and metal licks in their career, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Bride “Very Best Of” (06) – featuring hits and favorites from these Christian metal pioneers. Star Song     $7

Bride “Tsar Bomba” (09) – the band is true to itself and its roots, based on a foundation of metal and hard rock, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “This Is It (Collector's Edition)” (10) – w/bonus demo tracks, catchy hard rock and aggressive heavy metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “Show No Mercy” (11) – reissue, dark sounding heavy metal w/muscle, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “Live To Die” (11) – reissue, adds thrash and speed metal to its guitar-driven sound, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “Silence Is Madness” (11) – reissue, catchy hooks and energetic hard rock, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride "Skin For Skin" (13) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, heavy energetic guitar-driven hard rock, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bride “Incorruptible” (13) – brutally awesome and creative hard rock ala Guns N Roses, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Broken Flesh "Broken Flesh" (15) – brutal violent death metal w/mutilating riffs and drumming as fast as humanly possible, sealed. Luxor     $18

Broken Silence “Discerning The Times” (11) – reissue, melodic metal ala Dio, Holy Soldier, etc, produced by David Zaffiro, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Broomtree "Transparent" (99) – modern rock and pop w/female vocals, deeper songwriting than before. Rustproof     $5

Brutal Cross "Symphony Of Destruction" (12) – extreme atmospheric black and death metal from Poland, raw and intense, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Brutal Cross "At War" (13) – extreme melodic symphonic blackened death metal from Poland w/early 80s crunchy guitar, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Brutal Cross "The Perfect Storm" (15) – pure power melodic death metal ala 'Tears Of A Leper'-era Lament, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Brutal War “Revelation 666” (12) – reissue, w/bonus track, relentless explosive apocalyptic death metal and thrash, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Brutal War "Hell Is Real" (14) – brutal death metal and thrash from Brazil, powerful aggressive and melodic w/great guitar solos, sealed. Extreme     $15

Building 429 “Rise” (06) – heavy edgy neo-grunge rock ala Kutless, Day of Fire, Seventh Day Slumber, etc, sealed. Curb     $8

A Bullet For Pretty Boy “Symbiosis” (12) – atmospheric hardcore metal, seamless transitions from heavy to soft, sealed. Artery     $12

The Burial “Lights And Perfections” (12) – a pummeling onslaught of technical metal w/outstanding guitar ala Immortal Souls, etc, sealed. Facedown     $12

The Burial "In The Taking Of Flesh" (13) – a masterpiece of progressive riffing, a full force melodic death metal powerhouse, sealed. Facedown     $12

Bushbaby "Medicine" (99) – edgy eclectic British rock and power ballads ala Oasis, etc, intricate and melodic yet dark and twisted. Massive Groove     $5

By The Tree "Hold You High" (04) – rocking intimate praise and worship, produced by Tony Palacios, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Fervent     $5

Cage “Unveiled” (98) – heavy melodic 80s American power metal ala Savatage, Judas Priest, Warrior, etc, sealed. Millennium Metal     $15

Cage “Hell Destroyer” (07) – German import, w/bonus track, an epic power metal concept album based on Revelation. MTM     $12

Cage “Supremacy Of Steel” (12) – the American power metal kings, great songwriting, ala Iron Maiden, etc, sealed. Heavy Metal Media     $15

Callous “In The Memory Of” (97) – w/Phil Gibson from Mortification on drums and vocals, sealed     $15

Bruce Carroll” Walk On” (93) – a mix of singer-songwriter acoustic folk, pop, and country ala James Taylor, etc. Word     $5

Rex Carroll “The Sessions” (95) – bluesy earthy organic solo album from Whitecross guitarist. Star Song    $8

Rex Carroll "The Sessions" (95) – solo album from Whitecross guitarist, cover of booklet autographed by Rex. Star Song     $12

The Rex Carroll Band “That Was Then, This Is Now” (10) – a hard rock and heavy blues power trio, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Rex Carroll & The Bleed “Take Back A Life” (11) – reissue of this 90s bluesy hard rock gem, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Century Sleeper “Awaken” (06) – gothic death and doom metal w/Ian Arkley, plus James Allin of Visionaire, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Cerimonial Sacred "Eternity Begins Tonight" (16) – brutal intense atmospheric symphonic black metal, w/guest from Slechtvalk, sealed. Svalbard     $10

Cerimonial Sacred "Our War Is Only Against Hell" (17) – reissue, w/bonus track, symphonic black metal ala Emperor, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Cerimonial Sacred "Christ Worshipers" (17) – reissue, raw melodic atmospheric black metal ala Slechtvalk, Dimmu Borgir, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

La Chambre Ardente "Le Premier Triptyque de L'Apocalypse" (08) – gothic black metal from France, w/lyrics taken straight from Revelation. Eirene     $8

The Channelsurfers “Tunnel Vision” (97) – a rich and diverse blend of sonic intensity and funky rock ala 311, etc. Organic     $5

The Channelsurfers “Where I Wanna Be” (99) – funky layered rock ala Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Organic     $5

Chaotic Resemblance "Chaotic Resemblance" (12) – high intensity in-your-face metal and Sunset Strip hard rock ala Skid Row, Hanoi Rocks, etc     $12

Chaotic Resemblance "Battle Lines" (13) – hair glam and melodic metal ala Warrant, Poison, LA Guns, etc, minor signs of wear but plays fine     $10

Chevelle “Point #1” (99) – innovative, maintains the line between delicate/melodic and intense/aggressive. Squint     $7

Chevelle “Live From The Road” (03) – aggressive rock and alternative metal, recorded live at Ozzfest 2003, sealed. Sony     $8

Children 18:3 “Rain’s A Comin” (10) – raw solid catchy rock n roll w/punk rock tendencies ala The Clash, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Children 18:3 “On The Run” (12) – a unique mix of guitar-driven rock, pop, and ballads, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

The Choir “Diamonds And Rain” (86) – great mix of dark progressive guitar rock and innocent melodic pop. Myrrh     $25

The Choir “Chase The Kangaroo” (88) – alternative rock, front cover of booklet autographed by Derri Daugherty. Myrrh     $12

The Choir "Circle Slide" (90) – dark foreboding and atmospheric alternative rock and pop, some surface scratches but plays fine. Myrrh     $5

The Choir “Kissers And Killers” (93) – rare collection of aggressive alternative rock demos     $20

Chosen Stranger “Chosen Stranger” (06) – reissue, melodic rock w/big hooks, smooth vocals, and smoking guitars, sealed. Time Warp     $15

Circle Of Dust “Circle Of Dust” (92) – classic melodic electronic music w/guitars and beat rhythms ala Argyle Park, etc. REX     $10

Circle Of Dust "Brainchild" (94) – classic industrial metal w/creatively blunt lyrics, intense musicianship, and walls of heavy crunchy guitar. REX     $12

Circle Of Dust "Disengage" (98) – heavy hard-hitting electronic industrial metal ala Nine Inch Nails, etc, intense and beautiful. Flying Tart     $7

Circle Of Dust “Circle Of Dust” (05) – reissue, melodic, great electronics, complementing guitars, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Circle Of Dust “Brainchild” (05) – reissue, incredibly heavy industrial thrash metal, much heavier than their debut, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Circle Of Dust “Disengage/Refractorchasm” (05) – reissue, pounding aggressive industrial metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Clash Of Symbols “Sunday Is An Altogether Different Proposition” (94) – w/Mike Stand from Altar Boys. IceHouse     $8

Clash Of Symbols “Begging At The Temple Gate Called Beautiful” (95) – aggressive alternative rock. Brainstorm     $5

James Clay “James Clay” (04) – unique and diverse acoustic edgy rock ala Dave Matthews, Todd Agnew, etc. Inpop     $5

Club J "Praise Jams Vol 1" (04) – high energy rocking techno/dance/trance modern worship songs, full of contagious edgy grooves. Integrity     $5

Colossus "Badlands" (14) – intense energetic hardcore metal w/technical riffs ala Gideon, Mouth Of The South, etc, heavy and powerful. Facedown     $7

Common Yet Forbidden “The Struggle” (07) – furious technical thrash riffing, wicked guitar solos, and intense vocals. Bombworks     $8

Confirmed "Defining The Lens" (14) – hard-hitting full-blown rock and metal w/female lead vocals and guest Robert Sweet on drums, sealed     $12

Consumado "Consumado Es" (09) – brutal melodic death and thrash metal from El Salvador w/awesome bass and heavy duty guitars     $8

Alice Cooper “The Last Temptation” (94) – a powerful rock concept album based on his own salvation. Epic     $8

Alice Cooper “Brutal Planet” (00) – Limited European Edition, w/exclusive poster, slipcase, and screensaver, sealed. Eagle     $12

Alice Cooper "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" (11) – 70s hard rock sequel, guitar-driven and ghoulish, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Universal     $8

Alice Cooper "Paranormal" (17) – 2 CD set, classic melodic hard rock, plus guests Bruce, Dennis and Neal from his original 70s band, sealed. EAR     $15

Coram Deo “Evangelion” (10) – reissue, w/bonus track, melodic death/black metal from the Ukraine. Sullen     $7

Coram Deo “Death Is Dead” (10) – melodic aggressive thrash and death metal from the Ukraine, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Lanny Cordola “Electric Warrior Acoustic Saint” (91) – a masterpiece of guitar, from shred metal to jazz, some surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $7

Craig’s Brother “Lost At Sea” (01) – excellent melodic rock and power pop w/outstanding songwriting. Tooth & Nail     $5

Crimson Moonlight “Veil Of Remembrance” (05) – melodic death/black metal ala Extol, etc, even faster and more brutal than before. Rivel     $20

Crimson Moonlight "In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious" (07) – relentless brutal melodic black and death metal w/heavy catchy rhythms. Endtime     $18

Crimson Moonlight "Divine Darkness" (16) – impressive brutal melodic blackened death metal fury, pummeling and vicious, sealed. Endtime     $18

Crimson Thorn "Anthology Of Brutality: 1992-2002" (17) – 3 disc set, technical pummeling American death metal fury, sealed. Bombworks     $30

Cripple Need Cane “The Big Dance” (05) – aggressive guitars, amazing hooks, melodic vocals, w/Gary Lenaire, sealed. Financial     $12

Cross “Metal From Above” (06) – reissue, strong pure crunching epic power metal played the 80s way, sealed. Steel Legacy     $15

Crossforce “Rockin Til The Final Day” (11) – reissue, various demos, etc, pure 80s heavy metal w/hooks, sealed. Roxx     $12

David Crowder Band "A Collision" (05) – creative innovative praise and worship, from acoustic riffs to rock anthems to bluegrass banjos. Sparrow     $5

David Crowder Band "Remedy" (07) – distinctive modern worship and alternative pop rock ala Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, etc. Sparrow     $5

Crucifer "Carrier Of The Cross–The Anthology" (16) – 2 CD, classic thrash, their entire catalog plus unreleased songs, sealed. Dark Blasphemies     $18

The Crucified "The Crucified" (89) – classic crossover thrash metal, heavy energetic and intense, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Pure Metal     $20

The Crucified “The Pillars Of Humanity” (91) – phenomenal hardcore and thrash, fast and furious w/great musical hooks. Ocean     $20

The Crucified "Take Up Your Cross/Nailed" (94) – reissue of their 2 hardcore and punk demos, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $8

The Crucified “The Pillars Of Humanity” (09) – reissue, powerful hardcore thrash metal raging w/adrenaline, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Crucifijo Impudico "Vaticano Impuro" (16) – black metal from Chile ala Darkthrone, Bathory, Gorgoroth, Enthroned, etc, sealed. Lament     $12

Crumbacher "Thunder Beach" (87) – mid 80s melodic pop rock and new wave w/lots of guitars and keyboards, sticker on back of booklet. Frontline     $10

Crumbacher “Tame The Volcano” (88) – fun catchy 80s rock and power pop w/hooks ala ELO, The Cars, etc. Frontline     $12

Crumbacher “KMG Classic Archives” (99) – ‘Thunder Beach’ and ‘Tame the Volcano’ on 1 CD, 80s melodic rock and power pop, sealed. KMG     $10

Crutch "Hope Prevails" (04) – reissue, brutal melodic technical progressive death metal and thrash, band later changed name to Aletheian. Hope Prevails     $8

Cry Mercy "Cry Mercy" (95) – guitar-driven hook-filled groove metal and hard rock from Australia ala Extreme, Aerosmith, Badlands, etc. Rowe     $15

Crystavox “Crystavox” (90) – big hair slick production pop metal ala Warrant, Skid Row, Slaughter, etc. Regency     $25

Crystavox “The Bottom Line” (92) – hard hitting 80s melodic metal, rawer and tougher than before. Ocean     $15

Crystavox “The 20 Year Mix” (10) – 2 disc set w/DVD, melodic rock and pop metal ala Warrant, Skid Row, etc, sealed. Roxx     $15

Curious Fools “Curious Fools” (94) – 90s guitar-driven rock ala early 77s, early U2, etc, w/great production. Via     $5

Michael Cutting "Unspoken" (16) – powerful soulful solo album from Holy Soldier guitarist, melodic hard rock meets classic rock and blues, sealed     $15

Cybergrind “Transcend” (00) – w/Mick Carlisle from Mortification, heavy thrash metal and plenty of speed and groove. Rowe     $8

Cynical Limit “Cynical Limit” (04) – heavy melodic cutting edge rock w/Angelica’s Dennis Cameron on guitar, sealed. Flying Leap     $12

Dagon "Secrets Of The Deep" (05) – a tremendously heavy thrash and power metal attack ala Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, etc, fresh and melodic     $10

Dagon “Paranormal Ichthyology” (07) – furious thrash mixed w/Scandinavian death and 80s rock and roll, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Dagon “Vindication” (11) – sheer extreme brutality and epic 80s heavy power metal and thrash ala Iron Maiden, Slayer, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $10

Daily Planet "Hero" (02) – powerful catchy fun melodic pop rock w/crunchy guitars ala Third Day, Big Tent Revival, Dave Matthews, etc. Reunion     $7

Dalit "Dalit" (09) – melodic extreme doom metal and oppressive atmospheric heaviness ala My Dying Bride, My Silent Wake, etc, sealed. Endtime     $15

Dalit "Descent" (15) – old school death-soaked Norwegian doom metal ala early Black Sabbath, etc, intricate melodic and heavy, sealed. Endtime     $15

Damask Rose “Point Of View” (99) – slightly grungy hard rock praise and worship ala early Third Day, Creed, etc, w/King's X harmonies. Planet     $7

Daniel Band “Running Out Of Time” (88) – classic arena hard rock w/scorching lead guitar and Rush-like vocals, plenty of hooks and muscle. Refuge     $25

Daniel Band “Best Of Daniel Band” (93) – Canadian hard rock from these pioneers of 80s rock and heavy metal. Refuge     $18

Daniel Band “Live At Cornerstone 2001” (01) – classic guitar-driven melodic hard rock and heavy metal, sealed. Magdalene     $15

The Daniel Band “Straight Ahead” (06) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, energetic no-frills melodic hard rock and metal, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Daniel Band “On Rock” (10) – reissue, w/newly recorded bonus tracks, 70s blues-based hard rock ala Triumph, April Wine, Foghat, etc. Retroactive     $8

Daniel Band “Rise Up” (12) – reissue, w/bonus track, melodic hard rock ala KISS, Van Halen, Stryper, Leviticus, Rez, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Daniel Band “Running Out Of Time” (12) – reissue, w/bonus track, 80s melodic hard rock ala KISS, Van Halen, Rez, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Dark Lay Still “Through Hell” (09) – symphonic black/death metal ala Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Darkness Before Dawn “Kings To You” (09) – face-melting modern-edged black and death metal anthems, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Dark Night "Cemetery Porter" (14) – reissue, terror metal from Brazil ala King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, etc, w/a Haven cover, sealed. Extreme     $15

Dark Night "Night Of Halloween" (17) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, Brazilian classic horror metal ala Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, etc, sealed. CMU     $12

Dark Procession "Mists Of Darkness" (06) – raw incredible pure dark black metal, eerie and creepy, original and diverse w/tons of atmosphere. EEE     $8

Darkwater “Calling The Earth To Witness” (07) – progressive metal, features 4 members of Harmony, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Darkwater “Where Stories End” (10) – melodically driven progressive metal w/excellent production, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Dark Woods "The Return Of Cold Ice" (17) – dark frosty atmospheric black metal from Brazil, sealed. Metal Survivor     $12

DC Talk "Nu Thang" (90) – catchy old school hip hop anthems w/an emphasis on rap, rock, and soul. Forefront     $5

DC Talk "Jesus Freak" (95) – phenomenal and groundbreaking melodic rock and pop, surface scratches but plays fine. Forefront     $5

DC Talk "Supernatural" (98) – catchy energetic experimental and creative rock, pop, and ballads, surface scratches but plays fine. Virgin     $5

DC Talk "Solo" (01) – songs from each of their solo albums, plus a live cover of U2's '40' from the band as a whole. Forefront     $5

DC Talk "Free At Last: The Music And The Movie" (02) – 10th Anniversary, 2 disc set w/DVD, sealed. Forefront     $7

The Deadlines “The Death & Life Of” (00) – gut-wrenching punk ala New York Dolls, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Dead Moons Gray “DMG” (10) – powerful Appalachian southern rock and metal, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Dead Poetic “Four Wall Blackmail” (02) – a solid blending of pop emo riffs w/melodic hard rock sections, sealed. Solid State     $10

Dead Poetic “New Medicines” (04) – hardcore metal w/blazing guitars and lots of melodic vocals, sealed. Solid State     $10

Dead Poetic “Vices” (07) – hard rock riffs, heavy guitars, and cryptic lyricism, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Dead Poetic “The Finest” (07) – the best of their 3 albums, great riff-driven rock, small notch cut along spine, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Dead Silence “Macabra Miseria” (09) – blackened melodic death metal from Colombia, sealed. Eirene     $12

Dead To Sin "From The Ashes" (16) – hard rock and metal w/Robert Sweet on drums and guest guitarist Bill Menchen, excellent production, sealed     $12

Death Poems “Pseudoprophetae” (09) – melodic death metal ala Arch Of Thorns, Parakletos, etc, sealed. ExhortMetal     $15

Death Requisite "Prophets Of Doom" (11) – extreme brutal melodic black and death metal, dark technical progressive and symphonic, sealed     $12

Death Requisite "Second Death" (13) – solid melodic symphonic blackened death metal w/a dark classical vibe, sinister and blistering, sealed     $12

Decemberadio “Satisfied” (08) – classic pop/rock w/a southern bent ala The Black Crowes, Lenny Kravitz, Foreigner, Kansas, Third Day, etc     $8

Decyfer Down “End Of Grey” (06) – loud guitar hard rock injected full of appealing melodies, sealed. SRE     $12

Decyfer Down “Crash” (09) – tight playing and good guitar riffs ala Demon Hunter, Puddle Of Mudd, etc, sealed. INO     $10

Decyfer Down "Scarecrow" (13) – high energy hard rock w/grooving guitar riffs ala Shinedown, Three Days Grace, etc, sealed. Fair Trade     $12

Decyfer Down "The Other Side Of Darkness" (16) – cranked up full force hard rock anthems and power ballads w/monster guitar riffs, sealed     $12

Defyance “Transitional Forms” (02) – melodic progressive power metal w/Lance King on vocals and great lead guitar work, sealed. Nightmare     $15

DeGarmo & Key "Heat It Up" (93) – catchy solid serious blues-based guitar-driven groove rock w/keyboards. Forefront     $5

DeGarmo & Key "To Extremes" (94) – polished bluesy guitar-driven hard rock w/great solos, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Forefront     $5

DeGarmo & Key "History Makers" (03) – their greatest hits, classic 70s and 80s rock ala Larry Norman, etc, sealed. Sparrow     $8

Deliverance “Deliverance” (89) – one of the best speed metal albums ever, a solid relentless metallic sledgehammer from beginning to end. Intense     $25

Deliverance “Weapons Of Our Warfare” (90) – classic speed and thrash metal, extremely heavy and original. Intense     $25

Deliverance "Weapons Of Our Warfare" (90) – classic speed and thrash metal, booklet autographed by band. Intense     $40

Deliverance “What A Joke” (91) – monster riffs and crunchy thrash w/an awesome Black Sabbath cover. Intense     $18

Deliverance “Stay Of Execution” (92) – straightforward heavy metal w/some speed and thrash, tons of energy and crunch. Intense     $18

Deliverance “Learn” (92) – heavy melodic doom metal w/influences from Bowie, Queensryche, Sabbath, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $10

Deliverance “River Disturbance” (94) – melodic, dark, and absolutely brilliant progressive metal. Brainstorm     $12

Deliverance “A Decade Of” (95) – 14 of the best from these thrash metal old schoolers and originators, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $7

Deliverance “Camelot In Smithereens” (95) – Queensryche progressive metal w/David Bowie vocals. Intense     $12

Deliverance “River Disturbance” (07) – reissue, w/4 bonus tracks, melodic dark brilliant progressive metal, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Deliverance “The First Four Years” (07) – reissue, Jimmy Brown narrates the ‘unsigned’ years of the band, sealed. Retroactive     $10

Deliverance “As Above-So Below” (07) – beastly metallic fury and spine snapping riffs, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Deliverance “What A Joke” (11) – reissue, w/bonus track, a heavy speed metal classic, sealed. Intense Millennium     $12

Deliverance “Hear What I Say!” (13) – crushing thrash and heavy metal, w/Jayson Sherlock on drums and an Iron Maiden cover, sealed. Roxx     $12

Deliverance "Stay Of Execution" (14) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, melodic heavy metal w/huge killer riffs and Bowie style vocals, sealed. Roxx     $12

The Dell Griffiths “I…I Like Me” (95) – solid pop and rock, w/cover of The Cars’ ‘Best Friend’s Girl,’ sealed. Swirle     $5

Demise Of Eros “Neither Storm Nor Quake Nor Fire” (06) – solid hardcore metal w/focus on melody ala War Of Ages, etc. Strike First     $8

Demolish "Signs Of The End" (05) – impressive full-on thrash metal from Brazil ala Dark Angel, Annihilator, Slayer, etc, fast and pummeling, sealed     $15

Demon Hunter “Demon Hunter” (02) – heavy music w/melodic choruses, mixes hardcore and clean vocals, sealed. Solid State     $12

Demon Hunter "Summer Of Darkness" (04) – haunting intricate melodies meet sledgehammer brutality, sealed. Solid State     $12

Demon Hunter “The Triptych” (05) – blistering gut-wrenching guitars and tons of melodic vocals. Solid State     $8

Demon Hunter “The Triptych” (06) – w/bonus tracks and DVD, a distinctive mix of metal and melody, some signs of wear but not bad. Solid State     $10

Demon Hunter “Storm The Gates Of Hell” (07) – metallic riffs, hard rock, and warm melodies, sealed. Solid State     $12

Demon Hunter "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (07) – Special Edition, w/bonus tracks and DVD, melodic hard rock and metal, sealed. Solid State     $15

Demon Hunter "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (07) – Deluxe Edition box set w/gate opening, CD, DVD, necklace in bag, postcard set, etc. Solid State     $30

Demon Hunter "45 Days" (08) – 3 disc set w/feature length documentary DVD and multi-camera live concert DVD, hardcore metal. Solid State     $18

Demon Hunter “Live In Nashville(09) – recorded in June 2008, front cover of booklet autographed by entire band, sealed. Solid State     $15

Demon Hunter “The World Is A Thorn” (10) – sets themselves well above their melodic metal peers again. Solid State     $8

Demon Hunter “Death, A Destination” (11) – 3 disc set w/poster, every song from first 3 albums, sealed. Solid State     $18

Demon Hunter "True Defiance" (12) – melodic death metal w/crunchy riffs and catchy choruses, sealed. Solid State     $12

Demon Hunter "Extremist" (14) – phenomenal headbanging metal and melodic hard rock, extremely strong and solid, sealed. Solid State     $12

Demon Hunter "Outlive" (17) – quaity hook-filled melodic hard rock and heavy aggressive metal ala Soilwork, In Flames, etc, sealed. Solid State     $15

Demoniciduth "Post Tenebras Lux" (01) – thrash, grind, death, and black metal from Switzerland ala 'Break The Curse'-era Mortification, sealed     $15

Demoniciduth "The Valley Of Decision" (12) – melodic underground black and death metal, w/a cover of Mortification's 'Blood Sacrifice,' sealed     $15

Descend "Descend" (07) – death and thrash metal from Mexico, w/Erik Conde and Ulises Ortega of Micnias, sealed. Lament     $12

Desertor “Cadeira de Rodas” (06) – crossover thrash metal from Brazil ala Suicidal Tendencies, SOD, etc, sealed. Silent Music     $12

Destra "Sea Of Doubt" (00) – fantastic Brazilian technical progressive power metal and melodic hard rock ala Dream Theater, etc. Destroyer     $15

Destra "Joe's Rhapsody" (04) – catchy melodic Brazilian progressive power metal w/excellent production ala Theocracy, etc. Avantage     $15

Destroy The Runner “I, Lucifer” (08) – heavy melodic and powerful hardcore metal, w/memorable guitar parts, sealed. Solid State     $12

Desyre “Warning Of The Night” (09) – melodic hair/glam metal and hard rock ala early Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, etc, sealed. Glam Nation     $15

Desyre "Glamtron" (13) – melodic 80s hair metal from Finland ala Dokken, Holy Soldier, etc, w/catchy hooks and shredding solos. Glam Nation     $10

Deus Invictus “Staged In Awaiting” (10) – progressive death and thrash metal ala Extol, Believer, Tourniquet, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Deuteronomium “Street Corner Queen” (99) – mixes death, black, punk, and classic rock and metal. Little Rose     $12

Deuteronomium “Street Corner Queen” (06) – w/‘Tribal Eagle’ bonus tracks, hard rock and brutal death metal from Finland     $10

Deuteronomium “From The Midst Of The Battle (08) – w/bonus DVD, thrash death and black metal, sealed. Bullroser     $25

Deuteronomium "Deathbed Poetry–Hope Against Hope" (11) – a solid slab of thrashy death metal, their most brutal album yet, sealed. Bullroser     $15

The Devil Wears Prada “Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord” (06) – the band’s debut, shredding guitar metal w/catchy riffs, sealed. Rise     $12

The Devil Wears Prada “Plagues” (08) – w/DVD, heavy hardcore metal ala As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, etc, sealed. Rise     $12

The Devil Wears Prada “With Roots Above And Branches Below” (09) – heavy power chords and driven melodies, sealed. Ferret     $10

The Devil Wears Prada “Dead Throne” (11) – epic hardcore metal w/strong songwriting and quality riffs, sealed. Ferret     $12

The Devil Wears Prada “Dead & Alive” (12) – 2 disc set w/DVD, recorded live, brutal hardcore metal, sealed. Ferret     $15

Die Happy "Die Happy" (92) – heavy groove metal and powerhouse vocals ala Whitesnake, Badlands, etc, w/former members of Vengeance. Intense     $15

Die Happy “Intense Live Series Volume 4” (93) – more mellow and acoustic, w/a new song and a Petra cover, sealed. Intense     $8

Die Happy "KMG Classic Archives" (98) – 'Die Happy' and 'Volume II' on 1 CD, heavy groove metal w/former members of Vengeance Rising. KMG     $8

Dies Mortem “Dias de Muerte” (09) – brutal death metal from Bolivia, sealed. White Metal Art     $15

Dig Hay Zoose “Struggle Fish” (91) – a progressive mix of funk, metal, and heavy alternative rock. Brainstorm     $7

Dig Hay Zoose "Ascension 7: Rocketship To Heaven" (95) – unique alternative rock, recorded live at Cornerstone 1994. Brainstorm     $5

Dimension “Ego” (07) – progressive neo-classical metal from Mexico, interesting riffs, innovative leads, sealed. Nightmare     $12

The Dingees "The Crucial Conspiracy" (01) – energetic rock mixed w/punk and ska ala The Specials, etc, looks rough but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

Dirt "Plague" (98) – unorthodox gritty underground hardcore hip hop, powerful prophetic lyrics, w/guests Shadow Of The Locust, sealed. Rescue     $5

Disaffection “Begin The Revolution” (10) – classic heavy metal and thrash ala Deliverance, Anvil, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Discern "To Praise With Persecution" (07) – blistering shredding death metal and thrash ala early Mortification, Crimson Thorn, etc, wear to booklet     $8

Disciple “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy” (97) – heavy guitar w/plenty of crunch, crisp production. Warner     $8

Disciple “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy” (00) – reissue, from the early days of this hard rock band, sealed. Slain     $8

Disciple "By God" (01) – rare Limited Edition w/gold cover, southern hard rock and heavy metal, some surface scratches but plays fine. Rugged     $8

Disciple “Back Again” (03) – rocks hard, and the lyrics are written straight from scripture, sealed. Slain     $15

Disciple “This Might Sting A Little” (04) – reissue, brutally heavy hard rock, sealed. Slain     $15

Disciple “By God” (04) – reissue, southern heavy metal that totally rocks, original clever guitar riffs, biblical lyrics, sealed. Slain     $12

Disciple “Disciple” (05) – fierce edgy hard rock, but smoother and more melodic than before, sealed. INO     $12

Disciple “Scars Remain” (06) – ferocious and catchy rock, brings back the vicious roots the band began with, sealed. INO     $12

Disciple “Scars Remain” (06) – 2 disc Special Edition, w/bonus tracks and DVD, melodic hard rock and metal, sealed. INO     $15

Disciple “Southern Hospitality” (08) – a scorching album w/enough guitar solos to satisfy any fan of the 80s, sealed. INO     $12

Disciple “Horseshoes & Handgrenades” (10) – hard rock, some of the best music the band has ever made, sealed. INO     $12

Disciple “O God Save Us All” (12) – solid energizing hard rock w/metal influences and some ballads, sealed. Fair Trade     $12

Disciple "Attack" (14) – aggressive southern-flavored hard rock and metal w/outspoken uplifting lyrics, arguably their best since 'Back Again,' sealed     $12

Disciple "The Best Of: 2005-2013" (15) – their greatest hard rock hits, + 4 bonus acoustic songs that just might blow you away, sealed. Fair Trade     $15

Disinterment “Disinterment” (97) – hard rock and metal ala Metallica, etc, w/members of Global Warning, sealed     $15

Divinefire “Glory Thy Name” (05) – epic shredding symphonic neo-classical power metal w/elements of melodic and extreme, sealed. Mystic Empire     $18

Divinefire “Hero” (06) – epic orchestral bombastic melodic power metal w/heavy riffing and incredible production, sealed. Mystic Empire     $15

Divinefire "Into A New Dimension" (06) – energetic symphonic power metal, epic and orchestral, booklet autographed by Christian Rivel. Rivel     $15

Divine Incarnation "Judgment Against The Nations" (12) – a solid brutal blackened death and thrash metal assault, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Divine Symphony "The History" (08) – aggressive symphonic black metal from Brazil ala Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, etc, sealed. Extreme     $15

Divulgence “Future Seed” (12) – progressive thrash and aggressive metal ala Believer, Extol, Tourniquet, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $15

Divus Kirius "Divus Kirius" (09) – brutal melodic death and thrash metal from Venezuela w/groove riffs ala Lamb Of God, etc, sealed. Lament     $12

Dizmas “On A Search In America (05) – solid hard rock and metal w/blazing guitars and edgy vocals, sealed. Credential     $12

Dizmas “Tension” (07) – energetic rock w/intensity, passion, and melodic ingenuity, sealed. Credential     $10

D.O.G. "Unleashed" (17) – killer Metallica-style heavy metal w/members of Holy Soldier, Vengeance Rising, Die Happy, and Neon Cross, sealed. Roxx     $15

Doomsday Hymn "Mene Tequel Ufarsim" (15) – w/bonus tracks, crushing groove-filled 80s death and power metal from Brazil, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Doulos “Oculto” (06) – melodic doom influenced death metal from Ecuador w/a Mortification cover, sealed. Eirene     $12

Downhere "Downhere" (01) – catchy guitar-driven worship-focused rock w/incredible harmonies and honest lyrics ala Jennifer Knapp, etc. Word     $5

Downhere "So Much For Substitutes" (03) – catchy addictive edgy quality melodic rock w/hard-hitting guitar, strong vocals, and clever lyrics. Curb     $5

Drive “Introducing Drive(02) – w/Mike Lee of Barren Cross, passionate creative and clever w/top notch production, sealed     $18

Michael D.R.I.V.E. “One Direction Left…From Hell” (06) – powerful melodic rock, a mix of live tracks and studio, sealed. Soul Fuel     $15

Michael D.R.I.V.E. "The Fastdrive Show Live In Paris"/"One Direction Left...From Hell" (06) – CD plus DVD, powerful rock, sealed. Soul Fuel     $30

Michael D.R.I.V.E. “The Acoustic Collection” (06) – aka Mike Lee from Barren Cross, unplugged excellence, sealed     $20

Michael D.R.I.V.E. “Michael D.R.I.V.E.” (09) – solo album from Barren Cross frontman, 7 studio songs and 6 live songs, sealed. Fastdrive     $12

Driving West “Power” (00) – powerful modern rock and power pop/rock, produced by Ty Tabor from King’s X. Kalubone     $5

Drottnar “Spiritual Battle (00) – death metal meets black metal, w/a nod to ‘Post Momentary Affliction’-era Mortification. Plankton     $25

Drottnar “Anamorphosis” (03) – technical death metal, guitars trade off w/classical instruments, in original black slipcase. Momentum Scandinavia     $18

Dying Blaze “Attera Obscurum” (11) – a war machine of heavy intense technical blackened death metal, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $15

Dynasty "Step By Step" (17) – top notch energetic heavy melodic power metal ala Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Accept, etc, sealed. Marquee     $15

Early Warning System "Overworld" (06) – melodic progressive Australian hard rock ala King's X, etc, mastered by Ty Tabor, sealed. Soundmass     $12

East West “The Light In Guinevere’s Garden” (01) – aggressive heavy rock, diverse and experimental, cutout, sealed. Floodgate     $10

East West “Hope In Anguish” (03) – powerful dark metal and pop-tinged rock ala Project 86, etc, sealed. Floodgate     $10

Edin Adahl “Into My Soul” (90) – classy groove-filled funky Swedish rock w/soul and attitude. Alarma     $7

Edin Adahl “Revival” (91) – chugging rock and soul from Sweden ala Larry Norman, Aztec Camera, etc. Alarma     $7

Electrik “Love Buzz Harmony: The Retroarchives” (04) – 80s glam power pop metal and melodic hard rock ala Poison, Tuff, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

John Elefante and Mastedon “Revolution Of Mind” (10) – guitar-driven classic rock ala Kansas, etc, sealed. Big3 Records     $12

Eleven Hours Down “There’s Hope In The Darkness” (99) – modern rock and hardcore ala Helmet, etc, sealed. Godfather     $8

Eleventy Seven "And The Land Of Fake Believe" (06) – catchy melodic punk rock w/an onslaught of guitar riffs ala Blink-182, etc. Flicker     $5

Eleventy Seven “Galactic Conquest” (07) – feel good punk/pop rock ala FM Static, Run Kid Run, etc, sealed. Flicker     $8

Elgibbor “Repent Or Perish” (08) – haunting underground black metal w/elements of ambient and doom, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Elgibbor “War” (09) – black metal that adds punk, grind, and doom into a frightening ferocious onslaught. Open Grave     $7

Elgibbor “Soterion Apollumi Hamartia” (10) – an intense and brutally powerful black metal assault, sealed. Sullen     $10

Elgibbor "Revenger Of Blood" (16) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, blazing blistering raw black metal ala Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Elgibbor "The Roots Of Blood" (16) – blazing inferno of blistering raw black metal ala Crimson Moonlight, Darkthrone, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Eluveitie “Ven” (04) – absolutely stunning Celtic folk-influenced metal, fabulous production, sealed. Fear Dark     $12

Eluveitie “Spirit” (08) – powerful crunchy Celtic melodic death and folk metal w/a medieval flair. Season Of Mist     $10

Eluveitie “Evocation 1–The Arcane Dominion” (09) – colorful acoustic Celtic folk metal w/plenty of dark atmosphere. Nuclear Blast     $10

Eluveitie "Helvetios" (12) – melodic Celtic folk metal w/tons of unique instruments and amazing male and female vocals, sealed. Nuclear Blast     $15

Eluveitie "Origins" (14) – 2 disc set w/bonus DVD, a melodic heavy powerful opus from the kings of Celtic death metal. Nuclear Blast     $12

Emotion "Taste Of Grapes" (97) – 70s Deep Purple style keyboard-driven hard rock and 80s melodic metal from Sweden. Massive Music     $10

Emotion “Emotion” (06) – Swedish hard rock and melodic metal masterpiece ala Impellitteri, Narnia, Helloween, etc. Retroactive     $8

Empires Of Eden "Reborn In Fire" (10) – secular Australian progressive melodic power metal, w/guest vocals by Sean Peck of Cage. 7Hard     $8

The Empty Tomb "The Empty Tomb" (10) – brutal slamming downtuned death metal w/frighteningly guttural growly vocals. Inherited Suffering     $8

Encryptor “Cryptic Works (1999-2003)” (04) – heavy brutal blasting death metal and grind w/great lyrics, surface scratches but plays fine. Bombworks     $7

Encryptor “Encryption (1999-2006)” (06) – brutal bludgeoning death/grind metal ala early Mortification, etc, sealed. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

End Of Destiny “The Thoughtless Existence” (06) – honest hardcore metal that doesn’t try to be fashionable, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Enzo And The Glory Ensemble "In The Name Of The Father" (16) – power metal, w/guests from Megadeth, etc, sealed. Underground Symphony     $15

Eso Charis “Eso Charis” (01) – rhythmically complex and dissonant metal w/members of Living Sacrifice. Solid State     $5

Eterna "The Gate" (01) – from Brazil, impressive and addicting, if you like technical power metal then this disc is a must. Encore     $10

Eterna "The Gate" (02) – reissue, epic power speed and progressive metal w/thought provoking lyrics and melodic keyboards, sealed. Scarlet     $15

Eterna “Terra Nova” (03) – quality heavy progressive power metal from Brazil, memorable hooks and choruses. Crash     $12

Eternal Emperor "In The Beginning" (08) – heavy blackened death metal from Germany ala Antestor, Sacrificium, etc. Soundmass     $7

Eternal Mystery “Bruised For Our Transgressions” (06) – death metal and grindcore, includes a Vomitorial Corpulence cover, sealed      $10

Eternal Ryte “World Requiem” (90) – classic 80s melodic glam metal and hard rock w/guitar driven muscle. Pure Metal     $20

Eulogium “The Transcendence Of Hope” (09) – a masterpiece of mid-paced ambient black metal, sealed. Sullen     $12

Eva O Halo Experience "Demons Fall For An Angels Kiss" (94) – a gothic tale of the journey from darkness to light, w/amazing lyrics. Cleopatra     $15

Eva O "Damnation: Ride The Madness" (99) – dark frightening hard-driving industrial gothic rock and metal, foreboding and brooding. MCM     $18

Every Day Life “Disgruntled” (96) – hard driving guitar riffs combine rap, rock, funk, and thrash ala Rage Against The Machine, etc, sealed. Alarma     $7

Everyday Sunday "Stand Up" (02) – fun catchy alternative pop and rock w/honest songwriting and great use of acoustic guitar. Flicker     $5

Every Knee Shall Bow “Slayers Of Eden (13) – strong and diverse hardcore metal ala War Of Ages, Slayer, etc, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Evroklidon “The Flame Of Sodom (05) – serious atmospheric epic black metal from Ukraine, sealed. Bombworks     $12

The Exkursions “The Exkursions” (11) – reissue of the 1971 heavy psychedelic classic ala Jimi Hendrix, Cream, etc, sealed. Born Twice     $12

Exousia “Serpiente De Bronce” (99) – death and black metal w/some thrash influences, sealed. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

Exousia “Welcome To The Kingdom Of Light(01) – impressive extreme death/black metal from Mexico, sealed. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

Exousia “Conquer” (03) – a mix of heavy powerful melodic headbanging and worship, sealed. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

Extol "Undeceived" (00) – phenomenal heavy melodic Norwegian extreme black and death metal, technical progressive and thrashy. Solid State     $12

Extol “Synergy” (03) – killer black/death metal and mega-technical thrash ala Believer, Slayer, etc, sealed. Solid State     $15

Extol “The Blueprint Dives” (05) – taut and highly strung intensity like a time bomb, w/bonus track and 'Pearl' video, sealed. Century Media     $15

Extol “Extol” (13) – a spectacular progressive metal comeback album, reinstates their legendary reputation, sealed. Facedown     $15

Eyes Of The Defiled "Distant Tellings" (16) – brutal punishing hardcore technical death metal ala Impending Doom, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Faith Factor “Against A Darkened Sky” (08) – galloping riffs of pure classic technical power metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Falling Cycle “The Conflict” (02) – combines melodic death metal elements w/emotional hardcore, sealed. Facedown     $8

Family Force 5 "Dance Or Die With A Vengeance" (09) – rocking techno dance remixes of the entire 'Dance Or Die' album plus 1 new song. TMG     $5

The Famine "The Raven And The Reaping" (08) – gritty hardcore groove metal w/great riffs ala Living Sacrifice, Extol, etc, cutout, sealed. Solid State     $8

Fanmail “2000” (00) – interesting adrenaline rushing pop punk w/great lyrics. Tooth & Nail     $5

Mark Farner "Wake Up" (89) – melodic hard rock w/great guitar ala Free, Bad Company, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Frontline     $8

Mark Farner "Some Kind Of Wonderful" (91) – solid rock and blues from Grand Funk frontman w/powerful vocals and great guitar. Frontline     $10

Fasedown “Blitz Of Anguish” (05) – ultra heavy chaotic metal ala Pantera, Living Sacrifice, etc, w/hooks and outstanding guitar riffs. Hematocrit     $10

Fearful Symmetry “This Sad Veil Of Tears” (03) – guitar driven hard rock and industrial, w/Jimmy Brown from Deliverance. Retroactive     $8

Fear Not "Fear Not" (93) – heavy melodic metal and hard rock ala Skid Row, Warrant, Slaughter, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Pakaderm     $20

Fearscape “Sleeping In Light” (04) – hard hitting crushing extreme metal ala Opeth, Metallica, etc, sealed. Rowe     $15

Fearscape “Scent Of Divine Blood” (07) – heavy progressive black metal from Australia, wall-of-sound guitars     $10

Feast Eternal “Prisons Of Flesh” (07) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, melodically charged American death metal. Open Grave     $8

Feast Eternal “With Fire” (07) – brutal crushing heavy melodic death metal, relentless and lethal, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Feast Eternal "Forward Through Blood" (13) – awesome finely-crafted killer high-caliber blistering intense melodic American death metal     $10

Fee "We Shine" (07) – sincere cutting-edge fist-pumping rock and worship ala David Crowder, etc, minor damage to booklet but not bad. INO     $5

Fee "Hope Rising" (09) – fresh sounding catchy high-energy hard rocking praise and worship, minor damage to booklet but not bad. INO     $5

The Few Against Many “Sot” (09) – staggering hook-filled progressive melodic death metal from Sweden, menacing and ferocious. Pulverized     $10

Fierce Heart “Fierce Heart” (07) – reissue, secular hard rock w/Rex Carroll on guitar (pre-Whitecross), sealed. Retrospect     $12

Fighter "The Waiting" (91) – 80s melodic hard rock and pop metal w/male and female vocals, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Wonderland     $20

Fighter “Bang The Drum” (92) – commercial melodic hard rock and metal, w/vocals of Sean Murphy and Amy Wolter. Wonderland     $20

Final Axe “Beyond Hell’s Gate” (05) – true power metal ala Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saint, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Final Axe “The Axe Of The Apostles” (06) – heavy metal greatness, w/Robert Sweet on drums, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Final Axe “Beyond Hell’s Gate” (10) – reissue, w/‘real’ drums by Robert Sweet, heavy metal, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Final Destiny “North Of Hell” (96) – commercial melodic hard rock w/tons of hooks, great lyrics, and excellent production     $25

Final Surrender “Empty Graves(13) – a dynamic blend of crushing gut-busting heaviness and razor sharp metallic riffing, sealed. Rottweiler     $15

Final Vortex "Threshold" (14) – a haunting sonicscape, chartering untold territories of ancient ambient guitar and bass noise, sealed. Vision Of God     $8

Final Vortex "Excarnation" (16) – a synergy of sonic beauty, dark mindscapes emulating the cerebral dreams of the divine, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $8

Finechina “When The World Sings” (00) – 80s synth pop ala The Cure, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, etc. Tooth & Nail     $5

Fireflight “The Healing Of Harms” (06) – hard rock w/dynamic melodies and female vocals, sealed. Flicker     $8

Fireflight “For Those Who Wait” (10) – melodic anthemic hard rock w/female vocals, ala Skillet, Red, etc, sealed. Flicker     $10

Fireflight “Now” (12) – fierce guitars and great female vocals, hard melodic rock and ballads, sealed. Essential     $12

FireGate "Woe Woe Woe" (15) – furious speaker-blowing aggressive power metal and thrash from South Africa, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $15

Fires Of Babylon “Fires Of Babylon (09) – reissue, classic 80s shredding melodic heavy power metal w/Rob Rock on vocals, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Fire Throne “Day Of Darkness…And Blackness” (08) – reissue, old school black metal, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $15

Firewind “Between Heaven And Hell” (02) – European 80s melodic power metal and hard rock ala Judas Priest, Accept, etc, sealed. Leviathan     $15

Firewind "Forged By Fire" (11) – reissue, w/bonus video clips, crushing speed and power metal, arguably their heaviest ever, sealed. Century Media     $12

Firewind "Days Of Defiance" (12) – reissue, solid classic melodic power metal w/catchy hooks and red hot guitar solos, sealed. Century Media     $12

Firewind "Few Against Many" (12) – heavy power metal from Greece, w/some of the greatest riffs in the band's history, sealed. Century Media     $15

Fit For A King “Descendants” (13) – re-recording of their debut, w/bonus track, powerful catchy guitar-thrashing hardcore metal. Solid State     $8

Fit For A King "Slave To Nothing" (14) – skull pounding melodic hardcore metal w/technical guitar and heavy breakdowns, sealed. Solid State     $12

Fivestar Prophet “Enemy” (10) – powerful high energy melodic hard rock and driving heavy metal from Finland, sealed. Finngospel     $15

Flagship “Maiden Voyage” (05) – symphonic progressive hard rock and metal ala early Kansas, Rush, Spock's Beard, etc, sealed. Rivel     $18

Flick “Flick” (97) – hard rock and power pop ala Radiohead, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Columbia     $5

Flyleaf “Flyleaf” (05) – melodic hard rock and alternative metal w/female vocals, drop-tuned riffs, and crashing guitars, sealed. Octone     $12

Flyleaf “Much Like Falling” (08) – rare 4 song mix of hard rock and acoustic previously unreleased tracks, including ‘Tina.’ Octone     $25

Flyleaf “Memento Mori” (09) – chunky energetic rock and metal w/strong hooks and fantastic female vocals, sealed. Octone     $12

Flyleaf “New Horizons” (12) – a fantastic mix of hard rock and melodic rock, their last album w/the incredible Lacey Sturm, sealed. Octone     $12

Focused "The Hope That Lies Within" (95) – aggressive old school melodic hardcore, metal, and thrash ala The Crucified, etc. Tooth & Nail     $7

Fold Zandura “Fold Zandura” (95) – organic, hard driving, and intense biting grunge pop, w/Jyro and Jerome from Mortal, sealed. Xhan     $5

ForChristSake "Death Is But A Breath Away" (10) – aggressive melodic death metal meets raw classic extreme thrash and black metal, sealed     $12

ForChristSake “Apocalyptic Visions Of Divine Terror” (14) – brutal atmospheric melodic death metal from Ireland, sealed. Roxx     $12

Forevertree "Turning" (98) – dark heavy grungy 90s rock w/groove ala Alice In Chains, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Bulletproof     $5

Forthwright “My Soul Secure” (97) – straight edge hardcore w/melody and disturbingly cool lyrics, sealed. Morphine    $12

For Today “Ekklesia” (08) – hardcore melodic metal w/technical riffs and a powerful message, sealed. Facedown     $12

For Today “Portraits” (09) – melodic hardcore metal w/tons of crunchy low end guitar, sealed. Facedown     $12

For Today “Breaker” (10) – aggressive explosive technical hardcore metal that rips the place apart, sealed. Facedown     $12

For Today “Immortal” (12) – solid passionate heavy hardcore metal, much more melodic than before, sealed. Razor & Tie     $12

For Today "Wake" (15) – w/bonus tracks, strong brutal hardcore metal full of brilliant guitar, bold lyrics, and incredible songwriting. Nuclear Blast     $8

40DT “Forty Days Tempted” (00) – a mix of metal, groove, funk, rap, and hip hop ala POD, Limp Bizkit, etc, sealed. Diverse     $5

Fountain Of Tears “Fate” (07) – progressive hard rock and metal w/members of Believer, Sacrament, and Sardonyx, sealed     $15

Frank’s Enemy “Illumination” (98) – chaotic death metal, grindcore, noise, and punk, sealed. Cling     $8

The Fray "Scars & Stories" (11) – eloquent contagiously catchy piano-rock and modern pop ala Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Script, etc, sealed. Epic     $5

Freakings "No Way Out!" (11) – the debut from the kings of furious toxic old school thrash metal ala Vengeance Rising, Mortification, etc, sealed     $18

Freakings "Gladiator" (14) – relentless old school thrash metal from Switzerland ala early Metallica, Slayer, Vengeance, Deliverance, etc, sealed     $18

Freakings "Toxic End" (17) – a raw blistering thrash attack from Switzerland w/awesome production, crammed full of attitude and ferocity, sealed     $18

Frost Like Ashes “Tophet” (05) – death metal at its heaviest and black metal at its most glorious, w/doom and thrash, sealed. PsychoAcoustix     $15

Timothy Gaines "Breakfast At Timothy's" (09) – instrumental pop and rock solo album from Stryper bass guitarist, excellent songwriting, sealed     $15

Galactic Cowboys “Galactic Cowboys” (91) – combines Beatles styled harmonies w/heavy hard rock and a progressive metal edge. Geffen     $8

Galactic Cowboys “Space In Your Face” (93) – Metallica heavy metal rhythms meet Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ style harmonies. Geffen     $7

Galactic Cowboys “Feel The Rage” (96) – w/live songs, covers of KISS and Paul McCartney, etc. Metal Blade     $5

Galactic Cowboys “The Horse That Bud Bought” (97) – progressive metal w/rich layered vocal harmony. Metal Blade     $5

Galactic Cowboys "At The End Of The Day" (98) – heavy melodic hard rock w/killer riffs, great hooks, and awesome vocal harmonies. Metal Blade     $5

Galactic Cowboys “Let It Go” (00) – excellent layered vocal melodies on some of the heaviest guitar ever, sealed. Metal Blade     $12

Gardian “Voyager & Fusion” (01) – a reissue of their early demos, many previously unreleased songs, sealed. M8     $10

Gargoyle "Nothing Is Sacred" (00) – numbered reissue of their 1988 headbanging melodic US power metal classic, galloping riffs. New Renaissance     $25

Gears Of Redemption “The War Of Blood & Rust” (00) – aggressive hardcore metal w/groove, sealed. Godfather     $12

Gideon “Costs” (11) – creative tight and heavy hardcore metal w/a fresh sound and melodic choruses, sealed. Facedown     $10

Gideon "Calloused" (14) – thrashy headbanging groove-filled hardcore metal w/chunky breakdowns, catchy hooks, and crushing vocals. Facedown     $7

Gideon’s Army “Warriors Of Love” (13) – reissue, classic 80s melodic hard rock ala Novella, Guardian, Stryper, Angelica, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Gideon's Army "Rock And Roll For Your Soul" (15) – reissue, rhythm and blues influenced rock w/dual lead guitars, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Gideon's Army "Grace" (15) – reissue, classic 80s melodic hard rock ala Journey, Night Ranger, Petra, 38 Special, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Glass Spires “Glass Spires” (09) – aggressive melodic progressive metal and hard rock from Spain, technical and powerful, sealed. Nightmare     $15

Global Warning “Global Warning” (00) – heavy rock and groove metal blending Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Pantera, etc, sealed     $10

Gnashing Of Teeth “Gnashing Of Teeth” (00) – Pantera-style thrash metal meets Living Sacrifice groove. Rowe     $8

Gnoma “Muerte Sepultada” (07) – symphonic death metal from Peru, ala Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Levi Records     $12

Godrock “Godrock” (99) – for fans of Disciple, Relient K, Switchfoot, etc, sealed. Rugged     $8

Godrocket “Saved!” (99) – a frenetic hybrid of ska and rock, fun chunky and well focused. Screaming Giant     $7

Godsent Humans “Liberty Or Death” (92) – garage hard rock and thrash metal mixed w/a little punk. New Breed     $7

Golgota "Return To The Old Path" (16) – symphonic black metal from Ecuador ala Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Goredeath “Cast Into Darkness” (00) – dark sinister death, thrash, grind, and gruesome black metal, sealed. Laceration     $12

Grace For The Fallen “Field Of Blood” (01) – hardcore metal, sealed. Clenchedfist     $12

Grand Incredible "G.I.gantic" (03) – rock, punk pop, and acoustic ballads from members of Supertones, plus a Cyndi Lauper cover. Tooth & Nail     $5

Grand Lux “Iron Will” (05) – catchy mid-tempo paced classic heavy metal and hard rock from Norway, sealed. Sand     $12

Grand Lux “Carved In Stone” (07) – powerful 70s/80s rock and heavy metal ala KISS, Dio, Ozzy, Priest, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Grave Declaration “When Dying Souls Scream Praise” (13) – orchestral black metal masterpiece, w/Thor from Antestor, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Grave Forsaken “Beside The River Of Blood (06) – traditional heavy metal w/some thrash overtones, sealed. Rowe     $12

Grave Forsaken “Destined For Ascension” (08) – heavy metal w/thrash, death, and doom influences, sealed. Rowe     $12

Grave Forsaken “This Day Forth (09) – thrash metal ala Megadeth, Tourniquet, Slayer, etc, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Grave Forsaken “Light The Hall!” (09) – hard rocking metal recorded live in Australia, plus bonus 2-hour DVD, sealed. Iron Guardian     $15

Grave Forsaken “Fight To The Death” (10) – heavy and intense Slayer/Megadeth thrash metal, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Grave Forsaken “Reap What You Sow” (12) – furious thrash and heavy metal from Australia, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Grave Forsaken "The Fight Goes On" (15) – ripping thrash and shredding heavy metal w/tremendous energy and power, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Grave Robber “Be Afraid” (08) – insanely catchy super tight shock rock w/chainsaw guitars ala KISS, Rob Zombie, GWAR, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Grave Robber "Be Afraid" (09) – Collector's Edition, w/bonus tracks, ghoulish hard rock and morbid horror metal ala Danzig, etc. Retroactive     $8

Grave Robber “Inner Sanctum” (09) – punk and horror metal w/hooks ala Alice Cooper, The Misfits, Type O Negative, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Grave Robber "Exhumed" (11) – old school anthemic punk rock ala The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, etc, plus covers and demos. Rottweiler     $7

The Great Commission “Heavy Worship” (11) – crushingly heavy crunchy hardcore death metal, tons of energy and spirit, sealed. Ain’t No Grave     $12

Greater Is He "Retrace" (15) – amazing intense hardcore progressive metal ala The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, etc, heavy brutal and melodic     $7

Gretchen “In The Mean Time” (04) – heavy melodic hard rock w/female vocals and excellent production. MD Records     $8

Grim "Vespers" (13) – haunting symphonic thrash, death, black, and doom metal w/a creepy hypnotic edge, sealed. Black Metal Underground     $15

Grim "Vespers" (17) – reissue, black metal meets Gregorian chant, raw haunting ambient worship, sealed. Christian Metal Underground     $12

Grits "Factors Of The Seven" (97) – melodic energetic underground hip hop, original and soulful w/tons of diversity ala Outkast, etc. Gotee     $5

Grits "The Art Of Translation" (02) – explosive interesting hip hop w/smooth flowing lyrics, radio station call letters on disc and booklet. Gotee     $5

Grits "Dichotomy A" (04) – hot diverse energetic hip hop mixed w/reggae R&B and jazz, wear to disc and booklet but plays fine. Gotee     $5

Grits "Dichotomy B" (04) – jamming hard-hitting hip hop and rock w/great production ala OutKast, Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, etc. Gotee     $5

Grits "Redemption" (06) – captivating hard-hitting southern fried rap and hip hop w/tight melodies and skilled lyricism. Gotee     $5

GSP “In The Beginning” (01) – mastered by Ty Tabor from King’s X. Gray Sky     $5

Guardian “First Watch” (89) – the original release, melodic metal w/tons of hooks and smooth as silk 80s vocals. Enigma     $20

Guardian "Fire And Love" (90) – hard rock and 80s hair metal ala Cinderella, Ratt, Bon Jovi, etc, their first w/Jamie Rowe on vocals. Pakaderm     $15

Guardian “Miracle Mile” (93) – hard rock and hair metal w/hooks, powerhouse vocals, and incredible guitar playing, sealed. Pakaderm     $12

Guardian “Swing Swang Swung” (94) – acoustic guitar, lots of groove, and some barrelhouse blues. Pakaderm     $8

Guardian “Buzz” (95) – solid brilliant grungy hard rock ala King's X, Soundgarden, etc, w/amazing guitar riffs and incredible solos. Myrrh     $7

Guardian “Kingdom Of Rock 1982-1989” (96) – highlights and rarities from the band’s early years. G-Man     $18

Guardian "Bottle Rocket" (97) – fresh explosive hard rock w/melodic hooks and powerful lyrics, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Myrrh     $5

Guardian "Smashes: The Best Of 1993-1998" (99) – 18 of the greatest songs from 'Miracle Mile' thru 'Bottle Rocket' including some remixes. Myrrh     $5

Guardian "The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back!" (00) – their excellent tribute to Stryper's debut EP, stays true to the metal spirit of the original. M8     $18

Guardian “Live At Cornerstone 2001” (01) – recorded live at 80s Metal Retro Night, sealed. M8     $12

Guardian “The Definitive Collection” (07) – melodic metal highlights from the band’s landmark 1990s albums, sealed. Curb     $5

Guardian “First Watch” (09) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, melodic metal remastered w/a beefier sound, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Guardian “Almost Home” (14) – a cohesive mix of hard rock, classic rock, 70s power pop, and ballads, w/melody and hooks, sealed     $12

Gwen Stacy “The Life I Know” (08) – solid massive breakdowns, cool crunchy riffs, brutal melodic vocals, sealed. Ferret     $10

Gwen Stacy “A Dialogue” (09) – melodic hardcore metal w/crazy riffs and breakdowns, sealed. Solid State     $10

GX Project "Bite Stick" (12) – gritty catchy melodic 80s metal and bluesy hard rock ala AC/DC, X-Sinner, early 90s Bride, etc, sealed. Image     $15

GX Project "Sinner" (14) – hard rock w/metal and blues, full of high energy muscle and swagger, booklet autographed by Rex Scott. Image     $25

GX Project "Raze Some Hell" (15) – straightforward barebones hard rock and high energy melodic metal w/swaggering muscle and blues, sealed     $15

Hail The Blessed Hour "Anastasis" (11) – pre-release EP, brutal diverse progressive death metal w/heavy riffs and complex songwriting. Raging Storm     $5

Halo “Halo” (90) – quality catchy melodic rock w/infectious choruses and some keyboards ala Europe, etc. Pakaderm     $25

Halo “Heaven Calling” (91) – cohesive power pop ala Foreigner, Journey, Kansas, Petra, Mastedon, etc. Pakaderm     $15

Harmony “Dreaming Awake” (08) – classy melodic metal w/some neo-classical and power metal, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Harmony “End Of My Road” (08) – dark melodic progressive power metal w/members of Darkwater, sealed. Ulterium     $12

Harmony “Chapter II: Aftermath” (08) – melodic metal from Sweden, powerful vocals and Yngwie-style guitar, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Harmony "Theatre Of Redemption" (14) – Japanese import, w/OBI and bonus tracks, Swedish melodic power metal and hard rock, sealed. King     $18

Frank Hart “Human Liturgy” (05) – Atomic Opera frontman, hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar and soulful raspy vocals, sealed. FeverDream     $12

Haste The Day “Burning Bridges” (04) – loud and raucous w/thrashing guitar and surprisingly optimistic lyrics, sealed. Solid State     $12

Haste The Day “Pressure The Hinges” (07) – metal and hardcore punk w/harmonies and addictive riffs, melodic and crushing. Solid State     $7

Haste The Day “Dreamer” (08) – melodic hardcore metal w/catchy choruses and great guitar riffs, sealed. Solid State     $10

Haste The Day “Best Of The Best” (12) – greatest hits, heavy melodic hardcore metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

Hating Evil "Rotten Inside" (16) – reissue, w/7 bonus tracks from their 2010 demo, old school thrash metal from Brazil, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Haven “Your Dying Day” (90) – straight classic thrash and power metal ala early Queensryche, Iron Maiden, etc, heavy and tight. REX     $30

Haven “Your Dying Day” (12) – reissue, heavy progressive power metal w/subtle thrash influences and melodic vocals, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Haven "III" (17) – reissue of the band's third album, w/bonus track, progressive melodic American power metal, raw and heavy, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Hawk Nelson “Hawk Nelson Is My Friend!” (08) – catchy rock and pop/punk, some of their best work to date, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $8

Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud!" (09) – melodic pop rock full of energy and catchy hooks, w/3D glasses, a few surface scratches but plays fine. BEC     $5

Hawk Nelson “Crazy Love” (11) – hook-filled pop rock and punk, w/bonus ‘The Light Sides’ acoustic CD, sealed. BEC     $8

Hawthorn "Thorns And Blood" (10) – Brazilian symphonic extreme melodic black and Viking metal w/thrashing female vocals. Thorns     $10

Hawthorn "Dark Tales" (13) – female-fronted extreme symphonic melodic black metal from Brazil w/technical guitar riffing ala Dimmu Borgir, etc     $10

Hazeroth "Charms Of Sin" (15) – supreme blazing powerful Brazilian black metal ala Immortal, Mayhem, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Heart Cry “Okenland” (97) – rare sophomore album, classic rock and heavy metal ala Judas Priest, Scorpions, Rainbow, etc. Vital Music     $18

Heartcry “Lightmaker” (05) – bluesy hard rock and metal from Sweden ala early 90s 'Snakes'-era Bride, 70s Deep Purple, etc, sealed. Rivel     $15

Heaven’s Force “Aggressive Angel” (09) – reissue, true 80s thrash ala Slayer’s ‘Show No Mercy,’ sealed. Open Grave     $15

Heel "Evil Days" (07) – Swedish melodic hard rock and metal w/catchy choruses and tons of guitar solos ala Rob Rock, Narnia, Hammerfall, etc. Rivel     $12

He Is Legend "Suck Out The Poison" (06) – quality melodic hardcore metal and straightforward hard rock w/some southern frills, sealed. Solid State     $8

Beki Hemingway "Rinse, Repeat" (97) – traditional old-fashioned rock n roll from the former Under Midnight guest vocalist. Birdie Num Num     $5

Hero “Immortal” (09) – heavy groove guitars and melodic vocals w/a classic hard rock and metal feel, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Hero "Afterlife" (13) – symphonic melodic power metal from Sweden, consistent and diverse, dark and heavy w/tons of hooks, sealed. Blood Red     $15

The Hero "Miracles" (17) – heavy catchy gothic hard rock and melodic metal from Sweden, dark and brooding w/somber vocals, sealed. Roxx     $12

A Hero Remains "Theory Of Avarice" (11) – excellent hardcore American metal w/a little death metal mixed in, sealed. Sancrosanct     $10

Hguols “Depiction Under The Obscure Seclusion” (11) – haunting symphonic thrash, death, black, and doom metal, sealed. Dakr Gremmil     $12

A Hill To Die Upon “Infinite Titanic Immortal” (09) – barbaric brutal blackened death metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

A Hill To Die Upon “Omens” (11) – a stellar blackened melodic death metal onslaught, overwhelming riffs, sealed. Bombworks     $12

A Hill To Die Upon “Holy Despair” (14) – American black and death metal, technical and aggressive, sealed. Bombworks     $15

His Witness “Kingdom Come” (08) – reissue of a melodic metal gem ala Barren Cross, Judas Priest, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Hit The Deck “Look Alive” (04) – fast frantic hardcore and punk rock w/punchy riffs and probing lyrics. Strike First     $5

Hodah “Divine Consolation EP” (07) – reissued underground black/doom/gothic metal import, sealed. Exhort Metal     $12

Hoi Polloi “Spin Me” (93) – clean guitar based solid rock ala early Cheap Trick, w/female vocals. Reunion     $5

Hokus Pick “Bookaboom” (95) – pop rock from Canada w/satirical lyrics to convey a deeper message. Via     $5

Holland “Photographs & Tidalwaves” (03) – no hold barred straight up rock n roll and catchy pop rock. Tooth & Nail     $5

Holy Blood “The Wanderer” (05) – atmospheric Celtic viking folk metal w/the speed riffing technicality of death and black, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Holy Blood "Waves Are Dancing" (05) – catchy melodic Celtic folk influences meet brutal blistering death and black metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Holy Blood "Waves Are Dancing" (05) – Russian version, brutal viking black folk metal w/lots of flute and heavy guitars ala Eluveitie, etc. Musica     $8

Holy Blood "The Wanderer" (06) – Russian version, atmospheric melodic Ukrainian viking folk metal w/lots of black and death influences. Musica     $8

Holy Blood “The Patriot” (08) – mixes symphonic black w/a more polished folk metal approach, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Holy Blood “Shining Sun” (10) – Ukrainian folk/black/death metal ala Eluveitie, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Holy Blood "Day Of Vengeance" (15) – Ukrainian folk metal meets melodic death metal and viking metal, sealed. Bombworks     $15

Holy Blood "Glory To The Heroes" (17) – epic medieval folk metal and superb battle hymns w/non-traditional instruments, sealed. Vision Of God     $15

Holy Saint "Holy Saint" (05) – reissue of the 1990 classic, melodic 80s heavy metal ala Dokken, Motley Crue, Holy Soldier, Stryper, etc. Retrospect     $35

Holy Soldier “Holy Soldier” (90) – commercial melodic heavy metal w/hooks and killer vocals ala Stryper, Joshua, Angelica, Dokken, etc. Myrrh     $20

Holy Soldier “Last Train” (92) – infectious choruses, great guitar work, and excellent production ala Firehouse, Slaughter, Guardian, etc. Myrrh     $20

Holy Soldier "Promise Man" (95) – catchy bluesy grungy rock w/awesome guitar harmonies and great production. Forefront     $7

Holy Soldier “Encore” (97) – a live retrospective featuring both Eric Wayne and Steven Patrick on vocals. Spaceport     $7

Holy Soldier "Holy Soldier" (05) – reissue, powerful hard rock and glam metal ala Motley Crue, etc, catchy and guitar-driven w/great vocals. Spaceport     $12

Holy Soldier "Last Train" (05) – reissue, catchy hard rock and melodic metal ala Guardian, White Lion, etc, more bluesy than before, sealed. Spaceport     $18

Holy Soldier "Last Train" (17) – reissue, bluesy hook-filled melodic metal w/a great Rolling Stones cover, produced by David Zaffiro, sealed. Roxx     $15

A Hope For Home "In Abstraction" (11) – hardcore metal w/lush instrumentation and brilliant guitar ala As Cities Burn, etc, sealed. Facedown     $10

Hope For The Dying "Aletheia" (13) – an epic brilliant mix of furious hardcore and classic metal, heavy technical and progressive, sealed. Facedown     $12

Hope For The Dying "Legacy" (16) – classic heavy metal w/absolutely shredding guitars, progressive symphonic unique and creative, sealed. Facedown     $12

Hope Has Failed Us “Epitaphs & Eulogies” (07) – brutal extreme death/black/grind metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Hopesfall "No Wings To Speak Of" (02) – superb heavy melodic hardcore metal, angry and crushing meets spacey and atmospheric. Trustkill     $7

Horde “Alive In Oslo (07) – a live CD of their first ever concert performance, unblack metal history from Jayson Sherlock, sealed. Veridon     $15

Hortor “By The Sword Of The Almighty Emperor” (07) – symphonic black and Viking metal ala Crimson Moonlight, etc, sealed. Exhort Metal     $10

Hortor “Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed In Dust” (09) – skillful accessible death and black metal from Mexico ala Slechtvalk, etc. Open Grave     $8

Hortor “Dios de Dioses” (13) – a heavy assault of brutal black and death metal ala Sanctifica, etc, inspirationally grim, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Hortor "Enthroned XI" (14) – compilation 'best of' album including some very rare demos, extreme black metal from Mexico, sealed. Eternal     $12

Jimmy Hotz “Beyond The Crystal Sea (10) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, awesome heavy spacey progressive art rock. Born Twice     $10

Hundredth "When Will We Surrender" (10) – raw energetic heavy melodic hardcore metal w/great vocals and aggressive breakdowns. Mediaskare     $7

Huntingtons "Fun And Games" (97) – 90s pop punk rock heavily influenced by The Ramones. Flying Tart     $8

Huntingtons "High School Rock" (98) – molten buzz-saw pop punk rock and roll ala The Ramones, One Bad Pig, etc, tight and energetic. Tooth & Nail     $8

Huntingtons “File Under Ramones” (99) – a great Ramones cover album, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $5

I Am Empire “Kings” (11) – hard rock w/searing arena-ready hair metal riffs and slick hooks, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

I Am The Messenger “The War Between” (11) – a modern hard music assault, straight up brutal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

I Built The Cross “Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Heart” (09) – brutal technical death metal, sealed. Open Grave     $10

Icarus “Busca y Encontraras” (06) – extremely killer epic heavy power metal from El Salvador, sealed     $12

Icon For Hire “Scripted” (11) – guitar-driven rock w/female vocalist ala Flyleaf, Fireflight, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Idle Cure "Tough Love" (88) – exceptional commercial hard rock and ballads w/seriously catchy hooks ala Styx, Journey, Mastedon, etc. Frontline     $18

Idle Cure "2nd Avenue" (90) – energetic arena rock anthems and ballads, arguably the band's best, some surface scratches but plays fine. Frontline     $15

Idle Cure "Inside Out" (91) – heavy melodic hard rock w/attitude and ballads ala 80s KISS, Night Ranger, etc, scorching and addictive. Frontline     $15

Idle Cure “Eclipse” (94) – solid energetic commercial melodic arena rock and amazing ballads ala Petra, White Heart, Allies, etc. Salt     $8

Imagine This “Imagine This” (93) – funk rock. ERG     $5

Imagine This "Love" (95) – diverse catchy experimental pop rock and funk w/a slight folksy flavor, surface scratches but plays fine. Essential     $5

Immortal Souls “Ice Upon The Night” (04) – reissue, extremely heavy power-oriented cold melodic death metal from Finland. Facedown     $7

Immortal Souls “Wintereich” (07) – Finnish winter metal, heavier, faster, thicker, and more melodic than before, sealed. Dark Balance     $12

Immortal Souls “IV: The Requiem For The Art Of Death” (11) – frosty Finnish winter metal, sealed. Facedown     $15

Immortal Souls "Wintermetal" (15) – melodic driving death metal w/great production, a perfect mix of intensity and restraint, sealed. Rottweiler     $15

Impellitteri “Impellitteri” (87) – Japanese import, w/OBI strip, Yngwie Malmsteen-style guitar and Rob Rock on vocals. Relativity     $25

Impellitteri "Stand In Line" (88) – hard rock and metal w/incredible Yngwie-style guitar and powerful vocals by Graham Bonnet. Relativity     $20

Impellitteri "Victim Of The System" (93) – Japanese import, classic awesome speed neo-classical shred hair metal w/Rob Rock on vocals. Victor     $20

Impellitteri "Victim Of The System" (96) – Japanese reissue, w/OBI strip and Jap-English booklet, neo-classical speed and hair metal. Victor     $20

Impellitteri “Screaming Symphony” (96) – Japanese import, awesome shredding guitar and commercial heavy metal w/Rob Rock on vocals. Victor     $20

Impellitteri “Eye Of The Hurricane” (97) – Japanese import, w/OBI strip, more technical music and lyrical bliss. Victor     $20

Impellitteri “Stand In Line” (99) – German import, reissue, catchy guitar-shredding melodic metal and hard rock. Century Media     $15

Impellitteri “Crunch” (00) – Japanese import, w/OBI strip, energetic heavy metal, heavier darker and faster. Victor     $20

Impellitteri "Stand In Line" (10) – from Argentina, reissue, shredding 80s guitar and awesome vocals from Graham Bonnet. Del Imaginario Discos     $10

Impending Doom “Nailed Dead Risen” (07) – manipulates death metal genre like a butcher wields his cleaver, sealed. Facedown     $12

Impending Doom “The Serpent Servant” (09) – a formidable adversary in the death metal ring, sealed. Facedown     $12

Impending Doom “There Will Be Violence” (10) – hardcore extreme death metal and groove chug metal, sealed. Facedown     $12

Impending Doom “Baptized In Filth” (12) – tight focused thick powerful hardcore death metal w/brutal riffs, sealed. E-One     $15

Impending Doom "Death Will Reign" (13) – powerful hardcore death metal, their heaviest strongest album yet, sealed. Steamhammer     $15

Imperial Dusk "Black Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals" (17) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, black metal concept album ala Immortal, etc, sealed. CMU     $12

Imperial Dusk "The Book Of Morbid Tales Of A Blackened Past" (17) – reissue, Brazilian black metal ala Emperor, Dark Funeral, etc, sealed. CMU     $12

Imperial Dusk "The Way Of The Viking" (17) – reissue, melodic black metal ala Dimmu Borgor, Behemoth, etc, sealed. Christian Metal Underground     $12

Incrave “The Escape” (07) – melodic metal, a reissue of their debut album (when band was known as Evergrace), sealed. Ulterium     $15

Incrave “Dead End” (08) – melodic power metal from Sweden ala Narnia, Teramaze, Laudamus, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

In Darkest Dreams "The Vanishing" (16) – brutal extreme dark doomy death metal w/Ricky Puckett from Obliteration and Broken Flesh, sealed     $15

Indominus "Legion Within" (16) – heavy blistering extreme melodic death metal from Ireland ala Broken Flesh, Cannibal Corpse, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

In Due Time “Back To Basics” (04) – heavy breakdown-saturated hardcore brutality w/tons of energy ala NIV, etc, sealed. Strike First     $10

Inevitable End “The Severed Inception” (09) – technical Swedish death and grind, an insanely fast whirlwind of destruction. Relapse     $10

Inevitable End “The Oculus” (11) – innovative blistering pulverizing technical metal and guitar acrobatics, as exciting as it is exhausting! Relapse     $10

In Grief “Deserted Soul” (09) – dynamic atmospheric progressive Norwegian death and black metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Inhabited “The Revolution” (05) – catchy female-fronted rock w/amazing guitar riffs ala Fireflight, etc, front cover autographed by band. Fervent     $7

Innermeans “Innermeans” (97) – heavy spirit-filled hardcore ala Overcome, etc, w/members of Project 86. Solid State     $5

Inner Siege “Kingdom Of Shadows (12) – classic riff-driven power metal and hard rock w/great vocals and stunning guitar, sealed. Roxx     $12

Inner Siege “Kingdom Of Shadows (12) – powerful bone-crushing guitar-driven American heavy metal, autographed by band, sealed. Roxx     $15

Inner Wish "Silent Faces" (04) – traditional melodic power metal from Greece w/galloping riffs and double bass drumming, sealed. Limb Music     $15

Inner Wish “No Turning Back” (10) – heavy strong melodic symphonic power metal from Greece ala Narnia, Rob Rock, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Inside Mankind "Oikoumene" (15) – symphonic progressive power metal and 70s hard rock from Italy ala Dragonforce, etc, sealed. Qua Rock     $15

In The Midst Of Lions “Out Of Darkness” (09) –heavy melodic hardcore praise and worship death metal, sealed. Strike First     $10

In The Midst Of Lions "Shadows" (11) – pummeling hardcore death metal w/an onslaught of breakdowns ala Meshuggah, etc, sealed. Facedown     $10

In Vain “Will The Sun Ever Rise” (04) – classic death metal and razor blade vocals from Norway, sealed     $10

I The Breather “These Are My Sins” (10) – intricate hardcore metal w/brutally honest lyrics, sealed. Sumerian     $10

I The Breather “Truth And Purpose” (12) – melodic technical hardcore metal ala August Burns Red, etc, sealed. Sumerian     $12

Ivory Moon “Human Nature” (07) – epic symphonic metal from Italy ala Pyramaze, Theocracy, etc, sealed. Ulteruim     $15

Jacob’s Dream “Jacob’s Dream” (00) – 70s Judas Priest British metal meets 80s early Queensryche progressive metal, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Jacob’s Dream “Theater Of War” (01) – killer heavy 80s power metal w/crunch ala Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, etc, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Jacob's Dream "Drama Of The Ages" (05) – heavy aggressive killer American power metal w/incredible songwriting, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Jacob’s Dream “Beneath The Shadows” (09) – aggressive power metal concept album w/an emphasis on melody, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Jacob’s Trouble “Knock, Breathe, Shine” (90) – 60s style rock ala The Beatles, Nick Lowe, The Byrds, etc. Alarma     $7

Jacob’s Trouble “KMG Classic Archives Volume 2” (98) – 2 CD set, ‘Knock Breathe Shine’ and ‘Door Into Summer,’ sealed. KMG     $8

Sarah Jahn “Sparkle” (97) – Shawn Colvin meets Fiona Apple, edgy and powerful, a husky voice w/good guitar. Warner Alliance     $5

Jars Of Clay "The Eleventh Hour" (02) – catchy melodic edgy pop, rock, and ballads w/driving guitars. Essential     $5

Jesus Freaks “Socially Unacceptable” (93) – relentless blistering thrash metal ala early Metallica w/no compromise lyrics, fast and heavy. Narrowpath     $25

Jesus Wept “Sick City (04) – rising from the ashes of xDisciplex AD, jam packed w/straightforward honest hardcore. Strike First     $5

Jet Circus "Step On It" (90) – energetic funky groove-laden hard rock and metal from Sweden, w/former members of Leviticus. Wonderland     $12

Jet Circus “Look At Death Now” (05) – crunchy hard rock and a groove vibe, heavier than before and w/top-notch production, sealed. Rivel     $18

Paul Johnson & The Packards “Guitar Heaven/California” (93) – mostly instrumental fun upbeat high energy rock. Frontline     $10

Rob Johnson “Shredworx” (08) – intense shred guitar playing ala Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc, sealed. Shredguy     $12

Join The Dead “Join The Dead” (12) – w/11 bonus tracks, thrash metal ala Exodus, Testament, early Metallica, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

John Jonethis “The Ultimate Lounge Christmas” (98) – lounge-lizard crooning, a great album for parties. Essential     $5

Johnny Q Public "Extraordinary" (95) – solid energetic powerhouse hard rock, disc autographed by Dan Fritz, signs of wear but plays fine. Gotee     $5

Joy Electric "Old Wives Tales" (96) – unique bubblegum pop w/hooks, lots of synthesizers, an innocent feel, and fantasy lyrics. Tooth & Nail     $5

Junker Jorg “Diet Of Worms (00) – aggressive, melodic, and thought provoking alternative metal ala early Disciple, etc. Cellar     $7

Junker Jorg “Ignite The Machine” (02) – aggressive melodic hard rock/metal ala Metallica, Pantera, Korn, Disciple, etc. YoungSide     $7

Jupiter VI “Back From Mars” (06) – glam-punk influenced classic rock and edgy hard rock, w/Deliverance's Jimmy Brown, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Jupiter VI "Moveable Walls" (14) – atmospheric prog rock ala Pink Floyd, etc, Jimmy Brown on vocals and guitars, w/guitar pick, sealed. Roxx     $18

Jupiter VI "Moveable Walls" (14) – 2 CD deluxe edition w/bonus disc and guitar pick, David Bowie meets Pink Floyd prog rock, sealed. Roxx     $25

Mancy A’lan Kane “Mancy A’lan Kane” (97) – very acoustic folk/pop, ala coffeehouse performance, sealed. Pioneer     $7

Kashee Opeiah “Panic In Solitude” (06) – energetic headbanging hardcore death metal from Germany, sealed. Whirlwind     $12

Phil Keaggy "220" (96) – melodic and energetic, an incredible guitar instrumental mix of hard driving blues, rock, and acoustic. Sparrow     $7

Kekal “The Painful Experience” (01) – a seamless mix of black, thrash, death, progressive, and melodic metal, sealed. Fear Dark     $15

Kekal “Introduce Us To Immortality” (03) – extreme metal compilation of early material from this talented band, sealed. THT     $15

Kekal “1000 Thoughts Of Violence” (03) – finely crafted experimental/technical/progressive/extreme metal from Indonesia. Fear Dark     $7

Kekal “Acidity” (05) – some of the most unique metal you’ll ever hear, w/excellent guitar solo madness, sealed. Fear Dark     $12

Kekal “The Habit Of Fire” (07) – experimental yet accessible 70-minute epic metal concept album, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Dana Key "The Journey" (90) – excellent pop rock concept album w/bluesy guitar licks and great ballads, plus a Larry Norman cover. Forefront     $12

Dana Key “Part Of The Mystery” (95) – second solo album from DeGarmo & Key guitarist/vocalist, acoustic rock. Forefront     $12

Kid Promise “My Generation” (94) – radio friendly hard pop rock w/former members of Seraiah. Star Song     $8

Kids In The Way “Apparitions Of Melody” (06) – post grunge ala My Chemical Romance, w/bonus tracks and DVD. Flicker     $8

Kids In The Way "A Love Hate Masquerade" (07) – driving rock anthems w/infectious hooks and choruses and dark lyrics, sealed. Flicker     $5

Killed By Cain “Killed By Cain” (93) – hard rock, bluesy thrash, stoner, and groove metal, signs of wear but plays fine. REX     $8

Lance King “A Moment In Chiros” (11) – epic progressive power metal, his first solo album, sealed. Nightmare     $12

King James “King James” (94) – hard rock and ballads, w/former members of Whitecross and Stryper. Star Song     $20

King James “The Fall” (97) – metal and hard rock, the heaviest and most aggressive album Rex Carroll ever made. Kalubone     $10

King James “The Fall” (10) – reissue, towering aggressive heavy metal w/Rex Carroll on guitar, sealed. Retroactive     $12

King James "Maximus" (13) – bluesy southern rock and heavy metal w/tremendous vocals and hooks, and Rex Carroll on guitar, sealed. Girder     $15

King’s X “Gretchen Goes To Nebraska (89) – hard rock w/smoldering guitar, ragged soulful vocals, and tight 3-part harmonies. Atlantic     $8

King's X "Faith Hope Love" (90) – irresistible progressive melodic hard rock, stunning Beatle harmonies over chunky metal guitar riffing. Megaforce     $5

King’s X “King’s X” (92) – the most criminally underappreciated band in the history of hard rock, sealed. Atlantic     $12

The King’s Machine “A State Of Mind (95) – blends hard rock and metal w/progressive elements, sealed. Nightmare     $15

Ted Kirkpatrick “Ode To A Roadkill” (10) – hypnotic plodding stoner metal from the Tourniquet drummer, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Ted Kirkpatrick “In The Shadow Of The Masters” (10) – his brilliant drumming put to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Ted Kirkpatrick “Ancient Christmas” (11) – Christmas classics in his diverse style, plus an original song, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Ted Kirkpatrick “Edgar Allen Poe: Spoken Tales Of A Tortured Genius” (12) – w/vocalists from Bloodgood, Trouble, etc, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Ted Kirkpatrick "The Doom In Us All–A Tribute To Black Sabbath" (16) – w/members of King's X, Trouble, Skid Row, etc, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

KJ52 "Behind The Musik" (06) – Deluxe Edition, 2 disc set w/bonus tracks, videos, etc, hip hop and rock full of catchy hooks and witty lyrics. BEC     $5

Jennifer Knapp “Kansas (97) – top notch acoustic folk rock, a fantastic raw and honest album. Gotee     $5

Jennifer Knapp “Lay It Down” (00) – folk bluesy rock w/pop hooks, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Gotee     $5

Jennifer Knapp “Lay It Down” (00) – 2 CD set, w/bonus disc of remixes, album spots, interview, etc, sealed. Gotee     $15

Jennifer Knapp "The Way I Am" (01) – forceful acoustic pop rock w/infectious hooks and melodies, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Gotee     $5

Jennifer Knapp "The Collection" (03) – Limited Edition 2 disc set, greatest hits plus unreleased songs, demos, etc, looks rough but plays fine. Gotee     $5

Michael Knott “Screaming Brittle Siren” (92) – booklet personally autographed by Michael Knott. Blonde Vinyl     $30

Michael Knott “Screaming Brittle Siren” (92) – brilliant alternative rock, guitar riffs cut across mournful cello/violin, sealed. Blonde Vinyl     $30

Michael Knott “Rocket And A Bomb” (94) – quirky laid-back alternative ala Lou Reed, Crash Test Dummies, etc, sealed. Brainstorm     $12

Mike Knott "Strip Cycle" (95) – alternative rock driven by acoustic guitar and cello, some surface scratches but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

Michael Knott “Fluid” (95) – a rock opera of sorts, w/great storytelling and tons of honesty, sealed. Alarma     $8

Michael Knott/LSU “Definitive Collection” (99) – a great mix of Lifesavers, LSU, and solo work, sealed. Alarma     $12

Mike Knott "Live At Cornerstone 2000" (00) – great solo acoustic set w/lots of songs from his solo albums as well as Aunt Bettys, LSU, etc. M8     $5

Michael Knott "Things I've Done, Things To Come" (00) – excellent overview of his career, w/some songs that are only on this CD. Stormie Laine     $5

Michael Knott "Live In Nash-Vegas" (00) – his first solo acoustic concert, in October 1999, w/songs from throughout his career. Stormie Laine     $5

Michael Knott "Life Of David" (01) – well-crafted acoustic rock ala Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, etc, catchy and inventive. Metro One     $5

Michael Knott "Hearts Of Care" (02) – a melodic masterpiece of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and violin, stripped down and amazing. Northern     $5

Michael Knott "Spring Tour 2003" (03) – rare 2 CD set, w/live tracks, unreleased songs, demos, radio show excerpts, etc     $7

Kohllapse “Distant Mind Alternative” (05) – reissue, doomy death metal w/gothic and progressive, sealed. Soundmass     $18

Kreyson “Angel On The Run” (90) – Czech neo-classical heavy metal ala Helloween, Seventh Avenue, etc. Flametrader     $25

Kreyson “Crusaders” (92) – Czech Republic power metal and classic heavy metal w/neo-classical elements. Flametrader     $25

Kreyson “Angel On The Run” (93) – Japanese import, w/OBI strip, classic melodic metal w/crunchy guitars and shredding leads. Victor     $25

Kreyson “20 Years Of Kreyson” (09) – classic melodic metal ala Helloween, Judas Priest, Accept, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Krig “Stop The Manipulation” (08) – death metal, w/guest Luke Renno from Crimson Thorn and a Deliverance cover, sealed. Forca Eterna     $15

Krig “Target: Human, Mission: Destroy” (09) – extreme brutal technical death metal from Brazil, autographed by Isaque and Jully Soares, sealed     $15

Krig “Narcissistic Mechanism” (10) – brutal technical doom-laden heavy metal and progressive death metal, sealed     $12

Krig "Feed Me" (15) – reissue of their 2007 debut, w/bonus track, technical death metal from Brazil, brutal and relentless ala Mortification, etc     $10

Krush “Welcome To Paradise (01) – guitar driven hard rock/heavy metal ala Whitecross, Ratt, Randy Rhoads, etc, sealed. TMAG     $12

Krush “Sindrome” (02) – power metal w/heavy groove, booklet personally autographed by entire band. TMAG     $15

The Kry "You" (94) – acoustic rock, melodic pop, and soulful ballads w/creative songwriting and strong lyrics. Freedom     $5

The Kry “What About Now” (96) – melodic rootsy rock ala Hootie And The Blowfish, Third Day, etc. Freedom     $5

Kutless “Sea Of Faces (04) – solid cutting-edge melodic rock w/raw energy and bold lyrics that come through loud and clear. BEC     $5

Kutless “Hearts Of The Innocent” (06) – appealing songs, from edgy rock to laid back and radio friendly, sealed. BEC     $8

Kutless "Hearts Of The Innocent" (06) – 2 disc Special Edition, w/bonus acoustic tracks and DVD, edgy rock, sealed. BEC     $12

Kutless “Live From Portland (07) – 2 disc set w/DVD, modern rock, a great mix of old and new songs, sealed. BEC     $12

Kutless “To Know That You’re Alive” (08) – rock and ballads, no back insert, surface scratches but plays fine. BEC     $5

Kutless “Believer” (12) – inspirational guitar-driven rock, pop rock, worship, and power ballads, sealed. BEC     $10

Lament "Tears Of A Leper" (97) – brutal death metal w/outstanding lead guitar, technical and melodic, booklet autographed by entire band. Rowe     $15

Lament “The Best Of Lament–14 Years Rocking The World” (07) – plus 3 brand new songs, autographed, melodic death metal, sealed     $12

Lament “Through The Reflection” (09) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, progressive death metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Lament “Renaissance” (09) – melodic metal, power metal, and thrash metal from Mexico, sealed     $10

Lament “Left Behind” (13) – melodic death metal from Mexico, limited edition, only 300 copies made, sealed. Roxx     $12

Last Chapter “The Living Waters” (98) – heavy progressive dark eerie doom metal ala Trouble, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, etc, sealed. Pavement     $15

Laudamus “Unlimited Love” (00) – melodic metal and hard rock, booklet personally autographed by entire band. CL Music     $20

Laudamus “Lost In Vain” (03) – melodic metal and traditional hard rock from Sweden, crunchy and catchy, sealed. Escape     $25

Laudamus “Laudamus” (06) – melodic metal and hard rock from Sweden w/electrifying lead guitar work. Rivel     $12

The Lead “Burn This Record” (89) – classic rough edged hardcore w/metal ideas, mix of male and female vocals. REX     $12

The Lead “Hardcore For Jesus” (06) – 2 CD, numbered, booklet autographed by entire band, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Retroactive     $18

Leaderdogs For The Blind "Lemonade" (95) – catchy heavy guitar-driven industrial hard rock and metal, surface scratches but plays fine. REX     $7

Leaders "Now We Are Free" (12) – brutal energetic hard-hitting thrashy metal ala Impending Doom, Living Sacrifice, etc. Facedown     $8

Legacy “Legacy” (10) – reissue, 80s hard rock and metal ala Dokken, Stryper, Firehouse, Warrant, Trixter, etc, sealed. Eonian     $12

Legend "Legend" (92) – raw bluesy arena rock and power ballads, w/former members of Ruscha. Word     $15

Legend Seven “Blind Faith” (93) – awesome mix of arena hard rock and ballads w/great guitar and former members of Ruscha. Word     $15

Lengsel “The Kiss The Hope” (06) – extreme Norwegian metal from members of Extol, w/no borders and no taboos, sealed. Whirlwind     $15

A Lesser Hope "The Rise" (12) – impressive hardcore metal w/chugging guitar riffs and melodic vocals ala War Of Ages, etc, sealed. Sancrosanct     $10

The Letter Black "Breaking The Silence" (09) – female-fronted melodic hard rock ala Flyleaf, Evanescence, etc, w/tons of aggression. Tooth & Nail     $7

The Letter Black “Hanging On By A Thread” (10) – stellar catchy hard rock w/female vocals ala Flyleaf, Skillet, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Letter 7 "Salt Of The Earth" (07) – energetic guitar-driven 80s melodic metal/hard rock ala Dokken, Scorpions, Whitecross, etc, sealed. Lifeline     $18

Letter 7 "Follow The Light" (08) – quality melodic metal and hard rock w/tons of hooks ala Stryper, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, etc, sealed. Lifeline     $18

Letter 7 "Trust" (13) – classic heavy metal and hard rock w/powerful melodic vocals ala Whitesnake, Dio, Judas Priest, Bloodgood, etc, sealed     $15

Leviticus "Setting Fire To The Earth" (89) – melodic heavy metal w/tons of hooks and great guitar, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Pure Metal     $35

Leviticus "Knights Of Heaven" (89) – melodic 80s commercial metal and hard rock from Sweden w/great lead guitar ala Dokken, etc. Royal Music     $30

Leviticus "I Shall Conquer" (00) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, melodic old school hard rock and 80s heavy power metal from Sweden. Magdalene     $18

Liaison "Liaison" (89) – heavy album-oriented rock and ballads w/great guitar ala REO Speedwagon, Petra, Toto, Fighter, etc. Frontline     $18

Liaison “KMG Classic Archives” (98) – ‘Liaison’ and ‘Urgency’ on 1 CD, catchy energetic mainstream 80s hard rock and pop, sealed. KMG     $10

Liberdade Suprema “Palavra de Salvacao” (09) – progressive death metal from Brazil. Extreme Records     $8

Liberty N Justice “Welcome To The Revolution” (04) – w/Michael Sweet, Jamie Rowe, Lou Gramm, Scott Wenzel, Ken Tamplin, etc, sealed     $10

Liberty N Justice “Soundtrack Of A Soul” (06) – w/Josh Kramer, Mark Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy, Mike Lee, Sebastian Bach, etc, sealed     $8

Liberty N Justice “Independence Day” (07) – w/Jani Lane, Jamie Rowe, Jack Russell, Mark Slaughter, John Corabi, Jaime St James, etc, sealed     $10

Liberty N Justice “4 All: The Best Of LNJ” (08) – greatest hits, plus 4 brand new songs, w/Doug Pinnick, Dale Thompson, etc, sealed. Versailles     $12

Liberty N Justice “Light It Up” (10) – w/members of LA Guns, Bride, Firehouse, Def Leppard, WASP, Bloodgood, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Liberty N Justice “Chasing A Cure” (11) – w/members of Quiet Riot, Neon Cross, Twisted Sister, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Liberty N Justice “Hell Is Coming To Breakfast” (12) – 80s hard rock and metal w/members of Warrant, Saint, Mass, Vixen, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Liberty N Justice "The Cigar Chronicles" (12) – 2 CD, 80s melodic metal and hard rock w/guests Jamie Rowe, Jani Lane, George Lynch, etc, sealed     $12

Lifehouse "Almeria" (12) – alternative pop and rock anthems ala Switchfoot, The Fray, etc, w/an acoustic and piano style, sealed. Geffen     $5

Lifesavers “Poplife” (91) – w/Michael Knott on vocals and guitars, moves in a surf rock direction, sealed. Blonde Vinyl     $20

Lifesavers "Huntington Beach" (95) – fun energetic melodic power pop, perfect for driving around on a sunny day w/the top down! Brainstorm     $5

Lifesavers "Poplife" (99) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, carefree Beach Boys-style pop punk and surf rock, fun catchy and addictive. M8     $5

Lifesavers “Us Kids” (00) – reissue of 1981 debut album, for fans of Altar Boys, Undercover, The Choir, etc, sealed. M8     $8

Lifesavers "Heaven High" (14) – fun catchy energetic surf power pop and punk w/melodic hooks and lyrical depth. Retroactive     $5

Lightforce "The Best Of: Mortification's Beginning" (94) – demos and unreleased live songs, classic metal ala early Iron Maiden, etc. Rowe     $30

Line Of Fire "Line Of Fire" (10) – Deluxe Edition, w/bonus tracks, classic album oriented melodic hard rock ala Journey, Boston, etc. Divebomb     $8

Lipstick "Lipstick" (15) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, pop glam metal ala Poison 'Look What The Cat Dragged In,' catchy and full of great guitar     $10

Lipstick "II" (17) – classic 70s theatrical hard rock meets 80s melodic glam and hair metal w/commercial and pop influences, diverse and catchy     $10

Liptocoal “Fly” (04) – walks the line between old school thrashers like Metallica and newer metal ala Staind and Disturbed, sealed. Shindig     $12

Living Sacrifice “Inhabit” (94) – heavily downtuned old school technical death metal and thrash w/killer riffs, sealed. REX     $18

Living Sacrifice “Reborn” (97) – a return to their thrash metal roots w/a whole lot of groove, booklet autographed by Bruce and Lance. Solid State     $10

Living Sacrifice "Nonexistent" (99) – reissue, technical brutal downtuned death metal w/killer riffs and pummeling drums. Solid State     $15

Living Sacrifice “The Hammering Process” (00) – aggressive metal w/tremendous energy ala Machine Head, Meshuggah, Sevendust, etc. Solid State     $8

Living Sacrifice “Conceived In Fire” (02) – stronger than ever, in-your-face guitar solos, heavy vocals, offbeat rhythms. Solid State     $8

Living Sacrifice “Reborn” (04) – reissue, pummeling shredding metal, w/bonus video for ‘Reject,’ sealed. Solid State     $15

Living Sacrifice “In Memoriam” (05) – a great sampler of the band’s best material, plus 3 brand new songs, sealed. Solid State     $12

Living Sacrifice “Ghost Thief” (13) – a powerhouse of vicious death metal and groove w/thrashy riffs and crushing melodies, sealed. Solid State     $15

Logos “Generacion Mutante” (95) – heavy metal/thrash from Argentina, produced by Rudy Sarzo, some surface scratches but plays fine. Sarzo Music     $10

Logos “Plan Mundial Para La Destruccion” (06) – traditional classic heavy metal and hard rock from Argentina, sealed. Icarus     $15

London Calling “The New Sensation” (03) – catchy energetic rock w/Jamie Rowe on vocals, sealed. Dyrty Byrd     $15

Lordchain “Lordchain” (97) – blistering w/metal licks galore, heavy distortion guitars, and slow groove rhythms, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Lordchain “Cracked” (00) – progressive rock/metal, layered vocals, heavy downtuned guitars and meaty riffs, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Lordchain “Soulever” (04) – outstanding hard rock and metal w/heavy groove and crunch, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Lordchain “Looking Past The Moment” (06) – hard rock w/crunchy guitar and an in your face message, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Lordchain “Finding Balance” (07) – modern hard rock w/classic metal feel, for fans of Megadeth, Disciple, etc, sealed     $12

Lordchain “What Is What Was” (10) – heavy straightforward hard rock and metal w/groove, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Lo-Ruhamah “Lo-Ruhamah” (05) – blackened death metal w/ambient and post rock influences, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Lo-Ruhamah “The Glory Of God” (07) – brilliant and stunning black and death metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Love Coma “Language Of Fools” (95) – 80s alternative rock ala U2, Simple Minds, The 77s, The Mission UK, etc, sealed. REX     $8

Lovewar “Soak Your Brain” (93) – a mix of King's X heavy groove and Extreme commercial rock and metal. Pakaderm     $7

LSU “This Is The Healing” (91) – dark and haunting acoustic guitar driven rock w/Michael Knott. Blonde Vinyl     $10

LSU "Wakin Up The Dead" (92) – dark haunting guitar-driven alternative rock w/a great raw production and an edgy eerie sound. Blonde Vinyl     $10

LSU "Cash In Chaos World Tour" (93) – funky metal-tinged alternative rock meets Pearl Jam grunge, disturbing ominous and foreboding. Siren     $5

LSU "Grace Shaker" (94) – a brilliant and powerfully twisted mix of frenzied rock vs slow and somber, w/excellent use of violin and cello. Alarma     $5

LSU "Dogfish Jones" (98) – an inspired high-energy rock concept album w/tons of guitar and organ ala The Who, David Bowie, Beatles, etc. Light     $5

LSU "This Is The Healing" (99) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, haunting and compulsive, buzzsaw guitars and heavy controversial lyrics, sealed. M8     $8

LSU "Live At Cornerstone Volume 1" (00) – an awesome moment caught in time from the band's early 90s heyday, sealed. M8     $8

LS Underground “The Grape Prophet” (92) – a rock opera driven by devastating power and energy. Blonde Vinyl     $30

Lucerin Blue "Tales Of The Knife" (03) – forceful melodic post-grunge alternative rock, front cover autographed by vocalist/guitarist Justin Morgan     $7

Lucerin Blue “Tales Of The Knife” (03) – thunderous rock ala Pearl Jam, Puddle Of Mudd, Creed, PAX217, 12 Stones, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Lucid “Lucid” (98) – these thrashers’ merciless approach will blitzkreig your senses and knock you off your feet, sealed     $12

Lucid “Broken” (99) – metal w/brutal raw riffs and thrash vocals for fans of Believer, Slayer, Living Sacrifice, Pantera, etc, sealed     $12

Lucifer's Doom "Lucifer's Doom" (15) – dark symphonic black and doom metal from Brazil w/male and angelic female vocals, sealed. Martyrdom     $12

Luminaria “Arche” (05) – Polish gothic metal ala early Saviour Machine, Deliverance, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Lunar Invasion "Celestial Conquest" (11) – experimental black and doom metal ala Meshuggah, etc, w/members of Antivenom. Sword Metal     $8

Lurid Dawn "Never Meant It To" (06) – progressive death metal from Germany ala Extol, Opeth, Becoming The Archetype, etc, sealed     $12

Mad At The World “Mad At The World” (87) – techno alternative rock and synth pop ala Depeche Mode, etc. Frontline     $12

Mad At The World “Seasons Of Love” (90) – brilliant energetic edgy hard rock w/heavy guitar riffs and Randy Rose on drums. Alarma     $10

Mad At The World "Boomerang" (91) – heavy guitar-driven 90s hard rock ala Stone Temple Pilots, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Alarma     $10

Mad At The World "Through The Forest" (92) – 90s alternative guitar-driven hard rock w/heavy riffs ala Alice In Chains, etc. Frontline     $10

Mad At The World “World History” (98) – songs from the first 6 albums, from keyboard-driven angst to a wall of hard rock guitars, sealed. KMG     $12

Mad Max “Stormchild” (98) – reissue, melodic heavy metal and driving hard rock from Germany ala Scorpions, Accept, etc. Axe Killer     $12

Mad Max “White Sands” (07) – heavy melodic metal and hard rock from Germany w/tons of hooks, surface scratches but plays fine. AOR Heaven     $12

Maestah "Maestah" (15) – from Brazil, classic groove driven hard rock meets technical progressive power metal, heavy rugged and muscular, sealed     $15

Magdallan “Big Bang” (92) – melodic hard rock and commercial pop metal w/lots of hooks, loads of talent, and slick production, sealed. Intense     $12

Magdalen "Revolution Mind" (93) – sophisticated hard rock adding in elements of modern rock, funk, and even jazz, w/soulful vocals. Essential     $5

Magdalen “The Dirt” (94) – a diverse mix of rock, folk, blues, and country, w/an acoustic cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs,’ sealed. Intense     $12

Magnitude 9 “Reality In Focus” (00) – brilliant accessible progressive metal w/power metal drive and great vocals. Inside Out     $8

Main Line Riders “Shot In The Dark” (07) – late 80s sunset strip sleaze style hard rock, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Main Line Riders “Worldshaker” (09) – hard rock heavily influenced by Bon Scott-era AC/DC, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Malachia "Red Sunrise" (05) – reissue of the 1987 classic, technical 80s hard rock and metal w/great keyboards, dark moody and heavy. Retrospect     $35

Malchus “Didymos” (10) – melodic progressive metal from Poland ala Opeth, Dream Theater, etc. Soundmass     $8

Malchus "The Evil House" (16) – heavy catchy melodic progressive death metal from Poland w/driving guitars and great production, sealed. Roxx     $15

Mammuth “Shine” (03) – brutal Swedish melodic hard rock and metal ala Blindside, Mudvayne, Kutless, etc, sealed. Talking Music     $15

Mammuth “Die To Rise In Spring” (05) – raw hard rock and metal ala Blindside, Pillar, Skillet, etc. Talking Music     $8

Manafest "Reborn" (15) – creative passionate anthemic rock, rap, and hip hop w/guests from Thousand Foot Krutch, Family Force 5, etc, sealed     $5

Manticora “Roots Of Eternity” (05) – reissue, heavy melodic power metal w/speed and thrash from Denmark, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Manticora “Darkness With Tales To Tell” (05) – reissue, Danish epic melodic progressive speed/power/thrash metal, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Manticora “Hyperion” (05) – reissue, an amazing progressive power/thrash/speed metal concept album, heavy and melodic, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Manticora “8 Deadly Sins” (05) – incredible progressive power metal w/focused songwriting and razor sharp guitar riffs, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Manticora “Safe” (10) – a spectacular heavy progressive melodic power metal masterpiece from Denmark, w/killer vocals, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Mantric “The Descent” (10) – progressive song structures and metal riffs, w/members of Extol, sealed. Prosthetic     $10

Martyrs Shrine “Martyrs Shrine” (08) – primitive old school death metal w/raw distorted guitars from Michael Carlisle, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Bill Mason Band “No Sham!” (11) – reissue, driving punk rock ala The Clash, The Ramones, Generation X, etc, sealed. Born Twice     $12

Mass “Voices In The Night” (89) – melodic 80s hard rock and heavy metal ala Stryper, TNT, White Lion, etc, produced by Michael Sweet. Enigma     $30

Mass “Best Ones” (00) – greatest hits compilation, plus 3 bonus tracks, raw and energetic melodic 80s hair metal and hard rock. Fore Reel     $20

Mass “New Birth” (07) – reissue, w/bonus track, catchy 80s metal riffs, hooks, and anthems w/a seriously hard edge, sealed. Retrospect     $12

Mass "Crack Of Dawn" (07) – polished melodic bluesy hard rock and metal w/great guitars and vocals ala Aerosmith, LA Guns, etc. Escape     $12

Mass "Take You Home" (08) – reissue, w/bonus track, guitar-driven classic melodic hard rock and metal ala Def Leppard, Cinderella, etc. Retrospect     $8

Mass “Fighter” (10) – reissue of their never-before-released 1982 debut, raw edginess and energetic hooks, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Mass “’84 Unchained” (10) – reissue of their self-titled 1984 classic, raw energetic melodic metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Mass "Sea Of Black" (10) – energetic heavy guitar-driven melodic hard rock/metal ala Whitesnake, Angel, Extreme, etc. Escape     $12

Mass “New Birth” (11) – reissue, melodic 80s hair metal and hard rock ala Dokken, Crystavox, etc, raw and edgy, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Mass "Take You Home" (12) – reissue, w/bonus track, melodic guitar-driven heavy metal ala Dokken, TNT, Crystavox, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Mass “Voices In The Night” (12) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, 80s heavy metal and hard rock ala Stryper, White Lion, Dokken, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Mastedon "It's A Jungle Out There!" (89) – classic 80s melodic hard rock and commercial album-oriented rock w/great production. Regency     $45

Mastedon “Lofcaudio” (90) – smooth 80s Kansas and Journey-influenced melodic rock from John and Dino Elefante. Pakaderm     $35

John Elefante and Mastedon “Revolution Of Mind” (10) – guitar driven classic rock ala Kansas, etc, sealed. Big3 Records     $12

Mattsson “Power Games” (03) – progressive metal and classic hard rock, w/Lance King on vocals, sealed. Lion Music     $15

Kevin Max "Stereotype Be" (01) – debut solo album from DC Talk member, progressive rock and eclectic pop ala U2, Pink Floyd, etc. Forefront     $5

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster “Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster” (05) – southern hard rock and metal, sealed. Mono vs Stereo     $12

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster “II” (07) – original sounding 70s southern flavored hard rock and metal, sealed. Ferret     $12

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster “III” (09) – classic hard driving southern rock and metal w/3 guitarists, amazing riffs, sealed. Ferret     $12

Mitch McVicker “Mitch McVicker” (98) – an acoustically strong collection of upbeat songs ala Rich Mullins, sealed     $5

Means “To Keep Me From Sinking” (08) – impressive heavy technical melodic hardcore metal, inspired and catchy, sealed. Facedown     $10

Mediadhor "Campos Mortais" (17) – brutal death metal from Brazil w/great production ala Broken Flesh, Mortification, etc, sealed. Metal Survivor     $12

Megiddon “Incidents Before The Time” (02) – brutal death and black metal from Norway w/melodic guitars, some surface scratches but plays fine     $10

Megiddon "Doden" (11) – mid-paced atmospheric Norwegian black metal, catchy and aggressive w/great lead guitar, homemade by band     $10

Megilloth “It Was To Happen Once” (10) – Russian death metal ala Deuteronomium, Extol, Schaliach, etc, sealed. RM Records     $15

Mehida “Blood & Water” (07) – melodic prog power metal w/members of Divinefire, Essence Of Sorrow, etc, sealed. Maanalainen Levykauppa     $15

Menchen “Red Rock” (08) – stunning melodic hard rock and metal, w/Bill Menchen and Robert Sweet, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Menchen “In The Light” (12) – classic heavy metal ala Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc, w/Robert Sweet on drums, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Bill Menchen "Blues Metal Trance 1.5" (15) – shredding instrumental hard rock ala Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, etc, w/blues and groove, sealed. Roxx     $12

Bill Menchen "Blues Metal Trance 1.5" (15) – Deluxe Version, w/autographed bonus disc and guitar pick, instrumental hard rock, sealed. Roxx     $25

Bill Menchen "V7" (16) – hard rock from Seventh Power-Final Axe-Titanic guitarist, recorded from 1999 thru 2004, w/bonus guitar picks, sealed     $12

Mental Destruction "Straw" (96) – Swedish creative chaotic industrial beauty w/a structured method to the madness, brutal and mechanical. CMI     $15

Mentor “Cadenas de Muerte” (09) – blistering thrash and death metal from Colombia, sealed. Eirene     $15

Mercury Fang “Liquid Sunshine” (03) – aggressive melodic classic hard rock w/a bluesy edge from Sweden. Rivel     $8

Messenger “I’m Talking To You” (08) – heavy muscular 70s and 80s hard rock and old school heavy metal, sealed     $15

Messenger “On Delivery (Live)” (10) – classic old school 70s and 80s melodic hard rock and heavy metal, sealed     $12

Messenger “You Choose” (12) – killer melodic guitar-driven classic hard rock and traditional heavy metal, sealed     $15

Messiah “Final Warning” (93) – rare early reissue, old school dark melodic heavy metal ala Messiah Prophet, Uriah Heep, etc. Hot Metal     $25

Messiah “Final Warning” (10) – reissue of the 1984 classic, melodic and traditional metal ala Saint, Philadelphia, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Messiah “Going Insane” (10) – reissue of the 1986 classic, traditional and melodic metal ala Bloodgood, Emerald, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Messiah Prophet Band “Rock The Flock” (84) – commercial metal and melodic hard rock w/a bold message. UCAN     $25

Messiah Prophet “Master Of The Metal” (86) – straightforward heavy metal and commercial hard rock, sealed. Pure Metal     $35

Metanoia “Don’t Walk Dead” (98) – crushingly heavy grinding blasting brutal Australian death metal w/classic metal influences. Rowe     $8

Metanoia "Time To Die" (99) – extreme black and death metal from Australia w/deep growling vocals and shredding guitar, sealed. Rowe     $20

Krystal Meyers “Krystal Meyers” (05) – driving power pop and hard rock ala Avril Lavigne, etc, w/angst and vocal aggression. Essential     $5

Krystal Meyers “Dying For A Heart” (06) – a guitar-heavy sound, the Christian entertainment industry’s rock princess, sealed. Essential     $10

Krystal Meyers "Make Some Noise" (08) – powerful groove-filled 80s bouncy dance beats ala Gwen Stefani, etc. Essential     $5

Midnight Orchestra "Land Of Nod" (99) – goth-influenced hard rock and metal ala Katatonia, Tiamat, Moonspell, etc, dark and melodic. Minuteman     $8

Millennial Reign "Carry The Fire" (15) – traditional melodic hard rock and power metal ala Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Mindrage “Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power” (99) – hard rock and metal ala Pantera, Living Sacrifice, etc, killer riffs, sealed. Bulletproof     $10

Mindset 7 “Blur” (02) – 80s and 90s melodic hard rock ala Bon Jovi, Collective Soul, Goo Goo Dolls, etc, w/guitar pick, sealed. Melodic Mayhem     $8

Minier “Minier” (90) – debut solo album by Greg Minier of The Crucified, awesome Bay Area thrash metal ala Metallica, Megadeth, etc. REX     $35

Minier "Minier" (17) – reissue of the 1990 classic, w/6 bonus demos and interview, crunchy whiplash thrash ala Deliverance, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Miseration “Your Demons–Their Angels” (07) – melodic death metal that ups the heaviness factor significantly, sealed. Rivel     $15

Miss Angie "100 Million Eyeballs" (97) – creative guitar-heavy 90s rock and pop w/a teeny-bopper touch. Myrrh     $7

Miss Angie “Triumphantine” (99) – unique and original energetic alternative melodic power pop rock w/some Doors-style organ. Myrrh     $5

Miss Angie "Time & Space" (10) – more mature sounding than before, fresh modern rock w/angelic vocals and spiritually strong lyrics     $7

Mission Of One "Mission Of One" (08) – infectious hard rock, guitar-driven classic rock, and heavy blues rock ala Rez Band, Bride, etc. Ten 17     $10

Mission Of One "Hostile To The Gospel" (13) – catchy blues based hard rock and straightforward heavy metal w/an immense guitar sound. TMG     $10

PK Mitchell “All Hail The Power” (94) – old hymns put to heavy groove and funk metal, outstanding, sealed. Rugged     $18

Modest Attraction "The Truth In Your Face" (94) – 70s hard rock ala Sweet, Rainbow, Deep Purple, etc, w/Christian Liljegren on vocals. Viva     $20

Monsterus “Zealots In The Land Of Nod (02) – if Ozzy, U2, Rob Zombie, and POD were thrown in a blender, sealed. B2E     $15

Moonlight Agony “Echoes Of A Nightmare” (04) – mystical Swedish heavy symphonic power metal, sealed. Nightmare     $15

Morbid Sacrifice “Severed Death” (06) – old school death and traditional metal, heavy brutal and in your face, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Morella’s Forest “Super Deluxe” (95) – 80s new wave and indie pop melodic fuzz guitar rock, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $7

Morgarten "Risen To Fight" (15) – quality melodic symphonic folk metal from Switzerland, w/hints of atmospheric black and death, sealed     $15

Morphia “Fading Beauty” (04) – dark beautiful symphonic doom metal from the Netherlands ala Paramaecium, GROMS, etc, sealed. Fear Dark     $18

Neal Morse "So Many Roads" (09) – 3 CD set recorded live in Europe, brilliant powerful prog rock covering his entire career, sealed. Metal Blade     $12

Neal Morse "Testimony Two" (11) – 2 CD version w/bonus disc, brilliant melodic progressive rock, intense and moving, sealed. Metal Blade     $12

Neal Morse "Cover 2 Cover" (12) – awesome prog rock covers of Jethro Tull, Styx, Neil Young, Joe Cocker, Elvis Costello, etc, sealed. Metal Blade     $8

Neal Morse "Momentum" (12) – an undeniable musical force of quality epic progressive melodic hard rock w/top notch musicianship. Metal Blade     $8

Neal Morse "God Won't Give Up" (16) – reissue, w/bonus track, creative timeless praise and worship, sealed. Radiant     $7

Mortal “Lusis” (92) – a groundbreaking industrial rock concoction of heavy raw distorted guitars and electro beats and samples ala NIN, etc. Intense     $8

Mortal "Fathom" (93) – heavy industrial rock and metal w/some lush and haunting parts as well, some surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $8

Mortal "Wake" (94) – 90s alternative melodic hard rock and garage punk w/an awesome Beatles cover, some surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $5

Mortal "Pura" (95) – dance-based meditational rock, alternative techno industrial worship w/powerful lyrics and strong instrumentals. Intense     $5

Mortal “Mortal” (96) – industrial, dance, rock, metal, and praise and worship, booklet autographed by Jyro and Jerome. 5 Minute Walk     $10

Mortification "Scrolls Of The Megilloth" (92) – a heavy brutal fast technical melodic death metal classic, looks rough but plays fine. Intense     $20

Mortification "Post Momentary Affliction" (93) – classic early 90s savage thrash and death metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $25

Mortification “Live Planetarium” (93) – a great speed metal and thrash feast recorded live in Australia, some surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $12

Mortification “Blood World” (94) – a must for thrash metal fans, the best selling album of their entire career. Nuclear Blast     $10

Mortification “Primitive Rhythm Machine” (95) – classically influenced, straight hard rock and metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $8

Mortification “The Best Of Five Years” (95) – an excellent history of the band, w/2 unreleased songs, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $7

Mortification “Envision Evangelene” (96) – mixes power metal, death, and thrash, w/an epic 18-minute title track. Rowe     $8

Mortification "Live Without Fear" (96) – recorded live w/a raw intimate in-the-club feel, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Rowe     $7

Mortification “Noah Sat Down And Listened To The…” (96) – recorded live and raw, plus a Steve Rowe interview. Rowe     $35

Mortification “KMG Classic Archives” (98) – 2 CD set, ‘Mortification’ and ‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth.’ KMG     $12

Mortification “Triumph Of Mercy” (98) – a cross between classic/power metal and classic metal meets hardcore. Rowe     $7

Mortification “Hammer Of God” (99) – a classic metal sound, mixing in a lot of thrash and a piano. Metal Blade     $8

Mortification “10 Years Live Not Dead” (00) – includes a new song not previously released. Metal Blade     $7

Mortification "Break The Curse 1990" (01) – reissue, exudes a raw charm as early power and thrash influences meet death metal growling. Rowe     $10

Mortification "The Silver Cord Is Severed" (01) – excellent melodic thrash, heavy metal, and power groove w/incredible guitar and drums. Rowe     $8

Mortification “The Silver Cord Is Severed/10 Years Live Not Dead” (01) – rare 2 CD set, flying the flag of raw heavy metal. Nuclear Blast     $15

Mortification “Power, Pain & Passion 1990–2000” (03) – greatest hits, plus 4 acoustic bonus tracks, sealed. KMG     $12

Mortification “Brain Cleaner” (04) – a big dose of ‘Post Momentary Affliction’-era death and thrash metal. Rowe     $10

Mortification “Erasing The Goblin” (06) – Limited Edition, numbered, booklet autographed by entire band, death thrash and doom, sealed. Rowe     $45

Mortification “Mortification” (07) – reissue, thrash metal and early death metal, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Mortification “Live Humanitarian” (07) – captures the band’s live energy w/excellent sound quality, sealed. Rowe     $18

Mortification “Blood World” (08) – reissue, gold disc, w/bonus tracks, extreme innovative thrash metal. Metal Mind     $15

Mortification “Envision Evangelene” (08) – reissue, gold disc, w/bonus tracks, traditional heavy metal and thrash. Metal Mind     $15

Mortification “Triumph Of Mercy” (08) – reissue, gold disc, w/bonus tracks, pummeling death metal w/razor sharp riffs. Metal Mind     $15

Mortification “Hammer Of God” (08) – reissue, gold disc, w/bonus tracks, heavy powerful hard rock and metal. Metal Mind     $15

Mortification “The Silver Cord Is Severed/10 Years Live Not Dead” (08) – reissue, 2 gold disc CD set, w/bonus tracks. Metal Mind     $15

Mortification "The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine" (09) – classic power metal and thrash w/hints of death, sealed. Rowe     $15

Mortification “Break The Curse 1990-2010: 20th Anniversary Gold Edition” (10) – 2 disc set w/bonus tracks, DVD, and guitar pick, sealed. Roxx     $15

Mortification “Twenty Years In The Underground” (10) – 2 CD set, rerecorded classics, live tracks, acoustic, etc, sealed. Nuclear Blast     $15

Mortification “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” (12) – a pure assault of heavy fast molten death and thrash metal mayhem, sealed. Rowe     $15

Mortification “Relentless” (13) – reissue, w/4 bonus live tracks from Christmas Rock Night 2002, thrash power and speed metal, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Mortification “Brain Cleaner” (13) – reissue, w/7 bonus live tracks from Revolution Metal Fest 2004, death metal and grind, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Mortification “Erasing The Goblin” (13) – reissue, w/9 bonus live tracks from Nordic Fest 2007, old school death and thrash, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Mortification "Scribe Of The Pentateuch" (13) – reissue, w/live bonus tracks, molten heavy metal meets classic doom death and thrash. Soundmass     $10

Mortification "Realm Of The Skelataur" (15) – epic old school total thrashing death metal, a true return to form for the band, sealed. Rowe     $18

The Moshketeers “The Downward Spiral” (10) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, classic thrash metal brilliance ala Anthrax, Overkill, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Mouth Of The South "Struggle Well" (14) – intricate progressive hardcore metal from Texas, melodic and brutal w/groove, sealed. Facedown     $12

M Pire “Chapter One” (95) – heavy blues-based melodic metal and hard rock, w/Joshua Peraiah on guitar. Long Island     $18

The Mustard Seeds “Red” (98) – hard crunchy heavy alternative rock w/King’s X and Beatles influences, sealed. Radio Mafia     $8

MxPx "Pokinatcha" (94) – a definite milestone in the birth of pop punk, blistering pure craziness ala Good Charlotte, Blink 182, etc. Tooth & Nail     $10

MxPx "On The Cover" (95) – punk rock covers of Buddy Holly, Bryan Adams, A-ha, etc, some writing on disc/insert but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

MxPx “Move To Bremerton (96) – the band’s signature pop punk energy ala Blink 182, Green Day, etc, plus a live acoustic track. Tooth & Nail     $5

MxPx "At The Show" (99) – live in concert, blazing over-the-top punk rock anthems and an excellent sounding recording, sealed. Tooth and Nail     $10

MxPx "The Ever Passing Moment" (00) – incredibly catchy driving pop rock and punk ala Elvis Costello, The Clash, Green Day, etc. A&M     $5

MxPx "Lets Rock" (06) – a collection of unreleased songs, fast catchy rock and pop, some surface scratches but plays fine. SideOneDummy     $5

MxPx "Secret Weapon" (07) – fast furious heavy pop punk energy, melodic and aggressive, a refreshing return to their roots, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Mychildren Mybride “Unbreakable” (08) – brutal metal and deathcore w/a nod to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, sealed. Solid State     $12

Mychildren Mybride “Lost Boy” (10) – breakdowns and mosh parts that pulverize and destroy, sealed. Solid State     $12

Mychildren Mybride “Mychildren Mybride” (12) – hard-hitting addictive hardcore metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

My Little Dog China “The Velvis Carnival” (94) – early 90s grunge rock w/good songwriting and cool lyrics. Alarma     $5

Mylon & Broken Heart "Big World" (89) – classic rock and pop, arguably their best and hardest, some surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $8

Mylon & Broken Heart "Crank It Up" (90) – solid classic 80s hard rock w/chunky guitars and great lyrics ala Petra, etc. Star Song     $12

Mylon & Broken Heart "A Decade Of Love" (91) – the best of the praise side of the band, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $5

My Ransomed Soul "Trilateral" (15) – vicious biting hardcore metal w/killer technical riffs ala For Today, etc, heavy and brash, brutal and melodic     $7

Myrath “Hope” (07) – convincing progressive power and thrash metal from Tunisia, w/some folk influences, sealed. Brennus     $15

Myrath “Desert Call” (10) – top notch heavy progressive power metal w/cool Middle Eastern melodies ala Symphony X, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Myrath “Tales Of The Sands” (11) – Arabian heavy melodic progressive metal w/Middle Eastern sounds ala Kamelot, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $12

The Myriad “With Arrows With Poise” (08) – dynamic experimental melodic indie rock and pop w/crunchy guitars, cutout, sealed. Koch     $10

My Silent Wake “Shadow Of Sorrow” (06) – the masters of brilliant inventive death and doom metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

My Silent Wake “The Anatomy Of Melancholy” (07) – 2 CD set, inventive death and doom metal w/gothic overtones, sealed. Bombworks     $15

My Silent Wake “A Garland Of Tears” (08) – heavy chunky riffage and delicate soundscapes, sealed. Bombworks     $12

My Silent Wake “The Anatomy Of Melancholy (Reanimated Edition)” (13) – 2 CD reissue, doom metal masterpiece, sealed. Bombworks     $15

My Silent Wake “Silver Under Midnight” (13) – exceptional ultra heavy skull-crushing gothic doom metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

My Silent Wake “Preservation Restoration Reconstruction” (14) – acoustic neo-medieval melancholic folk, w/bonus tracks, sealed. Bombworks     $15

My Silent Wake "Invitation To Imperfection" (16) – incredibly mesmerizing dark ambient doom and atmospheric black metal, sealed. Opa-Loka     $15

Nailed “All Washed Up” (96) – heavy hard rock, produced by Dale Thompson and PK Mitchell, surface scratches but plays fine. Rugged     $5

Nailed “Entity” (99) – driving guitar hard rock from Tennessee ala Disciple, Nickelback, etc, produced by Dale Thompson, sealed. Rugged     $10

Narnia “Awakening” (98) – neo-classical Swedish guitar-shredding melodic power metal influenced heavily by Yngwie Malmsteen. Nuclear Blast     $12

Narnia “Course Of A Generation” (09) – heavy guitar-driven melodic metal from Sweden w/neoclassical and symphonic elements, sealed. Massacre     $12

Narnia "Narnia" (16) – strong guitar-driven melodic hard rock and neo-classical progressive power metal, an amazing return to their roots, sealed     $15

Necromance “Wiederkehr Der Schmerzen” (99) – industrial gothic metal from Germany, sealed. Pleitegeier     $15

Necromanicider “Revelations Of The Third Millennium” (04) – death metal w/thrash and grind, sealed. Extreme     $12

Neizbezhnost "Inevitability" (08) – Limited Edition, Numbered, melodic black and death metal from the Ukraine ala Cradle Of Filth, etc. Sullen     $8

Neocracy "The Instinct For Conflict" (07) – melodic American hard rock and death metal w/brutal guitars and vocals and incredible drumming     $8

Neon Cross “Torn” (95) – a bluesy grunge-based progressive metal sound w/occasional acoustic Led Zeppelin vibe. Rugged     $7

Nephesh "Inter Armas Silent Leges" (09) – symphonic black metal ala Dimmu Borgir, Divine Symphony, etc, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $15

Nephesh "Hated By This World" (11) – epic South American symphonic black metal ala Dimmu Borgir, etc, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $12

Neversatan "Walking In The Cold Night" (14) – atmospheric black symphonic doom and death metal w/some medieval elements, sealed. Extreme     $15

New Eden “Obscure Master Plan” (99) – 80s technical power metal, lots of double bass, speedy guitar playing, sealed. Nuclear Blast     $12

New Jerusalem "New Jerusalem" (97) – reissue, 1970s classic hard rock/bluesy metal ala Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, etc. Bulletproof     $8

Newsboys "Take Me To Your Leader" (96) – solid edgy rock and pop, argurably the best of their career, looks rough but plays fine. Star Song     $5

New Testament “Apocalypse” (09) – power and thrash metal w/doomy overtones ala Trouble, etc, sealed. Stormspell     $12

Nifty Tom 50 "All My Dreams" (99) – catchy ska, songs that make you jump, songs that make you think, sealed. Asterisk     $8

Nine Lashes “World We View” (12) – accessible hard rock full of hooks and catchy choruses, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Nineteen88 “The Great American Rock And Roll Spectacle” (04) – 80s hard rock and commercial melodic metal ala AC/DC, etc, sealed. Select     $10

Nodes Of Ranvier “Lost Senses, More Innocence” (02) – melds melodic progressive metal w/furious attack of death metal. Facedown     $5

Nodes Of Ranvier “The Years To Come” (05) – heavy solid metal w/growls, breakdowns, intensity, and uncompromising riffs. Facedown     $5

Noisy Little Sunbeams “Noisy Little Sunbeams” (92) – Australian pop rock w/great guitar and a Bryan Adams cover. Benson     $5

No Laughing Matter “Monstor” (90) – groundbreaking dark alternative rock w/a catchy beat. REX     $8

Norma Jean “O God The Aftermath” (05) – hard aggressive raw and heavy, more structured and accessible than before. Solid State     $8

Norma Jean “O God The Aftermath” (06) – 2 disc set, w/DVD, pummeling hardcore metal w/heavy guitar riffing, sealed. Solid State     $12

Bebo Norman "Myself When I Am Real" (02) – solid acoustic folk pop w/catchy hooks and gritty vocals, surface scratches but plays fine. Essential     $5

Normandy "Denied" (98) – dynamic mysterious groove-filled classic 80s glam arena rock w/a dark edge and driving guitar, sealed. Kalubone     $10

Nothing Til Blood “When Lambs Become Lions” (11) – gritty crunchy sizzling chugging catchy hardcore. Strike First     $8

Novella "One Big Sky" (91) – powerful commercial hard rock and melodic pop hair metal w/big hooks and choruses ala Journey, etc. Star Song     $30

Novella "A Liquid Earth" (92) – quality melodic hard rock anthems ala Mastedon, Van Halen, etc, w/King's X style vocal harmonies. Star Song     $10

Oblivion “Renewal” (02) – modern heavy death/thrash metal ala Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah, etc, sealed. CL Music     $15

Oil "Choice Cuts Off The Chopping Block" (03) – recorded live, heavy melodic power metal w/groove and crunch, great guitar solos, sealed. Roxx     $15

Once Dead “Visions Of Hell” (08) – classic meets modern thrash and speed metal, w/former members of Vengeance Rising, sealed. Open Grave     $12

One Bad Pig "Smash" (89) – punk and thrash metal crossover from Texas, loaded w/infectious choruses and heavy guitars. Pure Metal     $30

One Bad Pig “Swine Flew” (90) – guitar-driven classic metal, a unique mix of hard punk and thrash, w/great anthems and a Petra cover. Myrrh     $18

One Bad Pig "I Scream Sunday" (91) – punk and funk meet thrash metal, plus some emotional worship songs and a duet w/Johnny Cash. Myrrh     $18

One Bad Pig “Live: Blow The House Down!” (92) – recorded live at Cornerstone 1991, a testimony to the band’s fun and energy. Myrrh     $8

One Bad Pig "Love You To Death" (16) – impressive reunion album from the godfathers of Christian punk/thrash metal, sealed. Porky's Demise     $12

One-21 "One-21" (01) – amazing old-fashioned street punk w/unique and memorable twists, catchy and diverse, sealed. Facedown     $8

Onward To Olympas "The War Within Us" (11) – outstanding powerful melodic hardcore metal, hard-hitting and tough, sealed. Facedown     $12

The Orange County Supertones "Chase The Sun" (99) – infectiously catchy rocking punk ska and reggae w/bold in-your-face lyrics, sealed. BEC     $8

OC Supertones "Loud And Clear" (00) – fun catchy punk, ska-flavored rock, reggae, and hardcore pop, a few surface scratches but plays fine. BEC     $5

OC Supertones "Live Volume 1" (02) – captures all the ska-based energy and emotion of their live show, surface scratches but plays fine. BEC     $5

OC Supertones "Hi-Fi Revival" (02) – the ska is gone, replaced by brilliant funk oriented pop and rock w/addictive grooves. Tooth & Nail     $5

Orationem "Your Presence And Strength" (16) – American symphonic 90s black metal, w/Thomas Eversole from Grim, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Ordained Fate “Ordained Fate” (92) – heavy female-fronted speed, thrash, and power metal ala Barren Cross, Sacred Warrior, etc. Wonderland     $8

Ordained Fate "Glimmer Of Hope" (95) – classic heavy power metal and thrash ala Bride, Barren Cross, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior, etc. PAC     $15

Ordained Fate "Demo Anthology" (14) – classic heavy metal meets power and thrash ala Bride, Deliverance, etc, demos from 1986-1990. Stormspell     $10

Orphan Project "Orphan Found" (03) – a guitar driven American progressive hard rock concept album w/great songwriting ala Kansas, etc, sealed     $15

Orphan Project “Spooning Out The Sea” (09) – advance promo copy, w/contact info, etc. NePlusUltra     $5

Orphan Project “Spooning Out The Sea” (09) – combines best aspects of hard rock, metal, and progressive rock, sealed. NePlusUltra     $12

Oskord “Weapon Of Hope” (11) – modern metal and folk w/members of Holy Blood and Coram Deo, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Out Of Darkness "Out Of Darkness" (16) – reissue of the 1970 classic, powerful psychedelic rock w/guitar heroics ala Jimi Hendrix, etc. Prog Temple     $10

Overcome “Blessed Are The Persecuted” (95) – classic straightahead loud and heavy 90s hardcore metal. Tooth & Nail     $7

Overcome “The Great Campaign Of Sabotage” (11) – heavy intense engaging hardcore metal. Facedown     $7

The Overseer “We Search, We Dig” (12) – heavy atmospheric technical melodic metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

The Overseer “Rest And Let Go” (14) – heavy hard-riffing metal and hard rock ala Underoath, Blindside, etc, sealed. Solid State     $12

Pacto de Sangre “Alerta” (04) – Puerto Rican power metal w/elements of thrash and melodic metal. Khaosmaster     $10

Pantokrator "Songs Of Solomon" (01) – brutal thrash-oriented melodic death metal from Sweden ala Schaliach, early Mortification, etc, sealed     $25

Pantokrator “Aurum” (07) – breathtaking bone-breaking progressive melodic death metal spit out in technical perfection. Whirlwind     $12

Pantokrator “A Decade Of Thoughts” (07) – heavy brutal death metal classics, plus 7 unreleased songs, sealed. Momentum Scandinavia     $15

Pantokrator “Incarnate” (13) – progressive punishing Swedish death metal, symphonic atmosphere and slamming heaviness, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Pantokrator "Aurum" (14) – reissue, w/awesome bonus tracks, crushing brutal progressive melodic death metal from Sweden, sealed. Rottweiler     $15

Parakletos “Offerlammets Makt” (04) – interesting symphonic black metal full of hooks and melodies, sealed. Rivel     $18

Paralisis “Cegado Del Mal” (07) – from Ecuador, melodic progressive technical death metal and thrash ala Extol, sealed     $12

Paramaecium "Exhumed Of The Earth" (93) – arguably the most powerful and moving Christian death and doom metal album ever. LowRoof     $30

German Pascual “A New Beginning” (12) – soaring melodic power metal solo album from Narnia vocalist, sealed. Nightmare     $12

PAX217 “Engage” (02) – intense solid rock and flares of reggae, filled w/tension and contagious energy ala 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Forefront     $5

Charlie Peacock "Full Circle–A Celebration Of Songs And Friends" (04) – new versions of his classics, w/Jon Foreman, Phil Keaggy, etc. Sparrow     $5

Joshua Perahia "Chapter One" (01) – reissue, heavy bluesy 80s melodic hard rock and metal w/shredding solos and smooth vocals. M&K Sound     $12

Joshua Perahia "Surrender" (08) – reissue, 80s melodic metal and hard rock w/great lead guitar ala Holy Soldier, Whitecross, etc. Ma & Pa Music     $12

Joshua Perahia "Chapter One" (08) – reissue, blues-based heavy melodic metal and hard rock ala Whitesnake, Tesla, etc, sealed. Ma and Pa Music     $18

Perpetual Legacy "A New Symphony For Him" (15) – symphonic power metal w/female vocals ala Nightwish, Epica, etc, sealed. Metal Survivor     $15

Petra "Petra" (74) – their classic debut, straightforward bluesy rock ala Allman Brothers, REO Speedwagon, etc, w/great dual guitar leads. Word     $25

Petra “Come And Join Us” (77) – classic 70s guitar rock, laid the foundation for every single Christian rock band that followed. Word     $25

Petra “More Power To Ya” (82) – classic early 80s rock ala Journey, Foreigner, Def Leppard, etc. Star Song     $12

Petra "Beat The System" (84) – fun 80s techno rock w/excellent synth work, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $10

Petra “This Means War!” (87) – a new mature forceful sounding band w/John Schlitt on vocals, solid driving 80s melodic rock. Star Song     $10

Petra "On Fire!" (88) – fantastic guitar-driven melodic hard rock and ballads, showcasing some of the band's heaviest moments ever. Star Song     $12

Petra “Praise: The Rock Cries Out” (89) – praise and worship w/plenty of crunchy guitar to go around. Dayspring     $8

Petra “War And Remembrance” (90) – Disc 2 of their rare ‘best of’ compilation, classic melodic rock. Star Song     $8

Petra “Beyond Belief” (90) – powerful and spiritually uplifting 80s arena rock recorded at the height of the band's career. Dayspring     $8

Petra “Unseen Power” (91) – retains a driving edge, less commercial pop metal than before. Dayspring     $7

Petra “En Alabanza” (92) – same music, same voices, but Spanish language version of ‘The Rock Cries Out.’ Dayspring     $8

Petra “Wake-Up Call” (93) – 80s rock the whole way through, w/stunning guitar solos. Dayspring     $7

Petra “Power Praise” (93) – driving praise and worship music from the 80s and early 90s. Star Song     $7

Petra "Beyond Belief" (95) – reissue, a great mix of hard rock and ballads w/powerful lyrics, amazing vocals, and catchy hooks, sealed. Curb     $12

Petra “No Doubt” (95) – a nice mix of rockers and mid tempo stuff ala Journey, Survivor, Van Halen, Styx, etc. Word     $7

Petra “The Early Years” (96) – a good collection of songs coming from albums released in 1979 and 1981, sealed. Star Song     $8

Petra “Praise: The Rock Cries Out” (97) – reissue, the album that broke new ground in genre of worship music, sealed. Curb     $12

Petra "Praise 2: We Need Jesus" (97) – praise and worship, a diverse mix of rock styles w/guest vocals by John Elefante and Lou Gramm. Word     $7

Petra “God Fixation” (98) – less 80s rock and more modern rock than before, a little more mellow. Word     $7

Petra “Double Take” (00) – new acoustic rearrangements of classic Petra songs, plus 2 new songs, sealed. Word     $8

Petra "Revival" (01) – the band's third praise and worship album, a bold and brilliant mix of classic rock, pop, and ballads. Inpop     $7

Petra “Still Means War!” (02) – solid hard driving rock, all their best songs of conquest and victory, sealed. Word     $10

Petra “Jekyll & Hyde” (03) – if you like hard rocking Petra, this CD will blow your socks off, sealed. Inpop     $12

Petra “Farewell” (05) – w/classics, worship favorites, and special guests Greg X Volz and John Lawry, sealed. Inpop     $12

Petra “The Praise Collection” (06) – 2 CD box set, ‘Praise’ and ‘Praise 2,’ pioneering praise and worship, sealed. Word     $15

Petra “The Early Years” (06) – reissue, a great collection of their songs from the late 70s and early 80s, sealed. Star Song     $7

Petra “More Power To Ya/This Means War!” (08) – 2 CD set, classic solid driving 80s rock. EMI     $12

Petra “Back To The Rock” (10) – re-recorded classics by the Greg X Volz era of the band, plus 2 new songs, sealed     $12

Petra “Best Of The 80s” (12) – many of the greatest hits of the band at the peak of its career, sealed. Star Song     $10

Petra "More Power To Ya" (12) – 30th Anniversary Edition reissue, w/3 bonus tracks, classic early 80s rock ala Journey, etc sealed. Star Song     $12

Petra “This Means War!” (12) – 25th Anniversary Edition reissue, w/3 bonus tracks, edgy 80s rock, sealed. Star Song     $12

Petra “The Best Of: The Millennium Collection” (14) – some of the greatest classics from this pioneering band, sealed. Star Song     $12

Philadelphia “Tell The Truth” (99) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, pure 80s Judas Priest classic metal and melodic hard rock at its best, sealed. M8     $12

Philadelphia "Search And Destroy" (00) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, aggressive 70s and 80s rock and metal ala Bride, Priest, etc, sealed. Magdalene     $12

Philadelphia "Warlord" (16) – hard-driving melodic rock and traditional metal comeback album, w/bonus track and guitar pick, sealed. Roxx     $15

Mike Phillips “Mirrors Within Mirrors” (09) – debut solo album from Deliverance guitarist, w/autographed poster, sealed. Roxx     $12

Philmore "Philmore" (00) – a mix of 80s metal and pop punk rock w/a Bon Jovi cover, some surface scratches but plays fine. 5 Minute Walk     $5

Phinehas “The God Machine” (11) – outstanding hardcore metal ala As I Lay Dying, A Day To Remember, etc. Red Cord Records     $8

Phinehas "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" (13) – devastating melodic hardcore death metal ala War Of Ages, etc, brutality meets purity. Red Cord     $8

Pillar “Above” (00) – weaves rock, rap and funk w/catchy riffs and melodic interludes, sealed. Flicker     $8

Pillar "Fireproof" (02) – heavy crunchy guitars and melodic vocals, raw powerful groove rock ala POD, etc. Flicker     $5

Pillar "Fireproof" (03) – rare promo advance, raw powerful bass-heavy groove rock ala POD, Limp Bizkit, etc. MCA     $8

Pillar "Fireproof" (03) – 2 disc set w/bonus DVD, heavy crunchy guitars and melodic vocals, sealed. MCA     $12

Pillar “Broken Down: The EP” (03) – w/acoustic songs, live songs, and a new song. Flicker     $5

Pillar “Where Do We Go From Here” (04) – loud and aggressive hard rock w/tons of melody and emotion. Flicker     $5

Pillar "Where Do We Go From Here" (05) – Limited Edition, w/bonus tracks and DVD, in original slipcover, aggressive melodic hard rock. Flicker     $8

Pillar “The Reckoning” (06) – heavy stomping hard rock and metal w/melodic riffs ala Disciple, etc. Flicker     $5

Pillar “The Reckoning” (06) – 2 disc Special Edition set w/bonus DVD, from aggressive metal to simple melodic pop, sealed. Flicker     $15

Pillar "For The Love Of The Game" (08) – melodic hard rock anthems meet late 80s hair metal ala Skid Row, Def Leppard, etc, sealed. Essential     $10

Pillar “Confessions” (09) – hard rock ala Decyfer Down, Red, Skillet, etc, w/a fantastic Collective Soul cover, sealed. Essential     $10

Place Of Skulls "Love Through Blood" (11) – reissue, w/bonus live tracks, classic melodic doom metal ala Sabbath, Trouble, etc, sealed. Outlaw     $18

Plankeye Commonwealth (96) – raw power pop that rocks out in an intelligent way, water damage to booklet but disc is fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

Plankeye “The One And Only” (97) – modern catchy punk-influenced power pop rock ala Foo Fighters, etc. Tooth & Nail     $7

A Plea For Purging “Depravity” (09) – heavy metal ala Unearth, Between The Buried And Me, etc, sealed. Facedown     $12

Plumb "Plumb" (97) – edgy catchy rock and aggressive pop w/powerful female vocals ala Garbage, Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega, etc. Essential     $5

Plumb "Beautiful Lumps Of Coal" (03) – catchy pop and rock anthems and ballads w/incredible female vocals and great production, sealed. Curb     $5

Plumb "Exhale" (15) – industrial meets epic pop worship w/angelic female vocals, powerful soaring melodic anthems, honest and passionate. Curb     $5

Pocket Full Of Rocks “Manifesto” (07) – booklet autographed by Michael Farren, Ryan Riggins, and Jody Crump. Curb     $8

Pocket Full Of Rocks “More Than Noise” (10) – simple and catchy melodic guitar-hooked praise and worship, sealed. Myrrh     $10

POD “Snuff The Punk” (99) – reissue of their debut, heavy thrashy metal w/funky rhythms and hardcore rap influences, sealed. Rescue     $15

POD "The Warriors EP" (99) – hard hitting rock ala Rage Against The Machine, etc, thunderous and edgy. Tooth & Nail     $25

POD “The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown” (99) – catchy hard rock and modern metal, surface scratches but plays fine. Atlantic     $5

POD “Live” (01) – reissue, hard loud music, sounds so good it could have been recorded in a studio, sealed. Rescue     $10

POD “Satellite” (01) – arguably the band’s best album, awesome metal and hard rock w/its own unique sound. Atlantic     $5

POD "Satellite" (02) – Limited Edition w/bonus tracks, groove-laced hardcore-based melodic hard rock, missing DVD. Atlantic     $7

POD “Payable On Death” (03) – w/Living Sacrifice’s Jason Truby on hard-driving guitar, surface scratches but plays fine. Atlantic     $5

POD “Payable On Death” (03) – 2 disc set w/PlayStation 2 game, accessible and catchy melodic rock, heavy drumbeats and bass. Atlantic     $5

POD “The Warriors EP Vol 2” (05) – demos from the ‘Testify’ recording sessions, plus live songs, etc, sealed. Atlantic     $7

POD “Testify” (06) – edgy hard rock and radio friendly pop and reggae w/lots of diversity, sealed. Atlantic     $12

POD “Testify” (06) – rare Limited Edition 2 CD set, hardback book style, bonus tracks, commentary, etc, sealed. Atlantic    $25

POD “When Angels & Serpents Dance” (08) – low-key hard rock w/elements of metal, Latin, funk, jazz, and pop. INO     $5

POD "SoCal Sessions" (14) – amazing unplugged acoustic versions of some of their best songs and greatest hits. Universal     $8

Point Of Recognition “Day Of Defeat” (02) – heavy brutal intense pummeling hardcore metal ala Hatebreed, etc, sealed. Facedown     $10

Poor Old Lu "Mindsize" (93) – unique brilliant 70s influenced alternative rock, a mix of catchy upbeat songs and darker grungy songs. Alarma     $5

Poor Old Lu "Chrono (1993-1998)" (98) – best of the band, mellow power pop rock w/great lyrics, minor signs of wear but not bad. KMG     $5

Power Of Omens “Rooms Of Anguish” (02) – highly complex and technical progressive metal, sealed. MetalAges     $15

Pownd “Circle Of Power” (07) – 70s/80s heavy rock and metal, aggressive, mega riffy, groove oriented, sealed. Nightmare     $12

The Prayer Chain "Shawl" (93) – an unrelenting assault of churning Alice In Chains style grunge and galloping rock w/fiery guitar work. Reunion     $5

Precious Death “If You Must” (94) – funk hard rock mosh w/killer songs and awesome vocals ala King’s X, Galactic Cowboys, etc. Metro One     $5

Preston “Toys From Hell” (91) – a fusion of 80s hard rock, psychedelic, progressive, and folk, w/Xalt’s Jim Erdman on guitar     $15

Project Damage Control “Project Damage Control” (05) – melodic pop rock w/John Schlitt and Louie Weaver from Petra, sealed     $5

Project 86 “Project 86” (98) – established the band as one of more promising hardcore/metal groups in Christian music, sealed. BEC     $12

Project 86 “Drawing Black Lines” (00) – intense emotion-filled hard rock w/plenty of raw power, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Project 86 “Songs To Burn Your Bridges By” (04) – intelligent hard rock w/hooks, chunky riffs, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Project 86 “And The Rest Will Follow” (05) – harder rock and more melodic than before, less angry, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Project 86 “Rival Factions” (07) – raw melodic and groovy hard rock and metal, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Project 86 “Picket Fence Cartel” (09) – heavy hitting, menacing guitar chords, mesmerizing rhythms. Tooth & Nail     $8

Puller “What’s Mine At Twilight” (01) – laid back melodic rock w/a raw garage rock feel to it. Tooth & Nail     $5

Pushstart Wagon "Squeaky Clean" (94) – upbeat underground alternative rock w/genius lyrics. Brainstorm     $7

Pylon "Doom" (09) – monumental blistering traditional doom metal w/progressive overtones ala Black Sabbath, Trouble, etc, sealed. Quam Libet     $15

Pylon "Armoury Of God" (11) – epic doom metal w/heavy slow riffing from Switzerland ala Black Sabbath, Candlemass, etc, sealed. Quam Libet     $15

Pylon “The Harrowing Of Hell” (13) – heavy epic crunching doom metal from Switzerland ala Trouble, Sabbath, Candlemass, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Pylon “Homo Homini Lupus” (14) – heavy progressive Swiss doom metal ala Black Sabbath, Trouble, etc, w/autographed insert, sealed. Roxx     $12

Pylon "The Eternal Wedding Band" (16) – reissue, 10th Anniversary Edition w/bonus tracks, heavy doom metal from Switzerland, sealed. Roxx     $15

Pylon "A Lament" (16) – heavy somber epic doom metal from Switzerland, relentless and biting w/guest Ian Arkley on guitar, sealed. Roxx     $15

Pyramaze “Melancholy Beast” (04) – melodic progressive power metal w/Lance King on vocals, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Pyramaze “Legend Of The Bone Carver” (06) – epic melodic power metal w/symphonic and progressive tendencies, sealed. Nightmare    $12

Paul Q-Pek "Touch The Ground" (96) – solo album from One Bad Pig guitarist, intense ala Peter Gabriel, etc, w/a Howard Jones cover. Absolute     $5

Quest For Serenity "Moonlight Worship" (13) – atmospheric black metal from United Kingdom, cold and unrelenting, intense and hypnotic, sealed     $12

Quest For Serenity "Into A New Dimension" (14) – an explosive spacey black metal masterpiece w/some keyboards and acoustic guitar, sealed     $12

Rachel Rachel "Way To My Heart" (91) – female guitar-driven late 80s rock and power ballads, w/cover of 'Carry On Wayward Son.' Dayspring     $18

Rachel Rachel "You Oughta Know By Now" (93) – female-fronted rock ala Pat Benatar, Ransom, Fighter, etc, powerful and catchy. Dayspring     $15

Rackets & Drapes “Candyland” (98) – dark menacing industrial gothic heavy metal shock rock ala Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, etc, sealed. MCM     $20

Rainforce "Lion's Den" (17) – raw 70s hard rock from Switzerland, w/members of Pylon and guests from Barren Cross, X-Sinner, etc, sealed. Roxx     $15

Random Eyes “Invisible” (08) – heavy and catchy melodic metal and hard rock from Finland, sealed. Bullroser     $15

Ransom “Ransom” (91) – heavy melodic commercial metal and hard rock w/creative songwriting and amazing female vocals. Intense     $20

Ransom "Soul Asylum" (92) – beefy bluesy gutsy edgy female-fronted hard rock and metal ala Lita Ford, Vixen, etc, w/guest Oz Fox on guitar. Intense     $18

Ransom “Ransom” (10) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, melodic hard rock and heavy metal w/hooks, sealed. Intense Millennium     $12

Rebel's Mother "The Dark Unknown" (98) – loud raw hard-driving heavy headbanging metal w/dark overtones ala early Metallica, etc. Salvation     $20

Rebel's Mother "Shipwrecked" (99) – stunning American heavy progressive thrash metal w/powerful and complex epic songs     $20

Rebel’s Mother "Sanctify" (00) – heavy thrash and groove metal w/a female drummer, powerful technical and melodic w/excellent guitar solos     $18

Red "Release The Panic" (13) – heavy raging fierce metal and crunching hard rock plus some melodic pop metal ballads, sealed. Essential     $12

Red "Release The Panic" (13) – Deluxe Edition, w/bonus tracks, fiercely brooding throat-shredding hard rock and heavy ballads, sealed. Essential     $15

Red "Of Beauty And Rage" (15) – hard rock and metal w/crushing guitars, snarling angst meets epic string arrangements, sealed. Essential     $12

Redeemer “Anno Domini” (07) – classic hard rock and metal from the guitarist of Titanic, Final Axe, and Seventh Power. Watergrave     $12

Redeemer "Double Edge Sword" (17) – reissue, outstanding 80s metal and hard rock mixed w/classic metal and doom, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Redeemer "Anno Domini" (17) – reissue, guitar-driven 80s heavy metal and hard rock w/tons of great hooks and solos, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Redemption “Redemption” (99) – heavy progressive melodic hard rock and hard-driving old school metal. Yhwh Song     $10

The Redemption Song "Confession" (06) – excellent heavy abrasive hardcore punk ala Comeback Kid, etc, raw and dirty. Strike First     $5

Reflescent Tide “Reflescent Tide” (96) – solid chunky alternative rock ala Foo Fighters, etc, sealed. Rugged     $8

Rehumanize “Resident Apostasy” (09) – old-school grindcore, w/members of Sorrowstorm, Eternal Mystery, etc, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Reign "Reign" (15) – 2 disc set w/DVD, explosive US progressive power metal ala Dream Theater, Judas Priest, etc, stellar blazing guitar, sealed     $15

Reinxeed "The Light" (08) – epic symphonic melodic power metal ala Theocracy, Narnia, etc, w/Jani from Divinefire on drums, sealed. Rivel     $18

Reinxeed "Higher" (09) – catchy melodic power metal from Sweden w/soaring keyboards, symphonic epic and progressive, sealed. Rivel     $18

ReinXeed “Welcome To The Theater” (12) – bombastic orchestral melodic power metal concept album from Sweden, sealed. Liljegren     $15

Relient K "Relient K" (00) – the band's debut, simple direct fun melodic pop rock w/lots of harmonies, hooks, and pop-culture lyrics. Gotee     $5

Relient K "Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do" (03) – punk-influenced melodic pop rock, catchy hooky and accessible. Gotee     $7

Relient K “Forget And Not Slow Down” (09) – an instantly infectious pop rock powerhouse, sealed. Mono vs Stereo     $10

Remedy Drive "Daylight Is Coming" (08) – radio friendly piano pop rock and alternative, upbeat energetic and fun w/fantastic vocals, sealed. Curb     $5

Renascent “Demons’ Quest” (04) – symphonic melodic black metal from Finland. Maanalainen Levykauppa     $8

Rend Collective "The Art Of Celebration" (14) – solid unique energetic folk and pop worship w/Irish charm, eclectic and creative. Integrity     $5

Rent Veil “Union (08) – southern praise metal, heavy down and dirty rock n roll w/killer headbanging tunes, sealed     $12

Requiem Eternam "In Memoriam" (08) – medieval and Celtic, classical and orchestral, deep emotion w/a strange and spiritual ambience. BloodDivine     $8

Requiem Eternam "Medieval Times" (08) – epic Celtic time-traveling Gregorian worship music, beautiful and original, sealed. BloodDivine     $12

Requiem Eternam “The Empire Of Kings” (09) – gothic ambient dramatic and orchestral medieval metal, sealed. BloodDivine     $12

Resurrection Band “Lament” (95) – a striking creative soulful 70s hard rock concept album, produced by Ty Tabor of King’s X. REX     $10

Resurrection Band "Ampendectomy" (97) – an unplugged retrospective, new acoustic versions of some of their best songs. Grrr     $12

Resurrection Band "Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore" (05) – reissue, hard rock w/great lyrics and hooks ala Boston, AC/DC, etc. Retroactive     $12

Resurrection Band "DMZ" (06) – reissue, blistering and powerful w/hard rock guitar riffs, inspired drumming, and even some U2 influence. Grrr     $12

John Reuben "Professional Rapper" (03) – diverse mix of groove, funk, and deep lyrics w/use of guitar riffs and heavy drumbeats. Gotee     $5

Rev Seven “Heavy Laden Volume Two” (07) – melodic mix of traditional metal and commercial hard rock. Watergrave     $15

Rev Seven "The Unveiling" (12) – reissue of the 1991 classic, melodic 80s metal w/great lead guitar ala Ozzy, Priest, etc, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Rev Seven "Hell And Back" (12) – reissue, classic hard rock/metal ala Saint, Sabbath, etc, a little darker than before, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Rev Seven "Seven Years" (12) – reissue, traditional guitar-driven melodic 80s metal and catchy commercial hard rock, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Rev Seven "747" (12) – reissue, heavy hard rock and metal ala Bride, Dokken, Whitecross, etc, catchy and polished, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

Rez “Civil Rites” (91) – blends straightforward bluesy hard rock w/socially conscious lyrics. Ocean     $12

The Rise “Bluezone” (04) – w/members of Leviticus, Jerusalem, XT, Motherlode, and Jet Circus, sealed. Talking Music     $12

Christian Rivel “Ett Liv Jag Fatt Att Leva” (03) – solo album, inside cover of booklet personally autographed. Rivel     $15

Rivera Bomma “Invisible Force” (01) – power metal/melodic hard rock ala Rainbow, Dio, Narnia, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. B&R     $10

Rivera Bomma “Infinite Journey Of Soul” (13) – melodic progressive heavy metal ala Rock Rock, Dio, Impellitteri, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

The River Bends "And Flows Into The Sea" (04) – singer/songwriter rock ala Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, etc. Tooth & Nail     $5

Rob Rock “Rage Of Creation” (00) – hot and burning heavy melodic hard rock and power metal w/a strong Iron Maiden feel. Massacre     $12

Rob Rock "Eyes Of Eternity" (03) – digipak version, w/bonus track, outstanding heavy catchy guitar-driven European power metal. Massacre     $12

Rob Rock "Eyes Of Eternity" (03) – catchy neo-classical heavy metal and hard rock w/progressive twists and tons of riffs, sealed. Massacre     $15

Rob Rock "Eyes Of Eternity" (03) – Japanese import, catchy neo-classical heavy European power metal and hard rock, sealed. Victor     $18

Rob Rock “Holy Hell” (05) – guitar-driven melodic power metal and hard rock, some of the darkest heaviest music of his career. AFM     $10

Rob Rock “Garden Of Chaos(07) – w/bonus track, a masterpiece of guitar-driven heaviness from the voice of melodic metal, sealed. Candlelight     $18

Rob Rock “The Voice Of Melodic Metal: Live In Atlanta (09) – heavy melodic power metal, recorded live at ProgPower USA, sealed. AFM     $15

The Rocket Summer "Life Will Write The Words" (12) – high quality creative upbeat power pop rock ala Jimmy Eat World, etc, sealed. Aviate     $5

Rock N Roll Worship Circus “Big Star Logistics” (01) – their very rare debut album, sealed. Grassroots     $15

Rock N Roll Worship Circus “Welcome To The Rock N Roll Worship Circus” (02) – 2 disc set, 1960s flavored worship music, sealed. Vertical     $12

Rock N Roll Worship Circus "A Beautiful Glow" (03) – worship w/a classic guitar-driven 60s sound ala Beatles, Monkees, Pink Floyd, etc. INO     $7

Room Full Of Walters "Sleepy-Head" (96) – indie college hard melodic modern rock w/driving guitar ala Wallflowers, Social Distortion, etc. Mercy     $7

Rosanna's Raiders "Calling Down Fire" (88) – female fronted melodic hard rock ala Scarlet Red, Guardian, Ransom, Angelica, etc. Pure Metal     $30

Rosanna’s Raiders “Clothed In Fire” (89) – Australian guitar-driven melodic commercial hard rock w/female lead vocals. Refuge     $20

Rose “Healing” (93) – heavy crunch, an outstanding and infectious blend of doom metal and stoner rock ala Black Sabbath, Danzig, etc. Intense     $10

Rose “Intense Live Series Volume 3” (93) – killer raw renditions of songs off his first 2 albums plus a blues cover. Intense     $5

Rose “Crazy Little World” (94) – Beatles influenced 60s retro rock and pop w/razor sharp hooks. Intense     $7

Rose “Into The Unknown” (95) – heavy retro Danzig/Trouble doom metal, catchy rhythms and haunting vocals. REX     $7

Rose "Songs For The Ritually Abused" (17) – vintage heavy psychedelic hard rock w/haunting melodies ala Sabbath, Queen, etc, sealed. Hindenburg     $15

The Rose Hill "Powerless" (12) – a passionate blood-curdling shredding hardcore metal concept album w/female vocals, sealed. Sancrosanct     $10

Jamie Rowe “The Beautiful EP” (99) – solo album from Guardian frontman, pure power pop w/fuzz guitars and catchy melodies, sealed. MGP     $8

Royal Anguish “Mysterion” (03) – brutally heavy dark sinister death metal, atmospheric and emotionally gripping, sealed. SOTD     $15

Royal Anguish “Tales Of Sullen Eyes” (05) – powerfully heavy melodic death metal. Fear Dark     $10

Royal Anguish “A Journey Through The Shadows Of Time” (06) – brutally heavy death metal, sealed. Fear Dark     $15

Sacrament "Haunts Of Violence" (92) – genuine old school thrash metal, crunchy heavy and raw w/great riffs and killer shredding solos. REX     $20

Sacrament "Testimony Of Apocalypse" (14) – reissue, pushes the boundaries of early death and thrash metal, fast and furious, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Sacrament "Haunts Of Violence" (14) – reissue, classic heavy thrash metal ala Slayer, Death, etc, w/awesome vocals and guitar, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Sacrecy “Sacrecy” (07) – catchy hooky melodic metal from Finland w/power and progressive overtones ala Narnia, Harmony, Venia, etc, sealed     $15

Sacred Warrior “Rebellion” (88) – heavy but melodic double bass driven power metal ala Queensryche, etc. Intense     $25

Sacred Warrior "Master's Command" (89) – heavy powerful epic melodic metal ala Queensryche, Judas Priest, etc, arguably their best ever. Intense     $20

Sacred Warrior "Wicked Generation" (90) – more aggressive songwriting, progressive and melodic metal. Intense     $18

Sacred Warrior “Obsessions” (91) – commercial melodic power metal w/touches of progressive, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $25

Sacred Warrior “Classics” (93) – best of their 4 studio albums, operatic heavy metal ala Queensryche, Iron Maiden, etc, sealed. Intense     $15

Sacred Warrior “Live At Cornerstone 2001” (01) – tight and energetic, includes 3 of the songs from their 2001 reunion demo, sealed. Magdalene     $15

Sacred Warrior “Rebellion” (10) – reissue, w/bonus demos, heavy melodic progressive power metal, sealed. Intense Millennium     $12

Sacred Warrior "Waiting In Darkness" (13) – amazing guitar-driven technical power metal comeback album, heavier than ever, sealed     $15

Sacred Warrior "Master's Command" (17) – reissue, sophisticated shredding melodic classic heavy power metal ala Queensryche, etc, sealed. Roxx     $15

The Sacrificed “2012” (10) – classic power metal ala Queensryche, Sacred Warrior, Dragonforce, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

The Sacrificed “III” (12) – full on bone crushing power metal w/tons of melody and progressive metal elements, sealed. Roxx     $12

Sacrificium “Cold Black Piece Of Flesh” (03) – powerful old school heavy technical German death metal, melodic and brutal. Whirlwind     $8

Saint “Time’s End” (86) – classic heavy metal w/an occasional speed metal and thrash influence. Pure Metal     $30

Saint “Too Late For Living” (88) – blazing metal, more melodic than before and better production. Pure Metal     $30

Saint "Saint" (97) – rare 2 CD set w/all the songs from their first 3 albums, Judas Priest meets Iron Maiden 80s screaming heavy metal. Armor     $30

Saint "The Perfect Life" (99) – rare 90s reunion album w/Richard Lynch, Dee Harrington, and new vocalist Tim Lamberson. Armor     $15

Saint “Too Late For Living” (00) – reissue, melodic hard rock and metal ala Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, sealed. Armor     $25

Saint "Warriors Of The Son & The Gentiles Demo" (01) – raw classic 80s heavy metal ala Priest, Maiden, etc, w/apocalyptic lyrics, sealed. M8     $18

Saint “Time’s End/Live At Cornerstone 1986” (02) – reissue, classic Judas Priest heavy metal w/some speed and thrash, sealed. M8     $18

Saint “Collection 1984-1999” (03) – 2 CD remastered set of first 4 albums, pure traditional heavy metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Armor     $25

Saint “In The Battle (04) – a solid comeback as the band returns to its classic 80s metal roots, sealed. Armor     $12

Saint “Warriors Of The Son” (04) – rerecorded, w/2 extra songs, classic metal, booklet personally autographed by entire band. Armor     $35

Saint “Warriors Of The Son” (04) – rerecorded, w/2 extra songs that didn’t make it on the 1984 original, sealed. Armor     $15

Saint “Live 05” (05) – recorded live in concert, showcases classic metal material from throughout their career, sealed. Armor     $12

Saint “The Mark” (06) – the band is in top classic metal form, slightly rawer and more stripped down, sealed. Armor     $12

Saint "Crime Scene Earth" (08) – rare original version, quality classic metal ala Metal Church, Accept, etc, w/a Judas Priest cover, sealed. Armor     $18

Saint “Crime Scene Earth 2.0” (09) – classic 80s metal, rerecorded w/Josh Kramer on all vocals, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “In The Battle (10) – reissue, a return to their traditional heavy metal roots, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “Warriors Of The Son” (11) – reissue, a headbanging feast of traditional metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “Time’s End” (11) – reissue, solid heavy metal ala ‘British Steel’-era Judas Priest, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “Too Late For Living” (11) – reissue, delivers the metal goods ala Priest, Accept, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “The Revelation” (12) – remastered reissue of ‘The Mark’ w/dramatic improvements, quality heavy metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint “Desperate Night” (12) – hard rock and metal, their classic 80s sound meets ‘Hell Blade,’ sealed. Armor     $12

Saint "Warriors Of The Son" (14) – remastered reissue of the 2004 re-recording w/extra tracks, Priest meets Maiden metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saint "Broad Is The Gate" (14) – non-stop blasting apocalyptic heavy metal that rocks hard w/a new dual guitar attack, sealed. Armor     $12

Salutary “Violated Holiness” (97) – hardcore thrash metal ala Detritus, etc, also includes some live tracks. Fear Dark     $10

Sanxtion “Think About It” (96) – 90s melodic metal and hard rock w/Mike Lee from Barren Cross on vocals     $15

Saphena “Das Leben Wird Zu Glas” (05) – hardcore metal from Germany, looks rough but plays fine. Whirlwind     $8

Sardis "Escape" (14) – heavy technical melodic power metal w/some doom and thrash ala 'Diary Of A Madman'-era Ozzy Osbourne, sealed     $15

Sardonyx "Majestic Serenity" (92) – technical US progressive power metal w/thrash ala Sacred Warrior, Haven, Jacob's Dream, etc. Lightshine     $20

Sardonyx "Majestic Serenity" (07) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, tight power metal ala Sacred Warrior, Metal Church, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Satellite Soul "Great Big Universe" (99) – strong melodic pop power and acoustic Midwest folk w/tons of harmony. Forefront     $7

Saving Grace “The Urgency” (14) – brutal edgy hardcore death metal from New Zealand, powerfully heavy ala Slayer, etc, sealed. Facedown     $12

Saviour Machine "Saviour Machine" (93) – their incredible debut, gothic doom metal and hard rock, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $12

Saviour Machine “II” (96) – epic progressive melodic metal w/a dark gothic and theatrical atmosphere. Massacre     $10

Saviour Machine “Legend Part I” (97) – a true magnum opus, symphonic arrangements and overdriven guitar chords. Massacre     $10

Saviour Machine “Legend Part II” (98) – operatic gothic hard rock, a unique musical experience, sealed. Massacre     $15

Saviour Machine “Synopsis” (01) – a career retrospective of this epic atmospheric goth band, sealed. Massacre     $12

Saviour Machine “20th Anniversary/1990 Demo” (11) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, gothic metal, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Saviour Machine “Rarities/Revelations I (1990-1993)” (12) – w/rare demos, live tracks, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saviour Machine “Rarities/Revelations II (1994-1997)” (12) – w/demos, rehearsals, live songs, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saviour Machine “Rarities/Revelations III (1997-2001)” (12) – w/rough mixes, live bootlegs, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Saviour Machine “Rarities/Revelations IV (2001-2005)” (12) – w/live tracks, alternate mixes, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Scarlet Rayne "Theater Humanitarian" (07) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, classic technical power metal ala Recon, Maiden, etc, sealed. Arkeyn Steel     $18

Scelerata “Darkness And Light” (07) – Brazilian power metal w/symphonic and progressive tendencies ala Destra, Eterna, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Scelerata “Skeletons Domination” (08) – well-crafted adrenaline-pumping melodic power metal w/epic soundscapes, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Scelerata “The Sniper” (12) – heavy power metal from Brazil w/tons of melodies and hooks ala Helloween, Gamma Ray, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Schaliach “Sonrise” (96) – classic doomy atmospheric death metal w/members of Extol and Vardoger, front cover autographed by Ole Borud. Petroleum     $35

Jeff Scheetz “Woodpecker Stomp” (90) – instrumental guitar-driven shredding hard rock. Pure Metal     $15

John Schlitt "Unfit For Swine" (96) – full throttle rock, alternative, pop, and ballads from the Petra frontman, explosive w/gritty vocals. Word     $7

John Schlitt “The Greater Cause” (12) – powerful classic arena rock for Petra fans, arguably his best solo album, sealed. 4K     $12

John Schlitt "The Christmas Project" (13) – ranges from Extreme-style funk rock to 'Kashmir'-era Led Zeppelin to pure Petra pop, sealed. 4K     $12

Scourged Flesh “Released From Damnation” (06) – old school death and thrash metal ala early Mortification, sealed. Rowe     $12

Scourged Flesh “Bury The Lies” (07) – mid-paced old-school thrashy death metal, darker than before, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Scourged Flesh “Welcome To The End Of The World” (09) – brutal melodic death metal from Australia, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Scream In Eden "Original Sin" (08) – 80s melodic metal and hard rock ala Dokken, Whitecross, etc, reissue of Eden's 'Fan The Flame,' sealed. Z Rock     $15

The Scream Of The Guillotine “The Scream Of The Guillotine” (01) – an amazing prog rock/melodic metal theatrical production. LightShine     $10

Sculpture “Sculpture” (99) – gothic rock and heavy metal intersect at a fist pumping level, sealed. Nuclear Blast     $12

Sebaoth "Capitaes de Guerra" (08) – killer death metal, thrash, and grindcore from Brazil, sealed. Rhythm Rock Store     $12

Secretion “The Crucifier” (01) – brutal American death metal w/deep growling vocals and bold lyrics     $15

Secretion “Reborn” (02) – brutal grinding blow-the-skin-off-your-face death metal, no ballads, no mellow, some surface scratches but plays fine     $12

Segor "Warmageddon" (14) – solo album from Blood Covenant vocalist, heavy-hitting black and death metal from Armenia, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Selfmindead “At The Barricades We Fall” (00) – chunky blistering melodic hardcore rock from Sweden. Solid State     $7

Servant “World Of Sand” (06) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, a classic rock masterpiece ala Boston, Petra, Rez Band, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Servant “Caught In The Act Of Loving Him” (06) – reissue, anthemic guitar-driven rock w/a hard edge ala Cheap Trick, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Servant–The Band "Presence" (12) – inspiring rock and CCM worship ala David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, etc     $5

Seven Angels “Faceless Man” (06) – Brazilian progressive power metal w/a little thrash and speed, female lead vocals, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Seven Hours Later “It’s About Time” (03) – melodic and modern rock ala Bon Jovi, Collective Soul, sealed. Melodic Mayhem     $15

Seventh Angel “The Torment” (90) – phenomenal progressive thrash metal from England, w/killer hooks and monster riffs. Edge     $20

Seventh Angel “Heed The Warning/Live & Demo Recordings” (05) – easily as good as ‘The Torment,’ sealed. Bombworks     $12

Seventh Angel “The Dust Of Years” (09) – brilliantly mixes thrash, doom, and death metal w/killer melodies. Bombworks     $8

Seventh Angel "Demo Collection" (17) – 20 years of never before released classic thrash and doom metal demos, w/galloping riffs, sealed. Bombworks     $15

Seventh Avenue “Between The Worlds” (03) – upbeat double bass driven power and speed metal ala Divinefire, 7 Days, etc. Massacre     $12

Seventh Avenue “Southgate (09) – reissue, progressive melodic German speed metal ala Narnia, Harmony, Helloween, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Seventh Day Slumber "The Anthem Of Angels" (11) – edgy guitar-driven rock and alternative worship, sealed. BEC     $5

Seventh Day Slumber “We Are The Broken” (14) – a return to their raw aggressive rock sound w/riff-driven anthems and big hooks, sealed     $12

Seventh Power “Seventh Power” (06) – straightforward heavy metal w/power metal and doom ala Saint, Ozzy, Barren Cross, etc. Retroactive     $10

The Seventh Power "Dominion & Power" (08) – stripped down guitar-driven heavy metal and hard rock w/Robert Sweet on drums. Retroactive     $12

The Seventh Power "Dominion & Power" (08) – hard rock/metal, front cover autographed by Bill Menchen and Robert Sweet, sealed. Retroactive     $25

The Seventh Power "Power And Glory" (12) – straightahead old school 80s melodic heavy metal w/catchy hooks, sealed. Wrenchen Menchen     $15

The Seventh Power "The Power" (17) – reissue, traditional hard rock, heavy metal, doom, and symphonic power w/incredible songwriting, sealed     $15

Seventh Seal “Messengers Of Love” (07) – reissue, Norwegian progressive power metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

7eventh Time Down "Alive In You" (11) – solid melodic rock w/a little funk and worship lyrics ala Kutless, Decyfer Down, Daughtry, etc. BEC     $5

Shining Force “Shining Force” (03) – powerful hard rock and classic metal ala Saint, Barren Cross, etc. Bloodbought     $8

Shining Star “Enter Eternity” (05) – progressive power metal and hard rock from Brazil, w/Fabio Rocha and Lance King, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Shout “It Won’t Be Long” (88) – edgy hard-hitting metal guitar riffs and commercially accessible 80s melodic hard rock. Frontline     $12

Shout/Tamplin "At The Top Of Their Lungs" (92) – best of, plus new songs, melodic metal/hard rock, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $7

Shout “KMG Classic Archives” (99) – ‘It Won’t Be Long’ and ‘In Your Face’ on one CD, infectious melodic hard rock and hair metal, sealed. KMG     $12

Showbread “No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical” (04) – aggressive volatile punky alternative rock, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Showbread “Age Of Reptiles” (06) – edgy rock, less aggressive and a lot more melodic than before, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $8

The Showdown “A Chorus Of Obliteration” (04) – a real metal experience, unlike any before and played for all its worth, sealed. Mono Vs Stereo     $15

The Showdown “Temptation Come My Way” (07) – a southern-fried hard rock and metal masterpiece, some surface scratches but plays fine     $5

The Showdown “Back Breaker” (08) – pummeling riffs, explosive breakdowns, and heavy hooks, sealed. Solid State     $12

Sick Of Change “In Our Time Of Need” (99) – fast melodic California punk rock w/praise lyrics. Bettie Rocket     $8

Signum Regis "Through The Storm" (15) – neo-classical melodic power metal from Slovakia, w/an Yngwie Malmsteen cover, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Siloam “Sweet Destiny” (91) – energetic melodic hard rock and guitar-driven commercial metal ala Stryper, Holy Soldier, Guardian, etc. Image 7     $25

Silverline “Voices In The Night” (10) – pop rock anthems w/aggressive guitar ala Philmont, Stellar Kart, etc, sealed. VSR     $5

Sinbreed “When Worlds Collide” (10) – European power metal w/speed, melody, and aggression, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Sin Dizzy “He’s Not Dead” (98) – the original release, w/metal legends Oz Fox and Timothy Gaines from Stryper     $12

Sin Dizzy “He’s Not Dead” (08) – reissue, classic rock w/Oz Fox and Tim Gaines from Stryper, sealed. Girder     $12

Sinners To Saints "The Greatest Of These" (12) – heavy gritty melodic hardcore metal w/impressive guitar and anthemic choruses. Red Cord     $7

Six Feet Deep "Struggle" (94) – aggressive hardcore punk w/excellent metal riffing, visceral and full of venom, surface scratches but plays fine. REX     $5

Six Feet Deep “The Road Less Traveled” (96) – raw energetic punk influenced hardcore, thrash, and heavy metal, Pantera meets The Crucified. REX     $5

Six Feet Deep "Struggle" (05) – reissue, melodic heavy groove hardcore metal ala Pantera, etc, emotional and blistering, sealed. Retroactive     $10

Six Feet Deep "The Road Less Traveled" (05) – reissue, hard gut-wrenching brutal beautiful hardcore metal, diverse and intense. Retroactive     $5

Sixpence None The Richer “Sixpence None The Richer” (96) – rich orchestrations, textures, and a solid groove. Squint     $5

Sixteen Cities “Sixteen Cities” (10) – catchy and powerful pop rock ala The Fray, Switchfoot, The Afters, etc, sealed. Centricity     $5

65dBA "Shout" (94) – superb British techno pop and dance groove synth w/female vocals ala Howard Jones, etc. Integrity     $5

Skald In Veum "1260 Days" (15) – heavy dark driving brutal Swedish black metal, intense and relentless w/incredible dynamics, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Skillet "Collide" (04) – surging hard hitting straight up aggressive rock w/tons of raw energy, loud heavy and full of anthems. Lava     $7

Skillet "Comatose" (06) – melodic hard rock w/heavy crunchy guitars and lush string arrangements, theatric and full of substance, sealed. Atlantic     $10

Skillet “Awake” (09) – a mix of arena hard rock and rock power ballads, w/classic rock riffs and monstrous hooks, sealed. Atlantic     $12

Skillet "Rise" (13) – industrial sounds meet melodically driven hard rock, from aggressive anthems to power ballads, sealed. Atlantic     $12

Skillet "Unleashed" (16) – driving aggressive in-your-face symphonic hard rock w/heavy guitars and strong hooks, sealed. Atlantic     $12

Slechtvalk "An Era Of Bloodshed" (09) – the brutal best of their symphonic black/melodic death metal, plus unreleased songs, sealed. Whirlwind     $18

Slechtvalk "A Forlorn Throne" (10) – brutal extreme blackened melodic death metal ala Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, etc, sealed. Whirlwind     $18

Slechtvalk "Where Wandering Shadows And Mists Collide" (17) – furious heavy melodic blackened death metal, Iron Maiden on steroids, sealed     $18

Slick Shoes "Wake Up Screaming" (00) – fast melodic happy pop punk rock ala MxPx, Blink 182, etc, w/a hidden AC/DC cover. Tooth & Nail     $7

Soapbox “A Divided Man” (01) – stellar hardcore punk from Sweden ala Refused, Sick Of It All, etc. Solid State     $5

Society’s Finest “The Journey…So Far” (00) – powerful hardcore metal that hits you right between the eyes. Solid State     $5

Sombrance “Eli” (03) – emotion and power, w/Jimmy Brown from Deliverance on bass guitar and background vocals     $10

Sometime Sunday “Stone” (94) – doomy grungy metal ala Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. Tooth & Nail     $5

Sometime Sunday "Drain" (95) – incredibly heavy and soulful grunge w/bluesy vocal melodies, booklet autographed by Mikee Bridges. Tooth & Nail     $8

Sons Of Thunder “Load Aim Fire” (00) – an excellent mix of power metal and downtuned 90s metal. CL Music     $15

Soterios “The Blinding Pain Of Unspoken Words” (01) – brutal hardcore groove metal w/thrash and death riffs, sealed. Clenchedfist     $15

Soul Embraced "For The Incomplete" (01) – the original, death metal and moshpit thrash w/stellar guitar riffs and brutal drumming. Clenchedfist     $35

Soul Embraced “This Is My Blood” (02) – raging melodic metal in a death/thrash/black melting pot, some surface scratches but plays fine. Solid State     $10

Soul Embraced “Immune” (03) – side project of metal mainstays Living Sacrifice, technical and proficient, sealed. Solid State     $12

Soul Embraced “Dead Alive” (08) – a reinvigorated brutal and precise return to intense death metal, sealed. Solid State     $12

Soul Embraced “Mythos” (13) – solid heavy brutal technical death metal, amazing riffs, the band is back w/a vengeance, sealed. Rottweiler     $12

Soul Shock Remedy "Fish Eye Lens" (95) – edgy aggressive melodic retro rock and pop anthems w/contagious guitar hooks, sealed. REX     $5

The Soul’s Unrest “The Soul’s Unrest” (06) – extreme progressive technical brutal metal, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Spock's Beard "Don't Try This At Home" (00) – brilliant progressive rock w/Neal Morse, recorded live in concert, sealed. Metal Blade     $8

Spoken "A Moment Of Imperfect Clarity" (03) – intensely melodic hard rock w/powerful lyrics, surface scratches but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

Spoken “Last Chance To Breathe” (05) – melodic rock w/aggression and a hardcore edge. Tooth & Nail     $7

Squad Five-0 “Bombs Over Broadway” (00) – a transition to glam rock w/a nod to 80s heavy metal. Tooth & Nail     $7

Stairway "Bleeding Heart" (99) – early 80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal meets classic Deep Purple w/crunching guitars and acoustic texture     $12

Stairway "Power And Glory" (16) – aggressive guitar-driven classic British heavy metal w/excellent production, powerful and impressive, sealed     $15

Mike Stand “Simple Expression” (90) – raw soulful energetic melodic guitar rock solo album from Altar Boys frontman. Alarma     $8

Staple “Staple” (04) – heavy aggressive rock soaked w/angst and pounding guitar riffs. Flicker     $7

Starflyer 59 "Gold" (05) – Extended Edition, w/bonus tracks, melodic rock and pop full of killer hooks and cool harmonies, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Stellar Kart “We Can’t Stand Sitting Down” (06) – energetic rock and power pop punk ala Green Day, Relient K, etc. Curb     $5

Stellar Kart “Expect The Impossible” (08) – creative catchy fun pop punk and rock, energetic and sincere. Curb     $5

Stellar Kart "Everything Is Different Now" (10) – catchy melodic praise and worship-driven pop rock including some excellent cover songs. INO     $5

Stellar Kart "All In" (13) – edgy hook-laden melodic punk and pop rock w/pounding drums and blazing guitars ala Blink 182, etc. Inpop     $5

Step Cousin “The Evolution Religion” (09) – modern thrash metal w/death metal and groove, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Bjorn Stigsson "A New Beginning" (16) – laid back atmospheric bluesy progressive rock solo album from Leviticus guitarist, sealed. Talking Music     $15

Still Breathing “September” (02) – thrashing guitars and pure speed and death metal, w/female vocals, sealed. Solid State     $12

Still Remains “The Serpent” (07) – aggressive crushing hardcore melodic death metal and hard rock, dynamic guitars and songwriting. Roadrunner     $7

Stir “Broken Tongues” (98) – w/members of Seraiah and Normandy, voted 2nd favorite hard rock band of 1999, sealed. Kalubone     $10

Straightway "Black Or White" (89) – commercial melodic metal ala Eternal Ryte, Holy Soldier, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. Platinum     $35

Strongarm “Atonement” (95) – heavy melodic straight-edge hardcore, intense and brutal w/some very technical aspects, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Strongarm “The Advent Of A Miracle” (97) – classic groundbreaking melodic hardcore, sealed. Solid State     $12

Stronghold “Prayers From A Yearning Heart” (00) – technical Norwegian black and extreme metal, sealed. Nordic Mission     $15

Stronghold “Fortress Rock” (12) – reissue, heavy 70s classic rock ala Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, etc, sealed. Born Twice     $12

Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" (85) – ramped-up heavy metal w/tons of melody and hooks, some surface scratches but plays fine. Hollywood     $12

Stryper “The Yellow And Black Attack!” (86) – 80s melodic metal and hard rock delivered w/raw energy, sealed. Hollywood     $15

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – powerful raw energetic heavy hard rock w/great songs and polished production, sealed. Hollywood     $15

Stryper “In God We Trust” (88) – classic heavy metal, incredibly catchy w/awesome harmonies, some surface scratches but plays fine. Hollywood     $8

Stryper “Against The Law” (90) – raw hard rock, rougher and more aggressive than before, an underrated classic. Enigma     $8

Stryper "Against The Law" (90) – rare Limited Edition trifold digipak, w/bonus interview, back to basics melodic hard rock and ballads. Enigma     $25

Stryper “Can’t Stop The Rock” (91) – some of the band’s early classics, plus 2 new songs, catchy melodic hard rock and metal. Hollywood     $8

Stryper “Seven–The Best Of” (03) – plus 2 new songs that both sound like vintage guitar-driven Stryper, sealed. Hollywood     $12

Stryper “7 Weeks: Live In America, 2003” (04) – recorded on the band’s reunion tour, sealed. Fifty Three Five     $12

Stryper “Reborn” (05) – edgy hard rock w/richly melodic vocals, deft instrumentation, and powerful themes, sealed. Big3     $12

Stryper “Reborn” (05) – Japanese import, w/OBI strip and 2 bonus tracks, in special case, guitar-driven modern hard rock, sealed. King     $30

Stryper “Extended Versions” (06) – recorded live in Atlanta GA on the band’s 2003 reunion tour, sealed. Sony     $10

Stryper “The Roxx Regime Demos–1983” (07) – the original demos w/no overdubs or re-recordings, raw and heavy, sealed. Fifty Three Five     $15

Stryper “Murder By Pride” (09) – hard rock w/melodic vocals, heavy guitar, and a Boston cover, sealed. Big3 Records     $12

Stryper “The Covering” (11) – awesome covers of Sweet, UFO, Ozzy, Priest, KISS, Maiden, Sabbath, etc, plus 1 new song, sealed. Big3 Records     $15

Stryper “Second Coming” (13) – re-recorded classics w/a more updated and raw sound, plus 2 brand new songs, sealed. Frontiers     $12

Stryper “No More Hell To Pay” (13) – incredibly strong songs w/their classic 80s vibe, arguably their best album since 'THWTD.' Frontiers     $10

Stryper "No More Hell To Pay" (13) – Deluxe Edition, w/bonus DVD, 80s melodic metal and hard rock, dark heavy and edgy, sealed. Frontiers     $20

Stryper “Icon” (14) – some of the best history-making classics from the band’s 80s metal heyday, sealed. Hollywood     $12

Stryper "Live At The Whisky" (14) – 2 disc set w/DVD, recorded live on the 'No More Hell To Pay' tour, great song selection, sealed. Frontiers     $18

Stryper "Fallen" (15) – their classic heavy power metal sound, more aggressive than ever w/thunderous guitars and vocals, sealed. Frontiers     $15

Lacey Sturm "Life Screams" (16) – melodic hard rock solo album from former Flyleaf vocalist, powerful guitar, chilling vocals, sealed. Followspot     $15

Subseven "Free To Conquer" (05) – bold layered explosive sonic rock, emo, pop punk, and hardcore, some surface scratches but plays fine. Flicker     $5

Summum Bonum “Felix Culpa” (10) – symphonic philosophical dark black metal from Brazil, sealed     $10

Sunroad “Arena Of Aliens” (03) – straightforward hard rock from Brazil w/some blues and funky groove, sealed. Musik Hall     $12

Sunroad “Flying N Floating” (06) – Brazilian hard rock w/some blues, groove, and progressive tendencies, sealed. Musik Hall     $12

Sunroad “Long Gone” (09) – melds mid-paced hard rock w/some groove and blues, best songwriting of their career, sealed. Oxigenio     $12

Superchick “Karaoke Superstars” (01) – grungy fun garage band rock w/female vocals, surface scratches but plays fine. Inpop     $5

Superchick "Last One Picked" (02) – catchy straightforward rock and amped up pop w/female vocals and great melodic chunky guitar. Inpop     $5

Superchick "Beauty From Pain" (05) – power pop garage rock mixed w/a little punk, solidly reckless and full of anthems and ballads, sealed. Inpop     $5

Superchick "Reinvention" (10) – remixes of previous tracks + 3 brand new songs, female-fronted pop/rock, surface scratches but plays fine. Inpop     $5

Supresion "Emerging Extermination" (15) – fast pounding death and thrash from Argentina ala Vengeance Rising, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Surrogate "Love Is For The Rich" (07) – laid-back feel-good indie folk and pop, simple sleek and dreamy, catchy and addictive, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $7

Michael Sweet “Michael Sweet” (94) – melodic hard rock and ballads ala Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, etc. Benson     $8

Michael Sweet "Real" (95) – acoustic tinged melodic rock w/memorable choruses ala Bon Jovi, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Benson     $7

Michael Sweet "Truth" (00) – quality hard rock and pop, heavy and edgy w/tons of strong hooks and great vocals, catchy and powerful. Restless     $15

Michael Sweet "Him" (06) – classic hymns recorded by the Stryper frontman, alternative rock and ballads and his undeniable vocals. Dog & Pony     $12

Michael Sweet "Touched" (07) – classic Stryper ballads, covers, and a new song all recorded as a tribute to his wife, w/great orchestration     $10

Michael Sweet “I’m Not Your Suicide” (14) – quality melodic rock solo album from Stryper frontman, brilliantly diverse, sealed. Big3     $12

Michael Sweet "One Sided War" (16) – his heaviest solo album yet, aggressive shredding hard rock and metal w/strong melodies, sealed. Rat Pak     $15

Phil Sweet “Memphis Blue Streak” (12) – 1980 reissue, first recorded appearance of Sryper’s ‘Mike’ and ‘Bob’ Sweet, very cool, sealed     $25

Sweet Comfort Band “The Light Years” (95) – classic rock mixed w/a funky, jazzy, R&B and 70s rock sound. Light     $10

Switchfoot “The Beautiful Letdown” (03) – intelligent modern hard rock and raw guitar ala Smashing Pumpkins, etc, sealed. Columbia     $8

Switchfoot "Nothing Is Sound" (05) – ferociously catchy quality alternative rock w/raw energy and great guitar, sealed. Columbia     $10

Switchfoot "Nothing Is Sound" (05) – CD and DVD DualDisc, w/all 12 songs plus documentary about the making of the album. Columbia     $5

Switchfoot “Oh! Gravity” (06) – addictive memorable riffs, w/tons of energetic rock anthems and brilliant guitar and vocals. Columbia     $5

Switchfoot "The Best Yet" (08) – 18 of their greatest catchy pop rock songs, raw energy, magnificently consistent and stellar, sealed. Columbia     $10

Switchfoot “Hello Hurricane” (09) – catchy anthemic rock, raw and alive w/frantic energy and crunchy guitar riffs, sealed. Atlantic     $10

Switchfoot “Fading West” (13) – a strong return to the band’s lively and upbeat energy, their most infectious album yet, sealed. Atlantic     $12

Switchfoot "Where The Light Shines Through" (16) – Deluxe Edition, w/bonus tracks, solid catchy melodic rock and pop, sealed. Vanguard     $12

Sympathy "Abyssal Throne" (05) – extreme technical brutal death metal, tight intense and relentless, w/a Suffocation cover. Momentum Scandinavia     $10

Sympathy “Anagogic Tyranny” (08) – relentless extreme death metal, technicality and brutality have a head-on collision, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Symphony In Peril "The Whore's Trophy" (05) – vicious thrash and hardcore metal w/epic riffs. Facedown     $7

System Breakdown “System Breakdown” (03) – straightforward hard rock featuring members of Narnia, sealed. Rivel     $15

Ty Tabor “Moonflower Lane (98) – King’s X guitarist mixes Beatlesque vocals w/hard rock sensibilities, sealed. Metal Blade     $8

Tait “Empty” (01) – solid well-crafted and intriguing soul-flavored rock and edgy pop rock, sealed. Forefront     $5

Tait “Lose This Life” (03) – solid upbeat rock and pop rock w/great songs and excellent production. Forefront     $5

Take It Back! "Can't Fight Robots" (08) – incredibly catchy melodic hardcore and pop punk ala Rise Against, Blink-182, etc, sealed. Facedown     $5

Take It Back! “Atrocities” (09) – punk rock and hardcore ala Stretch Arm Strong, Rise Against, etc, sealed. Facedown     $8

Taker “It Is Finished: The Complete Anthology” (14) – old school metal power ala Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Armored Saint, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Taker “It Is Finished: The Complete Anthology” (14) – rare 2 CD set, w/bonus live disc, old school power metal, sealed. Roxx     $30

Taketh “Freakshow” (05) – melodic progressive full-on death metal ala early Extol, Aletheian, etc, sealed. Fear Dark     $12

Tamplin And Friends “An Axe To Grind” (90) – outstanding heavy 80s monster melodic commercial metal. Intense     $12

Tamplin "Tamplin" (93) – straightforward hard rock and heavy metal w/stellar songwriting and musicianship, technical and commercial. Benson     $10

Ken Tamplin "We The People" (95) – impressive acoustic rock and pop, catchy personal and inspiring, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Rugged     $7

Ken Tamplin “KMG Classic Archives” (99) – ‘An Axe To Grind’ and ‘Soul Survivor’ on 1 CD, bluesy melodic hard rock and metal, sealed. KMG     $12

Ken Tamplin "Brave Days Of Old" (99) – the best of his solo and band work, plus 2 new songs, hard rock and metal anthems. Z Records     $10

Ken Tamplin And Friends “Wake The Nations” (03) – 2 disc set w/bonus DVD, guitar-driven melodic hard rock and heavy metal. Song Haus     $12

Ken Tamplin And Friends "Wake The Nations" (04) – guitar-driven melodic hard rock and commercial heavy metal, sealed. Flying Leap     $12

Steve Taylor “Lament” (93) – w/20 bonus ‘squintlets,’ Bugs Bunny on front cover, very rare. Warner Alliance     $18

Tefilla “Grievous Anguish” (96) – emotionally fueled, technically proficient metal ala Decision D, etc, sealed. Fear Dark     $18

Tempest "Eye Of The Storm" (88) – catchy melodic 80s guitar-driven arena hard rock and hair metal ala Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, etc. Pure Metal     $25

Tempest “Lost In The Storm” (99) – demos and unreleased tracks, catchy 80s melodic glam and hair metal w/pre-Guardian Jamie Rowe. M8     $10

Tempest "Hollywood Anti-Sleaze Rock N Roll" (16) – killer laid back guitar-driven classic rock comeback album, sealed. Hollywood Collective     $8

Templar “Witch Hunt” (06) – guitar-driven darkwave metal w/guests from Jet Circus, Veni Domine, Divinefire, etc. Soundmass     $8

Templar “Preaching To The Perverted” (08) – limited edition digipak, metal, w/guests from Saint and Jet Circus, sealed. Black Pope     $12

Temple Of Blood "Prepare For The Judgement of Mankind" (05) – heavy blistering galloping old school power metal w/speed and doomy thrash     $20

Temple Of Blood “Overlord” (08) – 80s melodic power thrash metal ala Megadeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Testament, Deliverance, etc, sealed     $18

Tenderfoot “The Devil And Rock N Roll” (00) – raw high energy lo-fi rock w/tons of emotion. Gray Dot     $8

Teramaze “Tears To Dust” (98) – spectacular progressive metal w/a more melodic and commercial approach. Rowe     $8

Teramaze “Anhedonia” (12) – heavy melodic thrash and sophisticated progressive power metal from Australia, sealed. Nightmare     $15

Teramaze “Esoteric Symbolism” (14) – a masterpiece of engaging progressive power metal w/melodic hard vocals, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Terraphobia “Evilution” (11) – w/Michael Jelinic from Mortification, melodic death and thrash metal, sealed. Soundmass     $12

Terraphobia "Terrafication–The Mort Years" (15) – thrash/death metal, covers of songs Mick wrote while in Mortification, sealed. Soundmass     $15

Theocracy "Theocracy" (03) – epic melodic power metal w/progressive overtones, heavy guitar riffs meet symphonic keyboards. MetalAges     $30

Theocracy “Mirror Of Souls” (08) – epic melodic American power metal w/progressive arrangements and great harmonies, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Theocracy "As The World Bleeds" (11) – heavy hook-filled melodic power metal w/huge choruses and epic arrangements, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Theocracy "Ghost Ship" (16) – epic bombastic melodic power metal w/strong progressive overtones, heavy crunchy and full of hooks, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Theocracy A.D. "Strength Of Many" (99) – straightforward aggressive 90s hardcore from Hawaii, some surface scratches but plays fine     $15

These 5 Down “These 5 Down” (00) – heavy aggressive hard rock and metal ala Korn, Staple, etc, diverse and intense. Absolute     $7

These Hearts "Yours To Take" (13) – catchy melodic hardcore pop punk ala A Day To Remember, For Today, etc, cutout, sealed. Victory     $5

They Wither "They Wither" (14) – brutal melodic black metal from South Africa ala Behemoth, In Vain, etc, sealed. Vision Of God     $10

Third Day “Offerings: A Worship Album” (00) – their first worship album, w/some songs recorded live, incredible creativity and talent. Essential     $5

Third Day “Come Together” (01) – melodic pop rock and hard-driving southern rock w/great worship lyrics. Essential     $5

Third Day "Offerings II: All I Have To Give" (03) – southern-flavored praise and worship that really raises the bar, some recorded live. Essential     $5

Third Day “Wire” (04) – the band returns to its edgy and powerful melodic southern rock roots. Essential     $5

Third Day "Wherever You Are" (05) – edgy anthemic rock and ballads w/personal lyrics. Essential     $5

Third Day “Chronology Volume One: 1996-2000” (07) – 2 disc set w/DVD, bonus tracks, new mixes, videos, rare live footage, etc. Essential     $10

Third Day “Chronology Volume Two: 2001-2006” (07) – 2 disc set w/DVD, bonus tracks, rare recordings, bootleg videos, etc. Essential     $10

3rd Root “A Sign Of Things To Come” (00) – rhythmic rock ala Korn, Rage Against The Machine, etc. Solid State     $5

3rd Root “Spirit Of Life” (00) – alternative metal, hard rock, and hardcore punk and thrash. Solid State     $5

Third Voice "A Day Like Today" (16) – amazing heavy melodic progressive hard rock and metal, w/Daniel Band's Tony Rossi on drums, sealed     $15

Dale Thompson "Dale Thompson" (95) – bluesy rock concept album from Bride vocalist, minor signs of wear but plays fine. Rugged     $5

Dale Thompson & The Kentucky Cadillacs "Testimony" (98) – soulful bluesy rock ala CCR, Little Feat, etc, w/plenty of horns and organ. Organic     $5

Those Who Endure "Arise, O Sleeper" (09) – progressive brutal extreme metal from Australia, a melodic and devastating onslaught, sealed     $15

Those Who Fear "Unholy Anger" (13) – heavy hardcore metal w/tons of groove and some death influences ala Impending Doom, etc. Facedown     $7

Thousand Foot Krutch “Set If Off” (00) – fuses heavy metal guitar riffs w/hip hop and a little punk. DJD     $8

Thousand Foot Krutch “Phenomenon” (03) – a solid and catchy rock album w/a party vibe to it, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Thousand Foot Krutch “The Art Of Breaking” (05) – aggressive melodic rock, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Thresher “Here I Am” (09) – classic thrash metal, the unreleased early 90s followup to ‘Totally Possessed,’ sealed. Roxx     $15

The Throes "Ameroafriasiana" (96) – sunny jangling alternative pop ala REM, The Smiths, etc, psychedelic and melodic, sealed. Brainstorm     $5

Through The Eyes Of Katelyn “Your Role Model’s Dead” (99) – indie rock and hardcore w/Zao’s Jesse Smith. Take Hold     $8

Through The Thorns "Woodland Horizons" (12) – an epic journey of atmospheric black metal, w/Armath Sargon, sealed. Sanctus Gladius     $15

Thunder Rider “Tales Of Darkness & Light–Chapter II” (02) – true epic 80s heavy metal, stirring and majestic, w/stickers and guitar pick     $10

Time Horizon "Transitions" (15) – inventive progressive rock ala Kansas, Rush, Yes, etc, technical and melodic, sealed. Melodic Revolution     $15

Titanic “Maiden Voyage” (00) – solid powerful hook-laden heavy metal ala Judas Priest, Armored Saint, etc. Magdalene     $8

Titanic “Screaming In Silence” (02) – traditional headbanging melodic heavy metal ala Dio, Accept, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Titanic “Full Steam Ahead” (07) – heavy metal anthems ala Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saint, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

Titanic “Wreckage (The Best Of & The Rest Of)” (07) – includes previously unreleased songs, sealed. Retroactive     $10

Titanic “Maiden Voyage” (10) – reissue, w/‘real’ drums by Robert Sweet, solid heavy metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Titanic “Screaming In Silence” (10) – reissue, w/‘real’ drums by Robert Sweet, traditional metal, sealed. Retroactive     $12

To Cross An Angel "This World Is Not Ours" (14) – a pit of hardcore metal heaviness w/awesome lead guitar and female vocals. Sanctus Gladius     $7

Torman Maxt “Just Talkin About The Universe So Far” (94) – in your face progressive metal and hard rock. Mars Hill     $8

Torman Maxt “The Foolishness Of God” (02) – metal influenced progressive rock, sealed. Mars Hill     $12

Torman Maxt “The Problem Of Pain: Part 1” (07) – progressive hard rock and metal concept album dealing w/Job, sealed. Mars Hill     $12

Torman Maxt “The Problem Of Pain: Part 2” (10) – brilliant hard rock, continues the story of Job, sealed. Mars Hill     $12

Torn “Tree” (99) – maximum groove orientated hard alternative rock, intense and blistering, sealed. Ionic     $8

Tortured Conscience "Every Knee Shall Bow" (06) – brutal technical death metal and grind, some surface scratches but plays fine. Bombworks     $15

Totalisti “Slave To None” (05) – promo, raw aggressive powerful melodic hard rock. Magna Carta     $7

Tourniquet “Stop The Bleeding” (90) – progressive technical melodic metal, speed metal, and thrash w/killer crushing riffs. Intense     $20

Tourniquet "Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance" (92) – an innovative metal classic, brilliant thrash and speed meets Bach and Beethoven. Metal Blade     $15

Tourniquet “Vanishing Lessons” (94) – catchy groove-filled heavy metal w/great riffs, as heavy as anything they had done before. Intense     $10

Tourniquet “Carry The Wounded” (95) – the guys slow down and show talent beyond their metal roots, sealed. Intense     $15

Tourniquet “Crawl To China (97) – headbanging progressive metal and technical thrash w/straightahead 70s riffs, sealed. Benson     $10

Tourniquet “Acoustic Archives” (98) – sonically awesome acoustic renditions of Tourniquet classics, plus an ultra-heavy new song, sealed     $18

Tourniquet “Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm” (00) – unbelievable metal from the masters, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Tourniquet “Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance” (01) – reissue, w/bonus live tracks, technical metal, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Tourniquet “Where Moth And Rust Destroy” (03) – technical progressive thrash-influenced heavy metal. Metal Blade     $8

Tourniquet “Stop The Bleeding” (11) – reissue, w/6 bonus live and demo tracks, speed metal w/heavy razor sharp riffs, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Tourniquet "Vanishing Lessons" (11) – reissue, w/bonus demos, live tracks, etc, heavy solid hard rock and driving speed metal. Pathogenic     $12

Tourniquet “Antiseptic Bloodbath” (12) – neo classical progressive metal and thrash, Bach meets Megadeth, sealed. Pathogenic     $15

Tourniquet “Antiseptic Bloodbath: Voiceless” (13) – the album w/no vocals, amazing, allows their musical brilliance to shine, sealed. Pathogenic     $12

Tourniquet "Onward To Freedom" (14) – the band's signature thrash w/tons of guest appearances, both covers available, sealed. Pathogenic     $12

Tragedy Ann "Lesser" (97) – guitar-driven grungy power rock w/Mikee Bridges from Sometime Sunday, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Organic     $5

Tragedy Ann "One Nation Under God" (99) – hard power rock and pop ala Foo Fighters, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. Organic     $7

Tragedy Ann "Viva La Revolucion" (00) – hard-driving southern influenced melodic rock w/tasty grooves, highly charged and full of energy. Organic     $5

Transatlantic "Live In Europe" (03) – 2 CD set, w/Neal Morse, epic prog rock recorded on the 'Bridge Across Forever' tour, sealed. Metal Blade     $12

Transatlantic "Kaliveoscope" (14) – Special Edition, 3 CDs and DVD, w/Neal Morse, prog rock live on the 'Kaleidoscope' tour, sealed. Metal Blade     $15

Transcendence “The Meridian Project” (02) – progressive metal w/heavy crunchy guitar, sealed. Lion Music     $15

Transfigural Form "Destroyed With Blood" (06) – Limited Edition Pre-Release, only 100 made, w/'Blood' EP as bonus tracks, death and thrash     $12

Transfigural Form “Destroyed” (09) – old school death metal, melodic death metal, and moshy thrash metal. Vengeful Records     $10

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve And Other Stories" (96) – quite possibly the coolest hard rock Christmas CD ever made! Lava     $8

Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Beethoven’s Last Night” (00) – progressive hard rock, Broadway, and classical music combine. Lava     $8

Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Christmas Attic” (02) – progressive hard rock, the lead guitar parts throughout the album are spectacular. Lava     $8

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "The Lost Christmas Eve" (04) – the final chapter of the band's classical progressive rock/metal Christmas trilogy. Lava     $7

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Dreams Of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night)" (12) – more classical holiday hard rock from the masters, sealed. Lava     $7

Trastorno "Evil, Nothing" (08) – old school primitive black metal from Venezuela, aggressive and brutal ala Bathory, Mayhem, Satyricon, etc. Eirene     $8

Trauma “Solidarity” (04) – top notch metal and hardcore, well written songs and heavy breakdowns. Strike First     $5

Travail “Beautiful Loneliness” (00) – hardcore alternative rock/metal ala Korn, raw intense and almost primal in nature. Metro One     $5

TRB "TRB" (92) – heavy guitar-driven melodic hard rock w/Daniel Band's Tony Rossi on guitars and vocals, great songwriting and 70s riffs. REX     $8

Treasure Seeker "A Tribute To The Past" (98) – w/covers of Saint, Stryper, Force 3, Bloodgood, Leviticus, Jerusalem, Creed, etc, sealed. Megahard     $35

Trino “Oposicao” (03) – hardcore Brazilian thrash metal w/lots of double bass drumming, sealed     $12

True Strength "The Cross Will Always Prevail" (14) – classic melodic power metal ala Iron Maiden, Bloodgood, etc, epic and progressive, sealed     $12

True Strength "Steel Evangelist" (17) – reissue, smoking molten power metal ala Iron Maiden, etc, epic technical and progressive, sealed. Roxx     $12

Trytan “Celestial Messenger” (00) – reissue, heavy progressive 80s metal and melodic hard rock ala Narnia, Rush, etc, sealed. Magdalene     $18

Trytan "Sylentiger" (02) – reissue, w/bonus 18-minute interview, progressive hard rock ala early Rush, a few surface scratches but plays fine. M8     $12

Tsavo Inc “When The Lions Are Hungry” (12) – melodic progressive thrash and groove metal from Brazil. Metal For A Dark World     $10

Tug Fork River Band “Catch For Us The Metal” (09) – serious hard rock w/out an overdose of screaming, sealed. Wounded     $15

Twelve Gauge Valentine "Exclamationaire" (05) – southern heavy metal hardcore, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Sound vs Silence     $7

Twelve Gauge Valentine "Shock Value" (06) – creative southern hardcore metal ala Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, etc, sealed. Solid State     $8

12 Stones “12 Stones” (02) – unabashedly moves between depth-charge nu-metal and melodic moods ala Creed, etc, sealed. Wind-up     $10

12 Stones "Potter's Field" (04) – hard-hitting melodic grungy hard rock ala Alter Bridge, Evanescence, etc, w/pained yet optimistic lyrics. Wind-up     $7

12 Stones “Anthem For The Underdog” (07) – high energy rock ala Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, etc, sealed. Wind-up     $12

II Guys From Petra "Vertical Expressions" (07) – praise and worship from John Schlitt and Bob Hartman, a great mix of rock and mellow, sealed     $12

U-L-F “Entertainers & Soldiers” (03) – Ulf Christiansson of Jerusalem, powerful hard-hitting cutting-edge rock, sealed. Pierced Records     $12

Ultimatum “Symphonic Extremities” (97) – a feast of true Exodus/Vengeance/Overkill speed metal, sealed. Juke Box Media     $25

Ultimatum “Puppet Of Destruction” (98) – pure power and metal attitude ala Accept, Metal Church, Exodus, etc. Rowe     $8

Ultimatum “Symphonic Extremities” (07) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, classic metal meets speed and thrash. Retroactive     $8

Ultimatum “The Mechanics Of Perilous Times” (07) – reissue, w/3 bonus tracks, old school thrash metal and crunch, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Ultimatum “Into The Pit” (07) – a juggernaut of tight speed metal and romping heavy thrash, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Ultimatum “Puppet Of Destruction” (09) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, classic power thrash metal brilliance, sealed. Roxx     $12

Ultimatum “Lex Metalis” (09) – the band pays homage to Judas Priest, Vengeance, Metallica, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Ultimatum “Heart Of Metal–20 Years Of” (12) – fan-picked best of, plus 4 new songs, power thrash metal, sealed. Roxx     $15

Unchained “Never End” (00) – side project of Lordchain, hard rock w/great guitars, sealed. Corduroy Boy     $12

Undemoniac “In The Dark I Invoke Your Name” (10) – melodic blackened death metal from Peru, sealed. White Metal Art     $12

Undemoniac "In The Night, I Invoke Your Name" (16) – reissue, superb Peruvian black and melodic death metal, sealed. Lament     $12

Under Command "Back In The Thick" (09) – hard rock and metal w/an onslaught of crunchy guitars and weighty hooks, sealed. Raging Storm     $12

Undercover “Volume I” (88) – ‘Undercover’ and ‘God Rules’ on 1 CD, fun punk and anthemic rock. Brainstorm     $20

Undercover “Volume II” (89) – ‘Boys & Girls Renounce The World!’ and ‘Branded’ on 1 CD, surface scratches but plays fine. Broken Records     $15

Undercover "Anthology Vol 2" (97) – 4 disc set w/'3-28-87' (including bonus tracks), 'Balance Of Power,' 'Devotion,' and 'Forum.' Innocent Media     $20

Undercover "Live At Cornerstone 2000" (00) – dark alternative rock and melodic punk w/excellent live sound. M8     $8

Undercover “Cornerstone Festival 2000” (01) – w/bonus tracks, the influential pioneers of Christian alternative rock. Innocent Media     $8

Undercover "I Rose Falling" (02) – powerful catchy groove-heavy red hot hard rock w/contemplative lyrics. Innocent Media     $8

Undercover “Branded” (11) – reissue, w/bonus demo and live tracks, dark brooding melodic rock, crunchy guitar, sealed. Intense Millennium     $12

Under Midnight "Void" (94) – dark electronic-based hard-edged industrial rock, metal, and cyber punk concept album, ahead of its time. WAL     $7

Underneath The Gun "Forfeit Misfortunes" (09) – outstanding relentless technical hardcore metal, a catchy crushing whirlwind of sound. Ferret     $8

Underoath “The Changing Of Times” (02) – crushing riffs, double bass onslaught, and low growls, sealed. Solid State     $12

Underoath “They’re Only Chasing Safety” (04) – solid catchy hardcore metal ala The Used, Hawthorne Heights, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $8

Underoath "Define The Great Line" (06) – melodic hardcore, heavier than before, intense emotional and dark, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $12

Underoath "Define The Great Line" (06) – 2 disc set w/bonus DVD, incredible accessible screaming melodic hardcore, explosively urgent. Solid State     $8

Underoath “Lost In The Sound Of Separation” (08) – unpredictable, ear-splitting, full of ferocity and melody, sealed. Solid State     $10

Underoath “Survive Kaleidoscope” (08) – w/DVD, recorded live in concert, unrelenting force yet melodic-minded, sealed. Solid State     $10

Underoath “Disambiguation” (10) – sophisticated hardcore metal, catchy and accessible, sealed. Solid State     $10

Under Tribulation "Society Lost" (11) – awesome blistering brutal shredding American metal, sealed. Sancrosanct     $12

Union Of Saints "No Law Against Love" (06) – powerful melodic 70s/80s classic rock ala Boston, Journey, Ratt, etc, heavy guitar-driven and inspired     $8

USM “Silver Step Child” (02) – melodic hard rock and metal, w/members of Balance Of Power, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Usynlig Tumult “Voices Of The Winds” (09) – atmospheric black metal ala Antestor, Emperor, etc, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Uthanda “Believe” (92) – melodic indie rock w/a late 60s-early 70s guitar vibe ala T Rex, Slade, etc, and a cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars.’ ERG     $5

Uzias "Herencias de Maldad" (10) – powerful aggressive old school death metal and thrash from Argentina, sealed. Union Extrema     $15

Vardoger "Ghost Notes" (15) – tight melodic progressive technical Norwegian death metal w/viking elements, heavy brutal and powerful. Starbreather     $10

Veil Of Ashes "The Young And Reckless" (92) – alternative rock w/heavy moments ala Depeche Mode, The Doors, etc. Blonde Vinyl     $8

Veil “Mr Sunshine” (92) – alternative rock influenced by The Doors, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Mission UK, The Damned, etc, sealed. Eden     $5

Vengeance "Human Sacrifice" (88) – the original headbanging thrash metal classic ala Slayer, Dark Angel, etc, brutal w/tons of raw passion. Intense     $45

Vengeance Rising “Once Dead” (90) – killer classic brutal Bay area late 80s thrash metal full of speed, aggression, and riffing mayhem. Intense     $20

Vengeance Rising “Released Upon The Earth” (92) – very fast heavy thrash metal, w/guest Jimmy Brown on guitar, sealed. Intense     $20

Vengeance Rising “KMG Classic Archives Volume 2” (99) – ‘Destruction Comes’ and ‘Released Upon The Earth’ on 1 CD, sealed. KMG     $15

Vengeance Rising “Once Dead” (10) – reissue, w/bonus interviews, heavy brutal thrash metal from the masters, sealed. Intense Millennium     $15

Vengeance Rising “Destruction Comes” (11) – reissue, w/bonus video, heavy speed thrash and death metal grindcore, sealed. Intense Millennium     $12

Vengeance Rising "Released Upon The Earth" (14) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, death metal and thrash w/growling vocals, sealed. Roxx     $12

Vengeance Rising "Human Sacrifice" (17) – reissue, w/original 1987 Vengeance 5-song demo as bonus tracks, raw classic thrash metal, sealed. Roxx     $15

Venia “In Our Weakness” (05) – female-fronted thrashy power and melodic metal from Finland, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Venia “Victory By Surrender” (09) – female-fronted melodic thrash and power metal ala Iron Maiden, Believer, etc, sealed. Open Grave     $12

Veni Domine "Fall Babylon Fall" (92) – a masterpiece of Swedish epic orchestral progressive metal and doom, heavy melodic and symphonic. REX     $30

Veni Domine "Material Sanctuary" (94) – phenomenal Swedish epic progressive heavy metal and melodic doom w/fantastic vocals. Thunderload     $25

Veni Domine “Spiritual Wasteland” (98) – epic heavy Swedish metal ala Queensryche, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. Thunderload     $12

Vials Of Wrath "Seeking Refuge" (16) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, a haunting masterpiece of memorable ambient black metal, sealed. Vision Of God     $12

Virgin Black “Sombre Romantic” (07) – quality gothic metal, mixed in w/black, death, and industrial, sealed. The End     $12

Virgin Black “Requiem–Mezzo Forte” (07) – an epic album w/classical influences and metal guitars, sealed. Silent Music     $10

Vision “Mountain In The Sky” (10) – reissue, 70s classic stadium rock w/members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, sealed. Born Twice     $15

Vision “Streetfighter” (11) – recorded in 1986 but previously unreleased, full tilt driving rock w/a southern flair, sealed. Born Twice     $12

Visionaire "Mystical Dominion" (98) – heavy guitar-driven gothic doom and death metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Millennial Sun     $12

Visionaire “Within The Arcanum Hall” (00) – journey into a fantasy world of atmospheric somber surreal gothic doom, sealed. Millennial Sun     $12

Visionaire “Mystical Dominion” (05) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, ambient gothic doom and death metal w/heavy guitars, sealed. Cold Fusion     $12

Visionary “Visionary” (96) – progressive metal w/fantastic melodies, beauty, and majesty, sealed. Nightmare     $15

Visionary “Strange But Familiar Shores (02) – progressive hard rock and metal, fantastic melodies, sealed. Nightmare     $12

Visual Cliff “Freedom Within” (05) – a sonic mix of rock, metal, and heavy fusion ala Rush, Kansas, etc, w/great production, sealed. Trinity     $12

Vollig Heilig “Looking For The Light” (00) – classic heavy power metal ala Sacred Warrior, etc, later changed their name to Belica     $10

Greg X Volz “The River Is Rising” (86) – commercially accessible melodic hard rock ala Petra, Guardian, Leviticus, Charizma, etc. Myrrh     $25

Greg X Volz “No Room In The Middle” (89) – solo album from former Petra vocalist, up tempo melodic rock, pop, and ballads. River     $25

Greg X Volz “The Exodus” (91) – classy high quality rock solo album from the former lead vocalist of Petra. River     $25

Greg X Volz "In God's Presence" (08) – praise and worship solo album from the former Petra vocalist, sealed     $12

Vomitous Discharge “No One Gets Out Alive” (10) – underground grinding hardcore metal from Germany, sealed     $12

The Walk “Indianland” (90) – jangly and atmospheric melodic rock ala U2, The Choir, etc. REX     $7

Warlight “The Bloodchronicles” (07) – intense German import, equal parts glam, rock, and metal, sealed. Whirlwind     $12

Warlord “Warlord” (97) – hardcore doom metal w/chugging riffs and a medieval fantasy vibe, sealed. Solid State     $12

Warlord “Rock The Foe Hammer” (99) – brutal doomy hardcore metal w/lots of jamming, sealed. Solid State     $12

Warmachine “The Beginning Of The End” (06) – aggressive melodic 80s power/thrash metal ala Priest, Megadeth, etc, sealed. Nightmare     $12

War Of Ages “Pride Of The Wicked” (06) – galloping Iron Maiden guitar harmonies w/melodic leads and hooks, sealed. Facedown     $12

War Of Ages “Fire From The Tomb” (07) – 12 heavy tracks of pure fury and blazing metal riffage, sealed. Facedown     $12

War Of Ages “Arise & Conquer” (08) – amazing technical melodic hardcore metal ala Becoming The Archetype, etc, sealed. Facedown     $12

War Of Ages “Eternal” (10) – the band has upped their metal game again and shows no signs of letting up, sealed. Facedown     $12

War Of Ages “Return To Life” (12) – solid hardcore metal w/intense guitar work and inspired drumming, sealed. Facedown     $12

War Of Ages “Supreme Chaos” (14) – quality groundbreaking heavy melodic hardcore metal, arguably their best album ever, sealed. Facedown     $12

Warrior "The Code Of Life" (01) – secular, catchy energetic melodic headbanging heavy power metal w/Rob Rock on vocals. Nuclear Blast     $20

War Rocket Ajax "War Rocket Ajax" (99) – driving upbeat punk rock w/a southern-fried feel, some surface scratches but plays fine. Bettie Rocket     $5

We As Human “We As Human” (13) – straightforward aggressive rock ala Red, Skillet, etc, w/guest vocals by Lacey Sturm, sealed. Atlantic     $12

The Wedding “The Wedding” (05) – extremely catchy hardcore punk/pop/rock, tons of variety, sealed. Rambler     $10

The Wedding “Polarity” (07) – strong energetic catchy pop/punk and alternative rock, sealed. Brave New World     $10

Scott Wenzel “Film At Eleven” (95) – hooky pop rock solo album from Whitecross frontman, w/guests Jamie and Tony from Guardian. Temple     $8

Whitecross “Whitecross” (87) – a metal classic, hard-edged Ratt-like vocals and piercing guitars, some signs of wear but plays fine. Pure Metal     $20

Whitecross "Hammer & Nail" (88) – classic Ratt heavy metal w/catchy songs and hard rock anthems, Rex Carroll is a total shred-head. Star Song     $18

Whitecross "Triumphant Return" (89) – 80s hard rock and metal w/incredible solos ala Ratt, etc, some signs of wear but plays fine. Pure Metal     $15

Whitecross "In The Kingdom" (91) – phenomenal 80s commercial hard rock and metal, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $12

Whitecross "High Gear" (92) – catchy hair metal, commercial hard rock, and power ballads, their last album w/Rex Carroll on guitar. Star Song     $12

Whitecross “Unveiled” (94) – melodic hair metal w/big guitar solos, pounding drums, and chanted choruses. REX     $8

Whitecross "By Demand" (95) – some of the best of the Rex Carroll years, classic hard rock and metal w/incredible lead guitar. Star Song     $8

Whitecross "Equilibrium" (95) – powerful heavy rock w/solid hard-driving guitar, excellent songwriting, and great production. REX     $8

Whitecross “Flytrap” (96) – grungy alternative rock, more mellow than before w/lots of acoustic guitars. REX     $8

Whitecross “One More Encore” (98) – live in concert, greatest hits of the post-Rex Carroll years (Unveiled, Equilibrium, and Flytrap), sealed. REX     $12

Whitecross “Unveiled” (05) – reissue, w/bonus tracks, guitars hot enough to melt a CD player, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Whitecross "Nineteen Eighty Seven" (15) – reissue, Gold Edition w/bonus tracks, re-recording of the band's classic metal debut, sealed. Retroactive     $15

White Heart "Don't Wait For The Movie" (86) – classic 80s guitar and synthesizer driven hard rock and catchy ballads ala Petra, etc. Sparrow     $12

White Heart "Greatest Hits" (87) – 80s pop rock, 16 of their best songs from the early days. Home Sweet Home     $8

White Heart "Freedom" (89) – melodic 80s hard rock, pop, and ballads ala Yes, Kansas, Toto, etc, some surface scratches but plays fine. Sparrow     $7

White Heart "Souvenirs" (90) – some of the very best songs from their 3 classic Sparrow albums, plus a Christmas song. Sparrow     $8

White Heart "Power House" (90) – heavy power pop rock and moody ballads w/intelligent lyrics, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Star Song     $8

White Heart “Tales Of Wonder” (92) – album oriented melodic arena rock w/solid songwriting and hooks ala Kansas, Petra, etc. Star Song     $7

White Heart Highlands (93) – classic and classy album-oriented rock cuts ranging from blues-based rockers to haunting, sealed. Star Song     $12

White Heart "The Radio Show" (95) – rare 50-minute radio promo for 'Inside,' w/songs, interviews, band history, discussion, etc, very cool. Curb     $15

White Heart "Inside" (95) – heavy powerful edgy classic rock ala early Aerosmith, etc, w/aggressive guitar, infectious hooks, awesome vocals. Curb     $7

White Heart “The Early Years” (96) – a great introduction to this classic 80s rock band w/great lyrics and excellent vocals ala Petra, etc. Star Song     $7

White Heart "Millennium Archives: Limited Edition" (00) – demos, interviews, lost songs, etc, sealed. Home Sweet Home     $12

White Heart “Very Best Of” (06) – songs from the 7-year ‘high point’ of their classic 80s rock career, sealed. Sparrow     $8

Wickeds End "The Grand Decay" (17) – blistering extreme death metal and heavy crossover thrash w/black and speed mixed in, sealed. Floppy Fish     $12

Willow Mount "Vanitas" (09) – raw gritty experimental American black metal full of blast beats, wailing, and death metal guitar riffs. Sullen     $8

Wilson McKinley "Spirit Of Elijah" (08) – reissue of the 1971 classic, psychedelic hippie rock and folk ala Moody Blues, Moby Grape, etc. Erebus     $10

Winter’s Dawn “Wandering Through The Realm Of Frosted Beauty” (08) – slow and melodic cold black metal, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $12

Winter Solstice “The Pulse Is Overrated” (04) – melodic hardcore metal w/lots of breakdowns ala Unearth, etc. Harvest Earth     $5

Wintersoul “Frozen Storm Apocalypse” (10) – pure technical black metal w/crunching guitar, heavy brutal and nasty, sealed. Nokternal Hemizphear     $15

Wisdom Call “Wisdom Call” (01) – melodic metal and hard rock, w/Christian ‘Rivel’ Liljegren on vocals, sealed. CL Music     $15

With Faith Or Flames “A Conquest Triumphant” (08) – amazing hardcore death and thrash metal, melodic and heavy     $8

Within “The End Is Near: Consider Yourself Warned” (06) – hardcore metal w/soaring melodies ala Atreyu, etc, sealed. Strike First     $12

Within Silence "Gallery Of Life" (15) – epic melodic progressive power metal from Slovakia ala Theocracy, Absolon, Destra, etc, sealed. Ulterium     $15

Within The Torn Apart "Sun Setting On A Spirit Death" (10) – w/bonus track, 96 minutes of black and doom metal, only 50 made. Sullen     $7

Woe Of Tyrants "Kingdom Of Might" (09) – a great piece of thrash-influenced technical melodic death metal w/a message of hope. Metal Blade     $8

Woe Of Tyrants “Threnody” (10) – genuine American death metal, technical progressive and melodic. Metal Blade     $8

Wolves At The Gate "VxV" (14) – aggressive hard rock and metal w/a heavy barrage of guitars and drums, raw and spiritual, sealed. Solid State     $12

Wonrowe Vision “Mission Invincible” (10) – 2 disc set w/DVD, Steve Rowe on bass and vocals, sealed. Rowe     $12

Wonrowe Vision "Pictures Of The Past Present And Future" (13) – 80s metal and hard rock w/new songs, live songs, demos, etc, sealed. Rowe     $18

Wonrowe Vision "2 Headed Monster" (15) – Mortification side project, bluesy rock riffs and heavy 70s/80s metal, bonus live tracks, sealed. Rowe     $18

World To Ashes “Of What There Is To Come” (07) – intense speedy melodic death metal from Germany, sealed. Whirlwind     $12

Worldview "The Chosen Few" (15) – melodic power metal from George Ochoa and Rey Parra, w/guests from Stryper, Bloodgood, etc, sealed. M24     $15

The World Will Burn "Severity" (16) – heavy hard rock and metal w/Bride's Dale Thompson on vocals, catchy and powerful, sealed. Goatman     $12

Wyrick "Mental Floss" (98) – heavy hard rock w/industrial leanings ala Leaderdogs For The Blind, Filter, Ministry, etc. Rugged     $7

Xalt "Dark War" (17) – reissue of the 1988 classic, w/6 bonus demos from 1989 for 'Under The Ruins,' metal ala Dio, Sabbath, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $15

xDisciplex AD “Doxology” (01) – fantastic old school hardcore metal ala Hatebreed, Shockwave, etc. Facedown     $7

xDisciplex AD “The Revelation” (03) – nonstop hardcore mosh w/brutal guitar ala Hatebreed, Seventh Star, etc. Triple Crown     $7

Xinr “Beyond Woodward” (08) – reissue of the 1984 classic, 70s and 80s hard rock and metal ala Priest, Sabbath, AC/DC, etc. Stormspell     $10

XL & Death Before Dishonor "Offensive Truth Vol 2" (16) – rap rock and metal, w/guests Jimmy Brown, Rex Carroll, Jim Chaffin, etc, sealed     $15

xLooking Forwardx "Down With The Ship" (12) – old school fast furious hardcore punk, blistering speed that never backs down, sealed. Facedown     $5

X-Propagation “Conflict” (93) – hard-driving intense electro industrial w/loud raw guitars ala Mortal, etc, sealed. Intense     $5

X-Sinner “Get It” (89) – combines elements of melodic metal and AC/DC influenced hard rock. Pakaderm     $35

X-Sinner “Peace Treaty” (91) – straightforward heavy metal w/catchy anthems, sealed. Pakaderm     $40

X-Sinner/Angry Einsteins “Cracked” (03) – high quality commercial hard rock w/a 60s vibe, sealed. Retroactive     $15

X-Sinner “World Covered In Blood” (08) – ripping anthemic blues-based rock ala AC/DC, Kix, etc, raw and in your face, sealed. Image     $15

Your Chance To Die “Suscitatio Somnus” (11) – female fronted death metal w/brain busting melodic guitar, sealed. Red Cord Records     $12

Your Memorial “Redirect” (12) – melodic progressive hardcore metal, powerful and crushing, sealed. Facedown     $10

Youth Choir “Voices In Shadows” (85) – timeless 80s rock, fun and energetic, very rare, sealed. Broken Records     $25

David Zaffiro "The Other Side" (89) – acoustic laced melodic hard rock w/bluesy vocals and great lead guitar, looks rough but plays fine. Alarma     $5

David Zaffiro "In Scarlet Storm" (90) – his second solo album, laid back melodic rock w/progressive leanings ala Joe Satriani, etc. Intense     $12

David Zaffiro "Surrender Absolute" (92) – great mellow rock from former Bloodgood guitarist, front cover personally autographed. Frontline     $20

David Zaffiro "Yesterday's Left Behind" (94) – laid back rock and haunting ballads w/soulful guitar and guest vocals by Steven Patrick. Frontline     $12

David Zaffiro "KMG Classic Archives" (98) – 'The Other Side' and 'In Scarlet Storm' on one CD, hard rock, looks rough but plays fine. KMG     $5

Zao “The Splinter Shards The Birth Of Separation” (97) – intense brutal heavy thrash metal, some surface scratches but plays fine. Solid State     $7

Zao “Self-Titled” (00) – a vicious hybrid of death metal and hardcore, a perfect balance of extreme tension and release. Solid State     $7

Zao “Parade Of Chaos” (02) – creatively diverse and unconventional metal, dense thick guitar and drum firepower. Solid State     $7

Zao "All Else Failed" (03) – re-recording of their 1995 classic, chunky heavy pummeling hardcore metal w/great guitar ala Converge, etc. Solid State     $7

Zao “The Funeral Of God” (04) – a brutal fury of pummeling metal riffs, at the top of their game and harder than ever, sealed. Ferret     $12

Zao “The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here” (06) – a metal machine w/complex guitars, insane drums, and influences of grindcore. Ferret     $7

Zao "Awake?" (09) – raw unpolished hardcore metal w/heavy brutal guitar and intensely shredding vocals ala Killswitch Engage, etc, sealed. Ferret     $12

Zaxas “Zaxas” (95) – classic old school power metal ala Dio, Metal Church, Judas Priest, Armored Saint, etc. Noise     $12

Zion “Thrillseeker” (07) – melodic metal and hard rock, unreleased live tracks, and the better material from their 80s demos, sealed. Retroactive     $12

Zoo Babies “The Fine Art Of Self-Destruction” (99) – groove grunge w/Bride’s Steve Curtsinger and Jerry McBroom. Ionic     $7

Zurisadai "The Coming Of The Annihilation" (14) – raw primitive melodic black and death metal from Brazil, sealed. Martyrdom     $12

Various "Believe It" (99) – 2 CD set, w/Stryper, Bride, Guardian, Petra, White Heart, John Elefante, Third Day, etc, sealed. Revival     $10

Various “Brow Beat” (93) – unplugged alternative w/Undercover, LSU, Mortal, Michael Knott, The Choir, etc. Alarma     $5

Various “California Metal” (87) – w/Barren Cross, Deliverance, Hero, Gardian, Neon Cross, and Mastedon. Regency     $18

Various "A Celebration Of The Death And Resurrection" (16) – w/Bloodgood, Saint, Worldview, Neon Cross, Theocracy, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Various "Central South Distribution Rock Sampler" (04) – promo, w/Neal Morse, Blissed, Jaded Thorns, Echofrequency, etc, sealed. CSD     $5

Various “Christian Metal Fellowship Compilation Volume II” (09) – w/A Hill To Die Upon, Firethrone, Winter’s Dawn, Rehumanize, etc. Sullen     $5

Various “The Collection Volume I: Tools Of The Trade” (02) – w/Royal Anguish, Tortured Conscience, and Soul Of The Saviour. SOTD     $7

Various “Covered In Filth” (03) – secular tribute to Cradle Of Filth, w/‘Dance Macabre’ by Kekal (plus Veil Of Anguish, Noctuary, etc). Deadline     $5

Various “Demoniciduth/Sabbatariam” (03) – split, ‘Dogs Of Antichrist’ and ‘The Valley Of The Shadow,’ heavy aggressive death and black metal     $7

Various "Destruyendo Idolatrias" (13) – w/Lament, Uzias, Divus Kirius, Descend, Dies Mortem, and La Comunidad, sealed     $12

Various “Extremely Loud Guitar Disc” (94) – w/Stryper, Deliverance, X-Sinner, Bride, Holy Soldier, Tourniquet, etc. Star Song     $7

Various “Extreme Mardi Gras 2002” (02) – w/Barren Cross, Disciple, Ultimatum, Blissed, Junker Jorg, etc. Roxx     $5

Various "The Extreme Truth: Australian Metal Compilation III" (95) – w/Callous, Screams Of Chaos, Vomitorial Corpulence, etc. Rowe     $15

Various “Falling On Deaf Ears: Australian Metal Comp 4” (96) – w/Teramaze, Virgin Black, Disparity, Embodiment, etc. Rowe     $15

Various "Flicker Rocks Harder" (04) – w/Pillar, Mortal Treason, Subseven, Kids In The Way, Staple, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Flicker     $5

Various “GMA 93–Art For The Ears Volume 9” (93) – w/Jacob’s Trouble, Scott Blackwell, etc. Frontline     $5

Various “God-Core Chronicles Vol I” (98) – w/Living Sacrifice, Sacrament, Haven, Believer, Greg Minier, Killed By Cain, etc, sealed. Flying Tart     $8

Various “Godspeed: Australian Metal Compilation” (94) – w/Mortification, Discarnated, Deracination, Beheadoth, etc. Rowe     $15

Various “Greatest Hits: Live At Cornerstone 2001” (01) – w/Bride, Deliverance, Recon, Sacred Warrior, etc, sealed     $12

Various "Happy Christmas" (98) – w/Fold Zandura, Switchfoot, Huntingtons, Plankeye, Starflyer 59, Joy Electric, The OC Supertones, etc. BEC     $5

Various “Hard And Heavy From Down Under” (96) – w/Mortification, Cry Mercy, Metanoia, Ethereal Scourge, etc, sealed. Rugged     $10

Various "Headbangin 101 Vol 3" (17) – w/Minier, Haven, Guardian, Seventh Angel, Saint, The World Will Burn, Whitecross, etc, sealed. Retroactive     $5

Various “Hero: The Rock Opera” (03) – 2 CD set, a gospel rock opera ala Jesus Christ Superstar, sealed. Meaux     $12

Various "The Hills Have Eyes 2: The Album" (07) – secular soundtrack, w/As I Lay Dying and Celldweller (plus In This Moment, etc). Bulletproof     $5

Various “Hot Metal Summer III” (90) – w/Tourniquet, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Bloodgood, Sacred Warrior, Recon, etc. Intense     $8

Various “Hot Metal V” (93) – songs and interviews from Deliverance, Mortification, Tourniquet, Rose, etc, a few surface scratches but plays fine. Intense     $5

Various "In The Name Of Love" (04) – U2 tribute, w/Pillar, Todd Agnew, Audio Adrenaline, Jars Of Clay, Grits, Sanctus Real, Tait, etc. Sparrow     $5

Various “Isaiah 53:5” (99) – Stryper tribute, w/Disciple, Blood N Fire, Nailed, One Bad Apple, Antioch, etc, sealed. 1340     $12

Various “The Loudest Times–80s Metal Tribute” (00) – secular, w/Van Halen cover by Klank (plus Panzer, Wraith, etc), sealed. Progressive Arts     $8

Various “Masters Of Metal” (95) – secular, w/‘Fire And Love’ by Guardian (plus Warrant, Metal Church, etc), booklet autographed by Guardian     $12

Various “Mega Metal” (89) – secular, w/‘Always There For You’ by Stryper (plus Anthrax, Megadeth, Armored Saint, Motorhead, etc). K-tel     $12

Various “Metal Meltdown” (89) – songs and interviews from Scarlet Red, Lightforce, Whitecross, Bride, Tempest, etc. Pure Metal     $18

Various "Metal Praise" (92) – w/members of Whitecross, X-Sinner, Sacred Warrior, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Fighter, Rez, etc. Myrrh     $30

Various "Metal Pulse Radio: A Tribute To Dale Huffman" (17) – w/Ultimatum, Dynasty, Rainforce, Stairway, Titanic, Saint, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Various “Mindrage/Nailed Promise” (01) – 4 songs by each band, heavy hardcore metal ala Living Sacrifice, Korn, etc. Pluto     $5

Various “Modification: A Tribute To Steve Rowe And Mortification” (96) – w/Rosanna’s Raiders, Cybergrind, Teramaze, Wrench, etc     $25

Various “Music For The Next Millennium Vol 1” (99) – w/Eva O, Rackets And Drapes, Narnia, Saviour Machine, and Wedding Party, sealed. MCM     $5

Various “My Silent Wake/The Drowning” (10) – split CD, doom and death metal from the UK, sealed. Bombworks     $12

Various "A Myx'd Christmas" (92) – cool 70s and 80s techno versions of Christmas classics, produced by Scott Blackwell. Myx     $5

Various “The Nail V.2” (04) – w/Project 86, Dead Poetic, Underoath, Anberlin, Bleach, Spoken, etc, looks rough but plays fine. Tooth & Nail     $5

Various “Pick Of The Litter Volume One” (98) – w/Eloi, Atomic Opera, Kohllapse, Jeff Scheetz, Theocracy AD, etc, sealed. HM     $7

Various “Point Break Volume 1” (02) – secular, w/Living Sacrifice and Zao (plus Avenged Sevenfold, Meshuggah, In Flames, etc). Sidecho     $5

Various "Power From The Sky" (02) – w/Crimson Moonlight, Laudamus, Pantokrator, Sons Of Thunder, Wisdom Call, Sanctifica, etc. CL Music     $12

Various “Premium Cuts” (94) – w/Barren Cross, Red Sea, Neon Cross, and PK Mitchell. Rugged     $5

Various "Raw: A Brainstorm Compendium" (94) – w/Deliverance, Undercover, XL w/DBD, Dig Hay Zoose, The Holidays, etc, sealed. Brainstorm     $5

Various "Repossession: A Christmas Album" (14) – 2 CD set, w/Theocracy, Immortal Souls, Paramaecium, Krig, etc, sealed. Metal Blessing     $15

Various "Rock On: Christian Loud" (02) – 2 CD set, w/Stryper, Deliverance, Tourniquet, Vengeance, Barren Cross, X-Sinner, Bride, etc. Madacy     $10

Various "Rock Power Praise Volume I: The Hymns" (90) – w/Jamie Rowe, Mike Lee, John Elefante, etc. Pakaderm     $30

Various “Rock Power Praise Volume II: Christmas Hymns” (91) – w/Robin Kyle, Jamie Rowe, etc, sealed. Pakaderm     $35

Various "Rock Power Praise Volume III: Traditional Gospel Hymns" (92) – the 3rd in the series, produced by Dino and John Elefante. Pakaderm     $25

Various “Roxx Records Best Of 2013 Sampler” (13) – w/Deliverance, My Silent Wake, Taker, Ultimatum, Vengeance Rising, etc, sealed. Roxx     $5

Various "Roxx Best Of 2015" (15) – w/Mortification, GX Project, Armageddon USA, Reign, WonRowe Vision, Bill Menchen, etc, sealed. Roxx     $5

Various "Roxx The Best Of 2016" (16) – w/Oracle, Indominus, Pylon, Amos, Stairway, Tempest, Wicked's End, Malchus, etc, sealed. Roxx     $5

Various "A Salute To World-Class Rock!" (09) – w/Whitecross, Guardian, Bride, Final Axe, Kreyson, Saint, Titanic, Menchen, etc. Retroactive     $5

Various "Screams Of Abaddon" (00) – w/Crimson Thorn, Vaakevandring, Antidemon, Feast Eternal, Grim, Tortured Conscience, etc. Laceration     $15

Various “Solid State Records 2001 Tour Sampler” (01) – w/Living Sacrifice, Lengsel, Soul Embraced, Extol, etc     $5

Various “Song Wars: The Saga Begins” (99) – w/Bride, Philadelphia, Rage Of Angels, Tempest, Charizma, etc. M8     $5

Various “Southern Extremities: Brasillian Metal Compilation” (01) – w/Vollig Heilig, Stauros, and Light Hammer, sealed. Rowe     $12

Various “Temporary Insanity: A Salute To Deliverance” (10) – 2 CD set, w/Grave Forsaken, Eternal Decision, Venia, Oil, Krig, etc, sealed. Roxx     $12

Various "This Is Solid State Volume 2" (01) – w/Living Sacrifice, Extol, Lengsel, Zao, Embodyment, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Solid State     $5

Various "This Is Solid State Volume 4" (03) – w/Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, Demon Hunter, Zao, etc, plus bonus DVD, sealed. Solid State     $12

Various "True Warriors For Christ" (13) – w/Adelaide, This Divided World, Eyes Of The Defiled, Tears Of The Martyrs, Deaf, etc. Vision Of God     $5

Various "Ulterium Records Label Sampler 2015" (15) – w/Harmony, Signum Regis, Millennial Reign, Worldview, Diviner, Black Fate, etc. Ulterium     $5

Various “Ultimate Metal 2” (90) – w/Whitecross, Deliverance, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Jerusalem, Guardian, etc, sealed. Star Song     $12

Various “Ultimate Music Makeover: The Songs Of Michael W Smith” (05) – w/Stryper, Todd Agnew, David Crowder Band, etc, sealed. Sony     $10

Various “Ultimate Rock” (89) – w/Mastedon, Petra, Idle Cure, White Heart, Mark Farner, Undercover, etc. Star Song     $12

Various “Underground Metal 2” (89) – w/Phil Accardi’s Chalice, Knightriot, Thresher, Zion, Xalt, etc, some signs of wear but plays fine. Regency     $15

Various "Underground Rot 2" (05) – w/Brutal Sacrifice, Divine Symphony, Poems Of Shadows, Clemency, Necromanicider, Exodo, etc. Rotting     $10

Various “The Winter Of Our Discontent” (94) – w/Chatterbox, Sometime Sunday, Focused, MxPx, etc. Tooth & Nail     $7

Various “Zen Garden/Antidemon” (01) – split CD ‘Barad,’ brutal death and doom metal from Brazil, sealed     $12



Blood Thirsty "O Come Emmanuel: The One Foretold" (14) – crushing shredding brutal beautiful symphonic death metal ala Extol, Meshuggah, etc     $3

Bruce Cockburn “Burden Of The Angel/Beast” (94) – plus 2 more songs including a live track. Sony     $6

Galactic Cowboys “I Do What I Do” (93) – promo, 2 versions of song, sealed. Geffen     $4

Hawk Nelson "Let's Dance: The Remixes" (08) – 4 versions of song, sealed. BEC     $2

John Hiatt “The Rest Of The Dream” (90) – 2 versions. A&M      $3

Stryper "Shining Star" (90) – promo, 2 versions of song, initials written on booklet and disc. Enigma     $7

Various "Tourniquet/Mortification" (94) – Collector's Edition, 3 songs from each band, plus interviews w/members, radio ID, etc. Intense     $35



Bloodgood "Rock Theater" (02) – in concert on 'Out Of The Darkness' tour, DVD version of 'Alive In America' and 'Shakin The World,' sealed     $30

Bloodgood "Live In Norway" (09) – recorded live in concert at the outdoor 2007 Seaside Festival, w/Oz Fox on guitar, sealed. B Goode     $20

Cage "The Rise To Power" (11) – 2 disc set, live at Prog Power USA, plus bonus concert footage, unreleased tracks, etc. Heavy Metal Media     $15

Deuteronomium "Spelled Alive" (07) – recorded live at Ohm-Fest 2006, plus rehearsal footage, music video, etc, sealed. Maanalainen Levykauppa     $20

Disciple “Live, At Home, & On The Road” (04) – full length concert, plus vintage footage, behind the scenes, videos, etc, sealed. Slain     $18

Downhere “While The World Is Asleep” (03) – documentary of life on the road, plus live footage, interviews, behind the scenes, etc     $15

Michael D.R.I.V.E. "The Fastdrive Show Live In Paris"/"One Direction Left...From Hell" (06) – CD plus DVD, powerful rock, sealed. Soul Fuel     $30

Exousia “Alive” (03) – w/underground concerts, other live performances, TV interview, etc. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

Inhabited “The Revolution” (05) – w/video for ‘Open My Eyes,’ behind the scenes and studio footage, etc. Curb     $5

Ted Kirkpatrick "Circadian Rhythms" (03) – a fascinating look into the drumming world of the co-founder of Tourniquet, 144 minutes, sealed     $18

Krig “Back To Square One” (11) – complete concert from Rio de Janeiro, plus videos, scenes from tours, studio sessions, etc, new     $20

Lament "20 Years Of True Metal Warriors" (13) – 20th anniversary compilation documenting the band's death/power metal history, sealed. Lament     $10

Mortification “Grind Planets” (05) – w/8 videos, tour footage, the recording of ‘Scrolls,’ a full 1992 concert, etc, new. Soundmass     $18

Mortification “Live Planetarium” (06) – live 1993 concert, plus interview, videos, in studio recording ‘PMA,’ etc, new. Rowe     $20

Mortification “Conquer The World” (08) – reissue, documents the band’s first world tour from 2001, w/bonus live footage, etc. Metal Mind     $18

Mortification "Live Humanitarian" (08) – 2 DVD set, recorded live in Perth Australia, plus 20-minute Envision Evangelene film, etc. Nuclear Blast     $15

MxPx “B-Movie” (04) – high definition live concert footage, interviews, behind the scenes, etc, plus bonus acoustic EP, sealed. SideOneDummy     $8

Once Dead “Return With A Vengeance” (05) – full length reunion concert, interview, etc, cover personally autographed by entire band, new. Roxx     $45

Carlos Osnaya “Clinica Instruccional de Guitarra” (06) – 2 DVD set, guitar instruction from Exousia guitarist, very cool. Alcance Subterraneo     $12

Pocket Full Of Rocks “Let It Rain” (06) – a live and behind the scenes look at the music of the band. Curb     $5 

POD “Still Payin Dues” (02) – history of the band, w/live concert footage, videos, behind the scenes, etc, sealed. Atlantic     $12

Rob Rock “The Voice Of Melodic Metal: Live In Atlanta (09) – w/tons of bonus features, progressive power metal, sealed. AFM     $30

Saint “Alive Forever” (10) – complete concert, plus videos and bonus live footage from 1985-2005, sealed. Retroactive     $18

Stryper “Greatest Hits: Live In Puerto Rico” (07) – remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, plus bonus live footage from 1989, sealed. MVD Visual     $18

Stryper “Live In Indonesia (12) – in concert at the Java Rockin’land festival in Jakarta on the ‘Murder By Pride’ tour, sealed. MVD Visual     $20

Tourniquet “Ocular Digital” (03) – June 1991 concert, August 2001 concert, and ‘Ark Of Suffering’ video, sealed. Metal Blade     $20

Tourniquet “Till Sverige Med Karlek” (06) – complete live concert, plus rehearsal footage, acoustic song, etc, sealed. Pathogenic     $18

Tourniquet “Live In California” (12) – complete concert from 1998, remastered, plus extras, 129 minutes, sealed. Pathogenic     $18

Transatlantic "Kaliveoscope" (14) – Deluxe Edition, 2 DVDs, 3 CDs, and Blu-Ray, a masterpiece of prog rock w/Neal Morse, sealed. Metal Blade     $20

Ultimatum "Live Through The Years" (17) – 20 years of material, w/2 complete concerts, 'Heart Of Metal' video, interviews, etc, sealed. Roxx     $15

Various “Cornerstone HM Stage Volume 1” (03) – w/Tourniquet, Crimson Thorn, Whitecross, Disciple, Soterios, Still Breathing, etc, sealed     $18

Various “Facedown Fest 2004” (04) – recorded live, w/No Innocent Victim, Bloody Sunday, Symphony In Peril, Nodes Of Ranvier, etc, sealed     $8

Various “Facedown Records Volume 1” (03) – live and interview footage w/Sinai Beach, xDisciplex AD, Seventh Star, No Innocent Victim, etc     $7

Various “Hard N Heavy: Grindcore” (91) – secular, w/Vengeance Rising ‘Before The Time’ video, plus Morbid Angel, Carcass, etc     $10

Various "Metal Obsession: Collecting Heavy Metal Records" (16) – awesome secular documentary, w/Scott Waters from Ultimatum, sealed     $12

Various “The Nail” (03) – w/Kutless, MxPx, Squad Five-O, Further Seems Forever, MewithoutYou, Bleach, etc, sealed. Tooth & Nail     $10

Various “Punk Rawk Show” (02) – secular, w/Supertones, Hangnail, Rod Laver, and Starflyer 59. Woodhaven     $6

Various “Punk Rawk Show Volume 3” (01) – secular, w/Living Sacrifice, Strongarm, Project 86, etc, surface scratches but plays fine. Woodhaven     $7

Various “This Is Solid State: The DVD” (05) – w/Demon Hunter, Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Underoath, Haste The Day, etc, sealed. Solid State     $7

Various “This Is Solid State Vol 3” (07) – w/Underoath, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Showbread, As Cities Burn, etc. Solid State     $5

Various “Tooth & Nail Videography 1993-1999” (00) – 55 videos by Living Sacrifice, Project 86, Fold Zandura, MxPx, etc. Tooth & Nail     $12

Various “X2007” (07) – w/Hawk Nelson, Underoath, Kutless, Anberlin, Manafest, Relient K, etc. Tooth & Nail     $5



Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" tour (86) – 1½" x 1", cross shaped, yellow and black w/logo and Isaiah 53:5     $25



Stryper (87) – complete, w/folder, 4 individual photos/bios, group photo, newsletter, merch order form, and patch     $35



Bride "Snakes In The Playground" tour (6/11/93) – 8½ x 11, for Marysville CA show, w/photo, opening band, ticket prices, promo info, etc     $3

Bride "The Jesus Experience" tour (10/25/97) – 8½ x 11, for Corona CA show, w/photo, opening band (Robert Sweet's band Blank), prices, etc     $2



Barren Cross “Atomic Arena” (88) – rare promo item, 4” round mini-frisbee, blue w/white logo and album title     $10



Dynasty (10) – set of 3 picks from Nahor Andrade, Cesar Martins, and Samuel Martins, band logo on one side, signature on the other side     $10

Galactic Cowboys “Monty Colvin” (96) – green, band logo on one side, signature on the other side     $5

Soldier “Rick Hunter” (86) – black, logo and his name on one side, Dean Markley logo on the other side     $8



Barnabas "Barnabas" – black, w/blood red lettering and artwork, very cool and very rare     $7



“Metal Mardi Gras” (87) – size XL, black, from Pastor Bob’s personal collection, big logo on back, only 5 were ever made, very cool!     $50



Contemporary Christian Magazine (11/83) – aka ‘CCM,’ Petra on cover and in 4-page ‘More Power To ‘Em’ article w/huge color photo    $12

CCM (8/88) – Stryper on cover and in 3-page article w/big color photo, plus Mark Farner, Allies, Adam Again, rock/metal album reviews, etc     $10

CCM (12/96) – King’s X name on cover and in 3-page ‘Does King’s X Hate The Church?’ article, plus Skillet, etc, loose cover     $5

Harvest Rock Syndicate (90) – Petra and Holy Soldier on cover, plus Scaterd Few, Violet Burning, tons of rock and metal reviews, etc     $5

Harvest Rock Syndicate (91) – King’s X on cover and in ‘It’s Not Just Our Cross To Bear’ article, plus Believer, Guardian, Liaison, etc     $5

Heaven's Metal (88) – issue #15, Whitecross on cover, plus Saint, Sacred Warrior, 1987 Readers' Poll results, Darrell Mansfield, news, reviews, etc     $25

Heaven's Metal (88) – issue #18, Illinois Noise issue featuring Whitecross, Sacred Warrior, Rez, and Trytan, plus Trouble, metal news, reviews, etc     $25

Heaven's Metal (89) – issue #20, Sacred Warrior on cover, plus Guardian, Scarlet Red, David Zaffiro, 1988 Readers' Poll results, Zion centerfold, etc     $20

Heaven’s Metal (89) – issue #22, Bloodgood on cover, plus Bride, King's X, Charizma, Awake, Cornerstone 89, Barren Cross centerfold, etc     $20

Heaven's Metal (90) – issue #25, Whitecross on cover, plus Sacred Warrior, King's X, Jet Circus, One Bad Pig, What Shotgun Messiah Sez, etc     $20

Heaven's Metal (90) – issue #26, Magdallan on cover, plus Stryper, Tourniquet, Sacrament, Recon, Rez, Kerry Livgren, Deliverance centerfold, etc     $20

Heaven’s Metal (2/91) – issue #28, Believer on cover and in centerfold, plus Haven, King’s X, Vengeance Rising, Extreme, metal news, reviews, etc     $20

Heaven’s Metal (4/91) – issue #29, Jet Circus on cover, plus Crystavox, Ransom, Testament, etc, missing poster, some damage to back cover     $15

Heaven’s Metal (6/91) – issue #30, One Bad Pig on cover, plus Novella, Seraiah, Whitecross, Vengeance, Queensryche, etc, missing poster     $15

Heaven's Metal (9/91) – issue #31, X-Sinner on cover and in centerfold, plus Living Sacrifice, Tourniquet, etc, 2-inch tear along spine but not bad     $12

Heaven's Metal (1/92) – issue #33, Holy Soldier on cover, plus Sacred Warrior, Angelica, Jerusalem, What Sepultura Sez, etc, missing poster      $15

Heaven's Metal (3/92) – issue #34, Lanny Cordola on cover, plus Vengeance Rising, Betrayal, Jerusalem, Joshua, Ransom, Die Happy poster, etc     $15

Heaven's Metal (5/92) – issue #35, Novella on cover, plus Tourniquet, Seventh Angel, Sacrament, Detritus, Believer, Haven, King's X, etc     $12

Heaven's Metal (4/92) – issue #36, Rez on cover, plus Mortification, Sardonyx, Seraiah, One Bad Pig, Metal Praise, Intense Records poster, etc     $12

Heaven’s Metal (9/92) – issue #37, Tourniquet on cover, plus Deliverance, Bride, King’s X, Whitecross, Sacrament, Deliverance poster, etc     $12

Heaven's Metal (11/92) – issue #38, Bride on cover, plus The Brave, Randy Rose, Undercover, What Corrosion Of Conformity Sez, etc     $12

Heaven's Metal (3/93) – issue #40, Guardian on cover, plus Deliverance, Veni Domine, Die Happy, Saviour Machine, XL & DBD, Living Colour, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (5/93) – issue #41, Mortification on cover, plus Killed By Cain, Jesus Freaks, Magdallan, industrial metal report, Asphalt Ballet, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (9/93) – issue #43, Ken Tamplin on cover, plus Betrayal, Fear Not, Siloam, Deliverance, King’s X, Petra, Cornerstone 93 review, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (11/93) – issue #44, Magdalen on cover, plus Scott Wenzel, Rez, Legend Seven, Lovewar, Bad Religion, Mortification poster, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (1/94) – issue #45, Barren Cross on cover, plus Red Sea, Neon Cross, Holy Soldier, Detritus, Decision D, What KISS Sez, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (3/94) – issue #46, Michael Sweet on cover, plus Believer, Precious Death, Imagine This, Readers' Poll Results, What Fight Sez, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (5/94) – issue #47, Living Sacrifice on cover, plus Rose, Jerusalem, Zaffiro, Mortification poster, etc, wear to cover but not too bad     $5

Heaven's Metal (7/94) – issue #48, Bride on cover, plus Mortification, The Brave, Circle Of Dust, What Sepultura Sez, Tourniquet centerfold, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (9/94) – issue #49, Tourniquet on cover, plus Whitecross, King James, Paramaecium, The Crucified, Mortal, Lovewar centerfold, etc     $10

Heaven’s Metal (11/94) – issue #50, Precious Death on cover, plus Guardian, Deliverance, Veni Domine, MxPx, Love/Hate, King James poster, etc     $7

Heaven’s Metal (1/95) – issue #51, Focused on cover, plus Barren Cross, Red Sea, Amy Wolter, Sam Taylor, The Blamed, What Megadeth Sez, etc     $7

Heaven’s Metal (3/95) – issue #52, Sometime Sunday on cover, plus Crimson Thorn, David Benson, What Extreme Sez, Tourniquet centerfold, etc     $7

Heaven's Metal (2/05) – issue #56, Extol on cover, plus Antestor, Whitecross, Metal Church, 100 Metal Albums You May Have Missed, etc     $5

Heaven's Metal (4/05) – issue #57, Whitecross on cover, plus Christian Rivel, Ulf Christiansson, Brazilian metal, What Uli Jon Roth Says, etc     $5

Heaven's Metal (6/05) – issue #58, Rob Rock on cover, plus Slechtvalk, Kekal, Sympathy, Once Dead, What Gwar Says, metal news and reviews, etc     $5

Heaven's Metal (6/09) – issue #81, Stryper on cover, plus Seventh Angel, Deuteronomium, Narnia, Souljourners, metal news and reviews, etc     $3

Heaven's Metal (10) – issue #86, The Top 100 Christian Metal Albums Of All Time, plus Grave Forsaken, Mass, Rez, Sinbreed, etc, w/sampler CD     $5

HM (4/96) – issue #58, Jesus Freaks on cover, plus Deliverance, Metanoia, Nailed, Leaderdogs For The Blind, The 77's, What Green Day Sez, etc     $7

HM (Summer 96) – issue #59, Stavesacre on cover, plus King’s X, Godfear, Kerry Livgren, Aeturnus, Stavesacre, Fourth Estate centerold, etc     $3

HM (9/97) – issue #67, Third Day and Galactic Cowboys on cover, plus Resurrection Band, Switchfoot, What Cradle Of Filth Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $5

HM (3/99) – issue #76, Huntingtons and Chevelle on cover, plus Tourniquet, Stir, Wedding Party, Galactic Cowboys centerfold, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (5/99) – issue #77, Pete Stewart on cover, plus Doug Pinnick, Rackets & Drapes, The Channelsurfers, Stavesacre centerfold, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (7/99) – issue #78, Stavesacre and Disciple on cover, plus Mortification, Eva O, Metanoia, Lament, What Godsmack Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (9/99) – issue #79, POD on cover, plus Every Day Life, Shout, Zao, Nailed, Miss Angie, The Blamed, Disciple centerfold, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (11/99) – issue #80, Project 86 on cover, plus King David, The Awakening, Underoath, Blindside, What Dimmu Borgir Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (1/00) – issue #81, Tourniquet and Extol on cover, plus Paramaecium, Mainstay, Skillet, Overcome, What Megadeth Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $5

HM (3/00) – issue #82, PAX217 on cover, plus Ultimatum, Cybergrind, Gnashing Of Teeth, AP2, Jamie Rowe, Embodyment, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (5/00) – issue #83, Rod Laver and Mortification on cover, plus Jacob’s Dream, Atomic Opera, Apologetix, East West, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (7/00) – issue #84, 15th Anniversary Issue, w/Extol on cover, plus Galactic Cowboys, MxPx, Oil, What Godhead Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (9/00) – issue #85, Squad Five-0 on cover, plus Disciple, Trytan, Rackets & Drapes, Point Of Recognition, Dogwood, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

HM (5/02) – issue #95, Pillar on cover, plus Pax 217, Gryp, Still Breathing, Allan Aguirre, CR33, What Drowning Pool Sez, etc, w/sampler CD     $4

Hit Parader (8/88) – Stryper’s name on cover and in ‘Praise The Lord’ article w/full page color photo     $10

Hit Parader (10/88) – Stryper on cover and in 4-page 'Heaven Can Wait' article w/color photos     $12

Kerrang! (12/12/85) – Robert Sweet holding a Bible on cover and in 4-page ‘Avenging Angels’ interview w/color photos     $12

Kerrang! (6/25/87) – Stryper’s name on cover and in ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ article w/full page color photo     $10

Kerrang! (4/07/90) – Stryper on cover and in ‘Good God! It’s Stryper!’ article w/color photos, plus King’s X concert review     $12

Metal (12/87) – a Creem Close-Up, Stryper’s name on cover and in awesome THWTD concert review w/photo     $5

Movimiento Eterno (12/10) – issue #5, from Bolivia (Spanish), Demoniciduth on cover, plus Vengeance, Metanoia, Antidemon, Mortification poster, etc     $8

Rock Beat (10/88) – Stryper’s name on cover and in 2-page ‘A Sweet Sensation’ article w/photos, plus King’s X     $5

Rock Scene (1/91) – Stryper’s name on cover and in 2-page ‘Introducing The New Improved Secular Stryper’ article w/full-page color photo     $5

Rolling Stone (10/19/89) – w/great review of King’s X ‘Gretchen Goes To Nebraska’     $2

Rolling Stone (1/10/91) – w/great review of King’s X ‘Faith Hope Love’     $2

Solid Rock Review (94) – rare fanzine put out by Michael and Robert Sweet’s mom, w/King James on cover, plus Stryper, The Brave, etc     $10

Stryper Color Spectacular! (88) – w/features, interviews, bios, posters, centerfolds, scrapbook photos, etc     $20

Visions Of Gray (12/93) – Michael Knott on cover, plus Acoustic Shack, metal album reviews, tour dates, etc     $3

Visions Of Gray (3/94) – King’s X on cover and awesome interview w/Doug Pinnick, plus reviews, tour dates, etc     $3

Visions Of Gray (5/94) – Mortal on cover, plus ‘Sam Taylor: The Invisible Man From King’s X’ article, Jacob’s Trouble, news, reviews, etc     $3

White Throne (89) – issue #5, Recon on cover, plus Barren Cross, Scarlet Red, Vengeance, David Zaffiro, metal news, reviews, etc     $12

White Throne (93) – issue #13, Keith Green on cover, plus Deliverance, Mastedon, Galactic Cowboys, news, reviews, etc     $8



Stryper "In God We Trust" tour (88) – 1¼" round, w/triangle logo and album title     $20



Stryper “Fan Club” – official promo item from the 80s, yellow and black w/logo on side, hold 2 AAA batteries     $8



Galactic Cowboys “Space In Your Face” (93) – 5 x 4 black and white glossy, w/contact information, etc. Geffen     $3



Stryper “To Hell With The Devil” (87) – 12-inch, Limited Edition Numbered Collector’s Edition, w/24 x 36 poster. Enigma     $30

Stryper “Always There For You” (88) – plus ‘In God We Trust,’ Limited Edition 7-inch shaped picture disc, triangle shaped logo. Enigma     $20



Messiah Prophet "Messiah Prophet" (86) – 2¼" round, black w/band logo in red     $8



Stryper "The Yellow And Black Attack!" (84) – 12 x 24, yellow and black w/big photo of band, logo, album cover, etc. Enigma     $20

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – 23 x 33, 4 photos of band members in triangles (Michael at top), w/band logo at the bottom     $12

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (86) – 23 x 33, 4 photos of band members in triangles (Tim at top), w/band logo at the bottom     $12

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" (87) – 23 x 34, photo of band w/logo at top and album title at bottom, signs of wear and folded but not too bad     $7

Stryper "In God We Trust" (88) – 23 x 33, 4 photos of band members w/$100 bill background and logo and album title across the middle     $12

Michael Sweet "Michael Sweet" (94) – 24 x 36, foldout, holding guitar in air, big logo, red background. Benson     $7

Dale Thompson And The Kentucky Cadillacs "Testimony" (98) – 14 x 20, foldout, album cover art. Organic     $2



Stryper “Expo 2000” (5/21/00) – 12-page yellow and black guide to 1st Annual Expo, w/bio, floor plan, schedule, etc     $10



Hot Metal Summer II (89) – official 12 x 11 cardboard counter display     $5

Magdallan “Big Bang Balloon Discount” (92) – official 2 piece cardboard counter display w/balloon (although the 25-year-old balloon is pretty shot!)     $7

Shout “It Won’t Be Long” (88) – official 2-sided album-sized heavy board display w/hole to hang from ceiling     $7



Stryper “Always There For You” (88) – 8-page guitar chords and lyrics to song. Hal Leonard     $8



Abated Mass Of Flesh “Deathcrusher” (14) – size 4XL, black, cover art front, ‘The Crown Is Upon His Head–Who Can Come Against” on back     $15

Aletheian “Aletheian” (05) – size 2XL, black, big silver/gray logo across front     $12

Barren Cross “The Return” (02) – size L, white, from their 8/17/02 reunion concert at Extreme Mardi Gras in Anaheim CA     $18

Bloodgood “All Stand Together” (91) – size L, black, big logo across front w/sunburst artwork behind it     $25

Bloodgood “All Stand Together” (91) – size XL, black, big logo across front w/sunburst artwork behind it     $20

Broken Flesh "Forever In Flames" (09) – size 3XL, black, big logo across front, 'Numbered Are The Days Of Man' on back     $20

Corpse “Corpse” (13) – size M, black, huge green splatter logo across front, Colossians 3:3 reference on back, new     $15

The Crucified “Angel Of Death” – size M, black, angel of death riding horse on front, big logo across back     $25

The Crucified “The Complete Collection” (09) – size XL, white, logo and album cover art around neck on front     $15

The Crucified "The Crucified" (11) – size XL, black, big logo across top, cross dagger stabbing thru a skull surrounded by a wreath of thorns art     $20

The Devil Wears Prada “Plagues” (07) – size 2XL, black, big logo and flying insect artwork on front     $8

Disciple "This Might Sting A Little" (99) – size 2XL, black, logo and album cover art on front, logo and 1999 World Tour dates on back     $25

Eightball Cholos “Eightball Cholos” (09) – size 2XL, black, logo, skull, and 8-ball artwork on front     $15

Elgibbor “Stronger Than Hell” (07) – size 2XL, black, logo, album title, and band member’s painted face on front     $15

Eluveitie “Ven” (04) – size L, black, long sleeve, album cover art on front, song lyrics on back, song title and Fear Dark logo on sleeves     $25

Erase “Mental Overload” (96) – size XL, green, big logo across front, album title across back     $15

Extol “Betrayal” (13) – size 3XL, black, huge logo and evil goat-herder art on front, ‘You Are Accursed Goats Herded To Doom’ on back     $25

Fasedown “Fasedown” (00) – size L, black, big logo across front w/skull artwork at each end of logo     $15

Fasedown “Fasedown” (00) – size XL, black, big logo across front w/skull artwork at each end of logo     $15

Fighter “Fight The Good Fight” (91) – size XL, white, logo and ‘Fight The Good Fight’ in black and purple on front     $15

Frost Like Ashes “Frost Like Ashes” (03) – size 2XL, black, logo and huge skull on front     $20

Frost Like Ashes “Tophet” (05) – size L, black, big logo and album title on front     $18

A Hill To Die Upon "Omens" (11) – size 4XL, black, album cover art on front, lyrics to 'Darkness That Can Be Felt' on back     $25

Holy Blood “The Wanderer” (05) – size XL, black, long sleeve, album cover art on front, logo on back, art down sleeves     $25

Illuminandi “Illumina Tenebras Meas” (06) – size XL, black, long sleeve, album cover art on front, album title and art on back, art down sleeves     $20

Immortal Souls “Ice Upon The Night” (03) – size XL, black, long sleeve, cover art front, song titles back, lyrics/Fear Dark logo down sleeves     $25

Impending Doom “My Nemesis” (07) – size XL, white, big logo across front, ‘I Hope I Scare The Hell Out Of You’ on back     $18

Impending Doom "Baptized In Filth" (12) – size 3XL, black, huge logo and skeleton rib cage artwork on front     $20

Johnny Q Public “Extraordinary” (95) – size XL, green, big band photo on front, logo on back     $8

Johnny Q Public “Extraordinary” (95) – size XL, black, photo on front, big logo and 5 photos on back     $8

Kekal “Acidity” (05) – size ALL, black, album cover art on front, logo and album title on back     $12

Laudamus “Laudamus” (03) – size XL, black, big logo and photo of band on front     $20

Lo-Ruhamah “The Glory Of God” (07) – size XL, black, big logo and eagle flying across front, logo and Ursula K Le Guin quote on back     $15

Lovewar “Soak Your Brain” (93) – size L, black, album cover art on front, Get Soaked! and song lyrics on back     $12

Martyr’s Shrine “Martyr’s Shrine” (08) – size XL, black, album cover art on front, band logo and Soundmass logo on back     $25

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster “Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster” (05) – size XL, white, big logo across front     $8

Mercy “Mercy” (93) – size XL, black, Lorraine Lewis from Femme Fatale, logo and artwork on front, lettering on back     $7

Monsterus “Monsterus” (02) – size XL, black, big logo across front     $8

Mortification “Erasing The Goblin” (06) – size XL, black, goblin album cover art (MCM version) on front, album title and artwork on back     $25

Mylon & Broken Heart “Face The Music” (88) – size L, black, sweatshirt, photo on front, ‘Love God Hate Sin’ on back     $12

Nodes Of Ranvier “Nodes Of Ranvier” (02) – size XL, tan, logo and bull w/two pistols artwork across front     $8

One Bad Pig “I Scream Sunday” (91) – size 2XL, white, big logo/band photo on front, artwork on back, autographed by band on front     $25

One Bad Pig “The Pig…Live!” (92) – size 2XL, white, huge artwork on front, couple of minor stains at bottom but not bad     $12

Pantokrator “Aurum” (07) – size 2XL, black, logo, artwork, and 'Through Aeons And Dimensions' in gold on front     $25

Petra "Wake-Up Call" (93) – size XL, black, huge logo, photo, and album title across front, big logo and 1993-1994 World Tour cities on back     $20

Ransom "Tour 91-92" (91) – size L, black, big logo and 'Tour 91-92' across front, blood-dripping 'Paid In Full' in red on back     $25

Ransom "Ransom" (10) – size XL, black, huge album cover art on front     $18

The Remnants “The Remnants” (06) – size XL, white, logo and bullets in ‘X’ pattern across front     $8

Rivera/Bomma “Rivera/Bomma” (03) – size XL, black, logo and band photo on front, World Tour locations on back     $15

Rob Rock "Eyes Of Eternity" (03) – size XL, black, long sleeve, big logo and album cover art across front, minor signs of wear but not bad     $25

Royal Anguish “Royal Anguish” (03) – size XL, red, big logo across front, very nice     $15

Sacrificium “Cold Black Piece Of Flesh” (03) – size M, black, long sleeve, logo and album title on front and sleeve, heart artwork on back     $20

Sacrificium “Sacrificium” (05) – size M, black, logo on front, big logo across back     $15

Sacrificium “Sacrificium” (05) – size L, black, logo on front, big logo across back     $18

Secretion “Secretion” (00) – size XL, black, huge dripping blood red logo on front     $12

Slechtvalk "At The Dawn Of War" (05) – size L, black, logo and album cover art on front, artwork and tour dates on back     $25

Stir “Broken Tongues” (99) – size XL, black, album cover art on front, World Tour 1999 and song lyrics on back     $12

Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" (86) – size XL, black, logo and swords on front, tour cities on back, few tiny holes at bottom of back but not bad     $25

Stryper "To Hell With The Devil" – reissue, size 4XL, white, huge album title and artwork in red on front     $15

Stryper "The Covering" (11) – size L, black, huge triangle logo across front, big logo and North American Tour 2011 on back     $25

Stryper "No More Hell To Pay" (13) – size L, black, logo and album cover art across front, small logo on left sleeve     $20

Stryper "No More Hell To Pay" (13) – size 3XL, black, logo and album cover art across front, small logo on left sleeve     $25

Temple Of BloodTemple Of Blood (05) – size XL, black, logo on front, Powerthrash Metal For The New Millenium on back, new     $15

Third Day “Third Day” (96) – size XL, green, tour bus CD cover on front, bus wheel on back w/song titles around it     $12

Tourniquet "Psycho Surgery" (91) – size XL, black, huge logo and album cover art on front, logo and song titles on back     $30

Tourniquet “The Collected Works” (96) – size XL, black, long sleeve, cover art on front, art on back, logo down sleeve     $25

Traxter “Traxter” (91) – size XL, white, big logo on front, ‘The Road Is Cruel If You’re The Devil’s Tool’ and artwork on back     $25

Ultimatum “Into The Pit” (07) – size XL, black, album cover art on front, logo, album title, and scripture reference on back    $18

Various “Bobfest 99” (99) – size XL, black, from Swedish festival, big logo on front, Narnia, Sons Of Thunder, Extol, etc, listed on back     $20

Various “Bobfest 2001” (01) – size XL, black, logo on front, Extol, Vaakevandring, Wisdom Call, Pantokrator, Disciple, etc, listed on back     $18

Various "Cornerstone Festival 05" (05) – size 2XL, gray, 'Cornerstone Festival 05' across front, alphabetical list of bands on back     $15

Various “Hope Prevails Productions” (04) – size XL, black, big logo and artwork on front, small Hope Prevails logo on back     $8

Various “Metal Midnight III” (10/28/89) – size L, white, bands listed on front, autographed by Final Axe’s Bill Menchen on back, rare!     $35

Various "Vision Of God Records" (17) – size XL, black, huge label logo and artwork across front, new     $10



Petra "The Petra Collection" (91) – rare 10-song 'youth arrangements' w/bible study guide, 118 pages, wear to cover but not too bad. Word     $12

Petra “Unseen Power” (91) – music and lyrics to entire album, 87 pages, minor wear to cover but not bad. Word     $10

Petra “Wake–Up Call” (93) – lyrics and music to entire album, 72 pages. Word     $12

Petra "Just Reach Out" (94) – rare 10-song 'youth choir collection' w/dramatic sketches, 93 pages, wear to cover but not too bad. Word     $12

Stryper “Stryper” (86) – guitar tab to ‘The Yellow And Black Attack!’ and ‘Soldiers Under Command,’ 120 pages     $25

Stryper “In God We Trust” (89) – transcription to entire album, w/tablature, 96 pages. Hal Leonard     $30

Various “Extremely Loud Guitar Book” (94) – tablature for Bride, Deliverance, Vengeance, Tourniquet, etc, 200 pages, w/CD, very rare     $25

Various “Monster Ballads” (91) – secular, w/tablature for Stryper, plus Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Cinderella, etc, minor wear but not bad, 176 pgs     $12



Stryper “In God We Trust” (88) – 45 x 38, silk-screened banner w/4 photos of band, logo, and $100 bill background     $15



Stryper "Soldiers Under Command" tour (2/28/86) – unused, complete ticket from Paramount Theater in Seattle WA     $10

Stryper "Expo 2000" (5/21/00) – unused, complete ticket from 1st Annual Expo at the Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany NJ    $8



Stryper “In God We Trust” (88) – w/tour schedule, tons of big color photos, bios, discography, videography, etc, 2-inch tear on back cover     $15



Eva O Halo Experience "Demons Fall For An Angels Kiss" (94) – gothic rock, w/music videos, interviews, etc, 60 minutes. Cleopatra     $5

King’s X “Then…” (00) – the very early history of the band, w/home videos, local cable TV access footage, etc. Metal Blade     $5

Pillar “All Day Everyday: On The Road” (02) – sealed. Hollywood Christian Films     $5

Stryper “In The Beginning” (88) – w/videos, interview, behind the scenes world tour footage, etc. Enigma     $8

Various “Hard N Heavy” (91) – Grindcore special issue, secular, w/feature on Vengeance Rising (plus Morbid Angel, Carcass, etc)     $6

Various “HM Video Magazine Volume 4” (98) – w/Bride, Blackball, POD, Atomic Opera, Grammatrain, etc     $6

Various “Hot Metal 4” (91) – w/Deliverance, Vengeance, Angelica, Ken Tamplin, Tourniquet, Ransom, etc. Intense     $4

Various “Metalmeister” (99) – secular, w/3 videos by King’s X and Galactic Cowboys, plus GWAR, etc. Metal Blade     $2

Various “RockVideo Monthly” (12/94) – secular, w/‘Joyride’ by Atomic Opera, plus I Mother Earth, Bad Religion, etc     $2

Various “RockVideo Monthly” (10/95) – secular, w/‘Open House’ video by Plankeye, plus Natalie Merchant, etc     $2

Various “Voyager” (98) – secular, w/‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth’ by Mortification, plus Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir, etc. Nuclear Blast     $8



Petra "Beyond Belief" (90) – rare promo, bicycle style plastic bottle w/band logo plus tour schedule printed on side     $12